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Six Flags Ontario: A Redo [RCT2]

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I'm surprised there aren't any DC Comic-themed rides yet


B:tR wasn't even a dream in the 70's...


Oh well.


And I removed the S&S's because, as coasterdude2011 was right to point out,


Your timeline is off, S&S shot and drop towers were not created until the mid to late 1990's


Hope that settles everything.

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If any of you took my advice and looked at the "Preview" thread, you would have noticed something that looks like this:

Let's see the progress, shall we?

The project was top-secret, and many employees were... ummm... dismissed for revealing it to their friends or family. The mechanical crew were checking out the Pirrrrate ride when they took this photo:

And the park's location near a flightpath enabled lucky photographers a chance to see the huge empty lot:

Hmmm... it looks large. Some officials told me that it would be the longest, but not largest (Goldrush takes up a lot of space) ride in the park.

So far, nobody knows how these photos were taken:

But since these were leaked to the press earlier than anticipated, we opened early so the guests would be able to see the ride construction.

Let me know what you think of the new coaster. I have a name, a theme, and a model. Hint: it's another Six Flags coaster.

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Texas Giant?

Uh, wow. I'm actually not all that surprised you guessed so quickly.

I just got back from the only real Canadian Six Flags, La Ronde... I picked up a few ideas, but unfortunately a lot of them involve ParkDat-ing, and I can't figure out how to do it. Oh, well. I'll promise to show more construction shots next update!






oh, and the name is "Wolfston Railroad" to go with its theme (yukon mine town)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I drove down to Six Flags today. I wasn't able to get construction photos of the new Dinn coaster... Because they finished it! "Wolfston Railroad" is a huge, 120 foot roller coaster based on the popular Texas Giant. Themed around a mining town in the Yukon, the crazy ride twists and turns like you wouldn't believe. In the gift shops in the park and in the nearby towns, this postcard can be bought:

Ride on!

And for those on the nearby flightpath, you can snap these photos:

It looks amazing!

As well as a coaster, theming has arrived:

On the west side of the river, stuff is also going on, according to a newspaper:

May 29th, 1981 The Ontario Chronicle

The rumors run wild as to what is happening at nearby Six Flags Ontario. With the recent completion of their fifth coaster, popularity of the other wooden coaster has declined dramatically, leading some to suspect it will see its last days this year. "The other day, I noticed that not only were no trains running on the Bear, but the rickety service bridge was gone", claims a guest. That's not the only strange going-on at Six Flags, however: Another person who rode the steel Goldrush coaster says she noticed that a "large portion" of the woods across the river near the kid's area had been cleared. Her claim caused many to search the area that housed WR's parts for coaster track, but found nothing.

So, this could be the last whole shot of the mighty Bear:

The bridge is gone:

And it appears that lady was right about cleared ground...

Well that's the end of my report. I leave you with a shot of the park as a whole. Pretty soon I won't be able to get this all in one shot:

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Oh come on. Not even negative comments?


Whatever. New things are happening down at SFO...


For example, whatever is happening to Bear.

At first, us fans were hopeful that it was just retracking...

We were amazed at how quickly it was all gone. There are rumors, however, that another park will acquire it, but it is doubtful.

On a brighter note, things are going very well for the great big Wolfston Railroad:

Although, the same cannot be said for Goldrush:

In other news, the stuff across the river is going smoothly:

Don't panic! The kiddie coaster is being moved to another area to make way for another ride, although Darkula's Castle is not bringing in as much attention as needed, and may be removed. But...


I'll leave you with another aerial:

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^If you mean, keep Bear in the park, no. Sorry, but the parts are already gone, and the park has apparently been planning this, along with a replacement for it. However, if you want, which I'm not sure you do, I'll send you the ride through a PM if you message me, if I can find it in my backups. If I can't, sorry, but Bye-bye Bear.

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I'm sorry I can't give much feedback on the recent pictures as I can't see them (Blocked of :/ )

I'll edit this post with something if I see anything I would need to comment on.


Here is my two things.


Bear was not that great, It was too short of a coaster, in my opinion. Glad to see it gone!

More types of trees and other foliage, please fix this.

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Bear was not that great, It was too short of a coaster, in my opinion. Glad to see it gone!

More types of trees and other foliage, please fix this.


I'm sorry, but "Glad to see it gone" is the kind of thing that gets me mad. I certainly don't think it was my best work, and removing it was for the better, but come on. There were many alternative ways to have expressed your dislike.


On the other hand, you're right about my foliage, I'll give you that. I made the scenario in haste, and I only used, at any point, one type of foliage. I'm sorry about that. If only 8cars could let me use the scatter scenery option, that would be superb.

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^^I meant that in more of a parody way, not in any direct attack to you. Besides, I'm sure everyone has heard the comment on there work before, this includes me. I had a ride that I thought was fantastic, but everone hated it so I removed it. Then there was posts of joy saying "Glad you got rid of it" or something along the lines of that.

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