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Six Flags Ontario: A Redo [RCT2]

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I was surprised that they hadn't told me.


Told me what, you ask?


Well, something along the lines of this:



One of the first things you notice in the Spanish area is the Mercado:

Here you can buy several foods and souvenirs.

You will also notice that Six Flags moved the Screaming Swings to the "new" area (it's actually built where Bear and Bumblebee once stood):

This next one is the largest planned building in Fiesta España:

Hmmm... Interesting. What is it? (NOT a bullfighting arena)

The progress:



So it is a swinger. More notably, a terrain swinger. Tons and tons of gravel, dirt and stone were trucked to the site, as well as trees and water. This is the largest investment so far, and will be for the next while.


In addition to yet another roller-coaster making its way into the only Canadian Six Flags (for now), Blue Fire's effects just got better:

The tunnel is darker, longer and foggier, and if you look closely at the left, you will notice the new water cannon. The hope is that the guests will flock into the park to see the new coaster. Okay, we're not lying like SFGAdv did about Bizarro, but we are advertising it.


On the topic of so-called "new" coasters, the Bumblebee has made its long awaited return.

One of the best things about its new location is the terrain and the foliage:

See? Isn't it pretty?

As you can see, it flies over the Six Flags Express, which is the first real interaction section of the train ride.

On that note, it is clear that it will reopen. The question is: When? What happened to the bridge? Is there a new station? Will I stop asking questions? Nobody knows the answer to any of these questions.

To keep you in suspense, here's yet another aerial view of the park:

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Hello all!

The Ontario Chronicle---August 6, 1989

Guests at the locally famous park "Six Flags Ontario", which recently opened their newest coaster "Aguila" along with a Spanish area, were shocked when the park closed unexpectedly at noon. Investigators are collecting details.

Hmmmm.... Not news yet

The Ontario Chronicle---August 11, 1989


Last week we brought you the story that the local "Six Flags Ontario" park shut down suddenly. You're in for a shock; it wasn't a closure, it was an EVACUATION! "Not only were certain buildings lightly charred," says Inspector Graham of the local PD, "but we also found a dead employee and two injured. We have interrogated the two who were injured and neither of them know just what is going on." Indeed, it seems several buildings were burned and some merchandise was destroyed.

The fire originated at a store/theater on the main street. It destroyed much of the midway and the trees surrounding it. The future of the park is unknown.

For more of this article and other stories, turn to page B3


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EDIT: This was posted when I thought this park was dead, so I showed some plans I made earlier on in the park's making:

The original "Rainbow Boulevard".

The above ride was my original plan after removing the Pirate Barrels.

This was the enclosed themed Bumper Cars ride.

The midway section of the park.

The fountain plaza.

The original design for the Arrow Swinger.

The Medusa Clone (what can I say, we need floorless coasters up here ), named SilverStreak

The original design for Wolfston Railroad

My answer to GASM

A wilder S:UF

The park's original GCI

An extensively themed yet simply laid out Arrow Junior. Again, the original.

A Joker Boomerang? Has that been done?

Don't tell me you didn't see that coming .

Dunno... Goldrush is rolling in its grave... or scrap heap.

Is that awesome or what?

I'll leave it there.

Edited by MeMeMe
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B&M didn't exist in the 80s since they were still part of Intamin... nor did GCI...


On top of that, SF's first DC Comics themed coaster was SFGAm's Batman, which was built in 1992.


Since you already have a good park, I would suggest scapping the timeline aspect and building in "years" (like year 1, year 2, etc... so that the B&Ms and GCI's would make more sense).

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...No, I must not have been clear. The plan was for the present day. And when I started the park I was not all that familiar with the top designers and manufacturers. The park is also dead, so I'm not changing timelines at all. Like I said, I'm working on La Ronde (CP6's Six Flags Carolina and Splitvision's Liseberg inspired me to do a realistic recreation), and honestly I think the park is asking for it (they went far enough to post all the stats and designers and include the mechanics in the description on their webpage).

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The Kingston Whig Standard

Six Flags Ontario a monthly report by Kyle Piche

July 3, 1996


Sorry for the looong time (what, 15 years?) since this paper has reported on the local Six Flags Ontario amusement park (near-ish to Belleville). We just started reporting (once again) on this park because of its upsurge in popularity. Although, while Ontario has felt this rise in popularity, the Six Flags corporation may not have, or at least it doesn't care, as evidenced by these photos of some paint-thinned coasters:

Blue Fire paint fading.BMP

Goldrush paint fading.BMP

Also, guests riding the "Wolfston Railroad" wooden roller coaster have noted to their disappointment that the iconic "DUCK!" sign has suddenly gone missing:

Missing DUCK sign.BMP

On the plus side, it looks like the dusty, dry courtyard is finally receiving the attention it deserves:

Refurbing courtyard.BMP

And for those of you who have not yet heard of it or taken the time to see it, the park has added a ride themed to Superman. It is a launched tower ride, named "Tower of Power":


They have yet to open it, but it is probably going to open mid-August or even late this month. On that subject, TidalWave is now open all day instead of just when it's hotter than usual; now go and get soaked!:


We'll finish our report there. Tune in next month when the park has an "exciting announcement" in store for us!


P.S.: The park's one condition on my report was that I blur the photo of Tower of Power... Apparently something to do with the surprise!)

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