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The Official "VirtuTPR" Thread

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Actually, B.A.B. He is right.


When submitting a park for consideration to be added to the VirtuTPR index, you must submit a thread link PLUS three pictures: An overview of the park, plus two 'other' shots of key items you feel are subject to the park's realistic feel.


That having been said, I'll allow you to fix your submission- but it must be done by the close of business on Friday, 5/5/11.


Since that Golden Ticket awards style thing was my idea would you like me to help out at all?


Right now, the goal is to freshen up the VirtuTPR index and get it ready for showcasing talented RCT II artists. The Golden Peeps will be worked on in the future- but that's still some time off first.


Has any thought been given towards incorporating rct3 into this?


As of now, RCT III will not be dealt with- for now. It isn't excluded in the future, but we're really kind of swamped with simply renovating the thread. Fear not, however. I do like there being a lot of people playing RCT III for realism- so it might become a sub-index in the future.



VirtuTPR 'secondary administratior'

Games Forum Moderating Team

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