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Oakridge Amusement Park [RCT 3] Ra's Revenge !

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extremecoasters37: Cheers.


Calicoasters: Cheers and I'm glad it looks premanent. Lets hope it stays though because it's really popular



Well I again have bad and good news. Firstly though I have photo’s which I’ll show now and explain after.








As you can see there is something happening around the park for its 10th birthday. As to what this is though it’s not very clear at all. Firstly the main thing is that the train ride is all closed up and boarded off. It has been like this for the last few weeks and though it hasn’t affected income that much it has started some rumours up around the park.


These rumours range from the ride expanding to it being removed and while I can’t say (and don’t actually know) for certain I doubt its removal very much. As for the other photo’s they show the parks Ferris Wheel rising above the main square and the area where Tiger sat earlier this year all boarded off. Not much to show but as nothing has started for next year yet that’s not unexpected.


Money wise however it’s not looking to good. Although we have had a fairly positive season we still only have around £9,000 saved. Now, going by our previous budget and expansion lessons, this isn’t going to be anywhere near enough to make a big impact for year 10. As such we have made numerous contacts with several banks regarding loans. As to what the outcome is I haven’t been informed but lets all hope it’s a positive one.


Finally I’ll leave you with this year’s overview. The park is definitely becoming more defined in its shape.


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Well I’m happy to be bringing you the first update of our 10th season. Costly but hopefully worth it, this large expansion to the park will hopefully make our 10th birthday a hit with the guests. Costing us nearly £21,000 (£12,000 of which was a loan which we hopefully won’t struggle to badly to pay back), this season sees a whole new area introduced to Oakridge. The new are named Furious Frontier, contains several thrilling rides and another train station which completes the track around the park, as well as toilets and a small eatery. Although slightly small at the moment, we hope to expand on this in the coming seasons. Here are some photos from the opening day.


Approaching the entrance you can see a new ride looming above everything else.


As you can see the path leading to the new area was heaving early in the morning.


Approaching the new area with several guest’s happy already.


Tornado, our new rotovator ride is about to get the ‘all good to go’ from our mechanic for its first ride.


Here’s an attempted overview of the area from Tornado. You can see the small eating area and eatery, which serves Burgers and Root beer and Dynamite, our SS Turbo Drop tower. Easily the most thrilling and tallest ride in the park, this will hopefully help satisfy the more daring of the family members.


Finally a small glimpse at the path that links the park in a circle, running alongside the train tracks.




Well, that’s all photo wise that I have for you this update but I have another surprise. Using this code below you can redeem it online for a free family ticket for you, as an incentive to come and join in our 10th anniversary madness. Other than that this is all I have for now.


Oakridge Family Park (year 10 dl)


Hope to see you all in the park and don’t forget to post and trip reports you may have.


(OOC: Well as you’ve guessed I’ve included a dl for this season. It should easily be available to anyone with the core game and SOAKED and WILD as it contains no CS. I encourage any trip reports you wish to post in this thread but please don’t post any images of a park you’ve modified or repost this work as your own.


Hope you enjoy it and would love to see your trip reports.






EDIT: Opps sorry for the UI on one of the pictures. Just imagine its a camera menu or something like that.)

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ecrimo95: Thanks and although I really appreciate the comments I won't stop updating becasue I don't get any dont worry. I'm glad you like the atmosphere as that's very important to me and don't worry of course I'll carry it on. I Keep getting new ideas.



Well I’m Mr Larway, the new Park Photographer here to keep you all up to date. Unfortunately, while Mr Hawthorne would like to continue with the photo taking and blog updating himself he has more matters to deal with now the park has expanded. This means I’ve managed to land the part time job. While I have all the rights to visit in off season and go behind the scenes, I won’t be privy to any park plans for new additions. As such any new rides will be a surprise to all of us from now on.


Anyway I plan on visiting the park in the next couple of weeks but thought I’d upload this seasons park map for you all.



(OOC: Thought it’d be a good idea to upload a map in case anyone wanted to do a trip report still. Now they can do it and know what the rides names are rather than being confused as they may have been before hand.)

