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Discovery Cove


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Just got back from orlando. Got to say that this is the best non-amusment park thing to do there. Have any of you guys been there? Taken your girlfriends? What are your thoughts on dolphins being treated like that? Just a topic for discussion.

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I went there not too long ago and even got a backstage tour. They actually treat the Dolphins nice and that area they swim in is really cool (and freezing!). It seems they keep things very sanitary whenever they walk in a building backstage because we had to dip our feet in a small bucket of water before entering. We also got to see where they keep more dolphins when they aren't out swimming with people, it's a little more roomy than it seems from the sand.

Overall the place is, should I say, better than any water park I've been to except the Atlantis Aquaventure in the Bahamas. I know it's not a water park, I'm saying it's better then a water park in my opinion. I would recommend it to anyone because it has a Resort/Slightly Hawaiian feeling to it; and yes it was my best experience.


By the way, if you have pictures to upload, then you can share them in the "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Donkeys!" Thread where you can post a Photo TR (Trip Report), unless maybe you have about one, two, or three photos of Discovery Cove then you can probably share it here (Read Guidelines first).

I do have a link to my photo TR of Discovery Cove, scroll down once you are in the page.

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I went in 2006 , I dont have any photos on the computer im on they are on a disk somewhere in my house. I had an amazing time. Luckily we swam with the dolphins before there was a storm . The snorkiling bit was juts amazing. Water was extremly cold though wich sucked but of course it had to be so i got over it haha. I would recomend it to anyone so worth it !!.

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