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[RCT3]-Rocky Springs UPDATE PAGE 2

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So this is a park I'm making at my mom's house while Six Flags Sacramento is the one I do at my dad's. So this park is in Colorado Springs, hence Rocky Springs. The park is family owned and so far no rides have been built yet but main street is being built. Onto Pictures...


The really small entrance


One of the buildings completed on main street


Another building on main street.


And the final building they completed which houses gifts, souvenirs, food, etc...


Overview so far. A lot of the park still has to be built. They announced that the park is going to open with only one roller coaster and some flat rides. But promised big things in the future if the park is successful. Comments and criticism please!

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I have another update...


The new building they added on main street.


Another eatery they added


Swan boats


The only coaster built at the park right now built on a hill called adventure mountain.


After the first two loops you go into the batwing


Then dive into the hill and do two corkscrews inside and come out the other side and that's it


Whirlwind on the left and Fantasy Wheel on the right


An overview. And that's it the park is done so opening day is coming up. What do you think?

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Season 2

I accidentally deleted the pictures from Season 1. So onto the pictures...


They changed those ugly red paths on main street and replaced it with the stone paths from the entrance. It looks much better


Here's one of the two new small cafe they added.


The new ride this season is a Disko. Fun but nothing special


The Fantasy Wheel. Weird name.


The new restaurant called Trapper Dan's its next to the Catfish Cove eatery


The new restaurant with the old one


Adventure Mountain got new supports. (I did my best with the supports the ride was tricky to support)


Before I left I took a ride on Adventure Mountain...


And Steel Lasso then I left.


Now I leave you with a construction photo for Season 3's addition. They confirmed it is not a coaster. Thoughts?

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Season 3 Announcement/ Future Plans

Rocky Springs Amusement Park Amusement Park announces Falcon!

John Walsh, park president/manager, says that "Falcon is the next thrill ride for the park and is the perfect fit for the park." Rocky Springs is Colorado Springs premier amusement park destination. The park is located on 5438 Mountain View Drive, 80906. Phone number: (555)-719-2478


Falcon concept art


Falcon's patriotic que house. The park has already announced improvements coming to the park in year 4. Includes: Que houses for all the rides, a new restaurant, and a whole new expansion of the park which will feature 3 new rides, one being a coaster. Stay tuned!

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Season 3

New update


To start off here's the new restaurant.


Great shot of Sky Shot from Whirlwind


On the new ride Falcon. It was really fun


Adventure Mountain is getting a bit bumpy... Well its a Vekoma so I'm not really shocked


Disko got a new que building.


Random ice cream parlor


Here's a shot of the new expansion for next year. it looks HUGE


To end the report an overview... you can see buildings and rides going up in the new area. Can you please leave feedback! I'd really like to know what you think of the park.

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This park looks amazing so far.


Was that coaster at all inspired by Dragon Mountain at Marineland?

It was a little. I loved how Dragon Mountain interacted with the terrain.

I really like the architecture in this park! It does remind me a little of Six Flags South Carolina, but that certainly isn't a bad thing! Also, I can't wait to see how this new area turns out.... keep up the fantastic job!

Thanks! I'm nowhere near as good as CD5 though.


Summer is approaching and the park released more teaser shots.


The new coaster called Barracuda.


Another shot.



The gift shop


And finally a picture of Seabreeze Swings and Riptide. Feedback?

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Wow. The buildings look great. I want to see more of Barracuda, it looks cool.


And I Seriously wish this was real. Like, insanely. It would only be 20 minutes from my house. AHHHH.

Oh, and if this were on Mountain View dr, the ZIP would be 80908. But thats being extremely nitpicky.

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Wow. The buildings look great. I want to see more of Barracuda, it looks cool.


And I Seriously wish this was real. Like, insanely. It would only be 20 minutes from my house. AHHHH.

Oh, and if this were on Mountain View dr, the ZIP would be 80908. But thats being extremely nitpicky.

Thanks! Glad you like the park. Well, at least you have Elitchs


Season 4/Seaside Village opening


The archway welcoming you to seaside village


There is actually an octopus ride inside the building


A really good seafood restaurant.


Another restaurant.


Seabreeze Swings que house


People on Riptide. Apparently in RCT3 this ride has a high nausea rating and makes like 5 people barf when they get off.


Seabreeze Swings and Riptide across the pond


Ready for a lot of Barracuda photos?


Train roaring down the first drop


Airtime goodness


The MCBR doesn't really slow the ride down


Barracuda from the swan boats


To finish off showing the new area here's a skyline shot of it. Now onto the rest of the park...


Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


Ow my back hurts just looking at it. They really need to fix how rough this ride has gotten


Can't forget about disko. This ride gets really long lines for some odd reason


Skyline of the older side of the park.


And to end this large update an updated overview. There are already rumors that Seaside Village is going to get expanded maybe over the pond. Comments and criticism are welcome!

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