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Well just returned from a night time trip to the park with my kids so thought I’d put up some of the photo’s for you to give you an idea of how the park is in its 10th season.


Now we had chosen a night time visit to hopefully mean it was less busy but we were wrong. The park was bustling with guests, which, in a way was awesome for the park, but not brilliant for us as the rides were fairly busy. Money wise the park has been making a lot more than usual this season and has apparently paid back a large amount of its loan already which is brilliant news. The new rides are definitely hits with the guests. Dynamite helps to give the park more of a skyline while, Tornado seems to be a big guest pleaser. Anyway, let’s get to the photos.


First of was this photo of Sunwheel with Dynamite in the background. Looks pretty nice all lit up if you ask me.


Photo from Sunwheel which show’s an area of the park that was the same size as the park when it opened and now, is just the entrance square


Now this isn’t very interesting, but shows the new First Aid station we’ve installed this season.


This is interesting. It appears that they’ve fenced off the playground and removed he slide. Wonder what’s going to be taking its place.


Dynamite got some small items to help with the theme during the season. Not much, but every little helps I suppose.


Here’s an attempted overview of the new area of the park from Dynamite.


Hey look America is within walking distance of Egypt.


Finally a random shot from the top of Wild Mouse (don’t worry I got permission to take my camera on it before hand) showing Dynamite, breaking the parks skyline.


Well that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed these night time photos. I’ll hopefully get another trip in before the end of the season, to let you know about any progress especially regarding the playground. Remember to still feel free to post any of your trip reports.

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Not many photo’s of the park today but I’m glad to report that this season was a great success. Apparently the new rides and expansions must have been a crowd pleaser because the income went up by half of last year’s total.


With this money it would seem that they apparently want to capitalise on this with another burst of expansion for next year. These photo’s taken below better show what I mean and where I got these impressions from.






As to what these are I don’t really have any idea. I would guess the playground was removed to expand the area around there and to create a better pathing flow, but it may just be a new ride. The other area of the forest trail though is a bit of a mystery with the area not being used that much and everything, and the diner being closed up could be due to a load of things. I hear rumours of a re-theme though.


The only thing I know that’s concrete is that we’ve been in touch with SS regarding changing Dynamites ride cycle into a launched one as it would fit the name better, but I’ve yet to hear the outcome of this enquiry.


Anyway that’s all I have for now and probably this season so will probably see you next year.

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grrt: Cheers. I'm glad I've managed to create a nice atmosphere wihout it being to big and flashy.


ericm95: Cheers


coastercrazy 9: Thanks


yrcrazy: Thanks and would be cool to see what your park turns out like.




Well we’ve finished our 10th season and it was a pretty big success. We made a large amount of money and were able to repay most the loan throughout the year, with enough left over for improvements to the park. These went into the replacement of the playground with a new thrilling ride and some game stalls.


Unfortunately, these improvements while looking really nice and adding new thrills meant that the expansion on the otherside of the park was put on hold. Not that this is that much of a problem, given that it’s taken place on the forest trail which isn’t used at all and hasn’t removed anything so nothing will be missing.


Anyway, onto the photo’s for you all.






As you can see the view from the entrance has changed again (well ok at certain times it looks different) and you can see a glimpse of the new ride beside Dynamite. Once inside, it’s clear that this small area has changed. Firstly there’s this new games stall which we tried but I was useless at and there’s the main attraction; a new ride named Ra’s Revenge.


This ride will through you around as your titled and lifted off the ground, held against the wall by the will of Ra himself. Or, that’s what the advertisement says anyway. Still a fun ride and great new addition to the park’s growing ride list. Other than this the rumour of the retheme for the restaurant was indeed correct as it now sports a light Egyptian theme and S&S were contacted and changed the ride program for Dynamite. All in all some solid additions to build on last season which will hopefully increase the parks popularity.

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This is an amazing park - hope it's still going. One of (if not the) best NCS RCT3 parks on here - really creative use of the scenery pieces! Also nice that you're actually playing the game, rather than using the scenario editor's unlimited money.

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