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Photo TR: Knoebels!


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Knoebels is an amazing park. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the rides are some of the most unique I've ever seen. The whole family enjoyed the park and it is someplace we will definitely be returning to again soon. Hopefully we'll be able to ride Flying Turns (yeah, right) or Black Diamond on our next visit.


Phoenix was my 100th roller coaster, and it was terrific! Easily my number one woodie, the airtime was insane! We got two great front seat rides with no wait, and I was so far out of my seat that I was fearful that I could actually fly out! It was terrific, one I cannot wait to ride again.


Onto the pictures:



Not much of a skyline, but the drive to get to the parking lot is certainly fun!


SKLOOSH! I feel like I let TPR down, no rides today :(


That was one SCARY Ferris Wheel! It was fast!


Some really fun flats.


Walkway photo #1.


Walkway photo #2.


Is that Flying Turns I see?


My family couldn't believe that this thing has been under construction since '06!


Flying Turns did look pretty good though.


First coaster of the day was Twister!


This thing had some really strong laterals!


Exclusive Flying Turns Lift Hill Shot!


The station looked pretty good.


Hooray, time for Phoenix!


This. Was. FUN!


It is the World's Finest!


Me and the plaque after my first amazing ride on the Phoenix!


What else do I have to say?!


Ooooh, more fun projects!


Black Diamond from "Roundup"


There it is. Looks to be moving along quickly.


Another reason to come back!


Workbench or something looks cluttered.


Poor little coaster car :(


Overall, this is probably my 3rd favorite park, if I had to rank them. Behind only Cedar Point and Hersheypark. I'll definitely have to come back!

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Nice pics and TR but you really should read TPRs TOS about the 2 onride pics you posted!


15. Obey Park Rules - If you're going to make a post bragging about breaking park rules, which includes but it not limited to: sneaking cameras on rides, line jumping, standing up on coasters, going into "backstage" areas unauthorized or any other park rule, you're account will be deleted and your IP address banned.
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I don't think Knoebels has a camera policy. As far as I know, all objects taken on rides are at the operators' discretion, and I've seen plenty of cameras taken out before dispatch and not put away until the train is back in the station.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this park. I have only been once, back when Whirlwind was still there and I want to go back sooo bad. I will most definitely have to get there next summer once Black Diamond is open and heck just MAYBE Flying Turns will be open. Pheonix and Twister are both some of my top woodies.

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