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PHOTO TR: G-Dog's Past Trip Photos

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^^ I know Smurf Mountians train used to peek out a tad on the side of the mountain before it ended at the station. Looks like where they had the tracks layed.


^ Yep, Time Shaft, I remember the rocky walled queue that snaked through the mountain into the ride was lined with chewed bubble gum. My friends and I would never lean against it!! Yuck!

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Wow, thanks for all the comments everyone.


I remember back at that first visit when I looked at the map and Time Shaft was listed as part of the Lost World complex and I had no idea as to what it was. So I got in line and when I found out it was a Rotor I left. That is one ride I don't think I could handle.

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This next set is Cedar Point from the late 80's/early 90's as well as a few taken in '96 when Mantis was new. You would think being one of my home parks, correction, my only home park I would have a lot of photos but this is about all I have from this time period. I guess, as with most things, it's a case of "if I knew then what I know now", especially with how this park has changed within the last decade.


I apologize for the quality of some of these photos and the fact I was still somewhat learning how to get good photos. Also this is what you get with a cheap 35mm point and shoot at the time. Thank goodness for digital cameras today.


Anyone remember when the queue used to snake all the way towards Corkscrew? You can even see the people standing in the extended queue CP had to install to handle the masses. In fact I believe I was in line for the ride when this photo was taken in 1989.


The first hill from the Soak City lot. This was before Challenge Park was built.


The lift with Witches' Wheel in the foreground.


Notice there's no Soak City surrounding the second hill. I remember the one end of Camper Village used to be right next to the second hill.


I remember in late '88 they had a big sign where the queue entrance is now stating that the tallest and fastest coaster in the world was coming in '89...and then trying to figure out how it was going to fit in the park.




Avalanche Run


View from the now defunct Kid Arthur's Court. This was probably the first ride that CP incorporated the endless queue layout as it seemed like it took forever to get on this ride.


Blue Streak long before a large, green bird of prey stalked the front part of the park.


This was taken during ID's infancy since the lead car is missing the 3-D logo on the front.


It's 1991 and along comes Mean Streak.


I'm getting a sunburn just looking at this photo.


It's a shame that it's become the laughing stock of CP. The only redeeming thing about the ride is that it's a beautiful looking structure.


My favorite view of Mean Streak (no I did not steal thrillrider's photo).



For those who never visited CP prior to 2003 this what the Dragster area looked like. Huss Troikas are among my favorite flat rides and this was the original location. I miss the shady and quiet respite of this area between Corkscrew and Magnum. Now it's one of the loudest areas in the park.


Look, no brake on the first drop! Mantis 1996.




When Mantis opened the entrance was located next to the dive loop and you had to cross the railroad tracks. It was changed when Millennium Force was built four years later. Thanks for viewing.

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Sorry to be so late, but you said you wanted to see a B&M remake of Drachen Fire - that's what Kumba is.


Originally, Busch wanted B&M to design similar rides for both parks, but B&M could only take one project so they chose Tampa, so they gave the Virginia project to Arrow. Arrow had a lot of trouble recreating B&M's designs, which is why it's so different. That's also why Drachen Fire had the only ever Arrow cobra roll, and it has the cutback because Arrow couldn't figure out the overbanked curve that B&M's do. Also, Arrow couldn't make the loop go around the lift hill so they added that half corkscrew thing.

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^Wes, I think it was in the mountain that is currently occupied by Volcano, if you look in the pond in front of the turn to the launch you can still see a trough where the boats may have run at one point.



Comparing the old photos with the current setup it looks like HR's final drop was where volcano's launch is today.Was looking at old photos of the mine ride & noticed that volcano's final drop goes right under the old mine ride station....which of course is still there & can be seen from avalanche's lift.

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^^And I guess it's safe to say that the camelback before the cobra roll probably would have been a zero-g roll.


The other highlight was inverting through the wraparound corkscrew before diving to the ground, which was quite original considering they could have just made another drop similar to their mega loopers for Six Flags right off the lift.

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Nice pictures.


I miss the old colors for troika. The colors they have now it really ugly. I remember waiting in line for avalanch run back in the day as well. It was one of the hottest lines around, as there was not any shade from the sun.

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I've seen that so many times and never really thought any thing of it. Didn't even think that there could've been a flume in there before.


That's funny because when I was there last week for the first time ever, that's the FIRST thing that crossed my mind. "Hm, I wonder if a flume ride was ever there?"


Cool pictures, especially because I was JUST at KD.

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Next stop is my favorite Ohio park, Kings Island. These photos are from 1987 and 1991 respectively. I've also added a few extras to this update.


This view has now been ruined with the addition of three flagpoles right in front of the fountains. I was quite disappointed.


A brand spanking new Vortex debuts.


The orange rails glistening in the sun.


First drop from the Beast area.


Now for a few defunct rides. King Cobra's first.




This photo is from 1991.


Screamin' Demon. I think it was just The Demon at this time. I'll never forget waiting on the stairs when the whole ride shook as the train returned to the station. A little unnerving for its time.


Skylab. Never got to ride it during its short time at the park.


Skylab from the Eiffel. The perfect ride at the perfect spot. I'd take this over the basketball game and Coca Cola Cool Zone that has since replaced it.


The Beast from Keelboat Canal's lift hill.


Quite a few defunct attractions in one shot. Skylab, Flying Dutchman, King Cobra and Der Spinnen Keggars.



Two things. 1. The Racer still somewhat sports the patriotic color scheme, which I wish it still had and 2. if you look closely the line for Vortex almost goes all the way down Coney Mall.


The former Wild Animal Habitat, now Action Zone. Screamin' Demon is in there somewhere.


Amazon Falls and Wild Animal Habitat as seen in 1991.


Keelboat Canal from the Eiffel. Replaced by Tomb Raider, which I liked. The Crypt is pure crap.


Kings Mill Flume and Rivertown.


My favorite view of the Eiffel Tower from Rivertown. Now a giant snake has come and made itself a home here.


Winterfest 1987. The only time I ever visited this event. From what I remember it was quite nice.


The decor near the skating rink.


Winterfest guide cover


1987 park guide cover


BONUS: The 1992 souvenir map celebrating the park's 20th anniversary. Also the last map before Paramount. I would have scanned it but it's still in great condition and I didn't want to risk tearing it. Thanks for viewing.

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Nice pictures. Brings back a lot of memories of the park.


I remember waiting in line for the demon as well. The whole staircase shook, and when the train was launched, it sounded like a loud fart...lol


I remember watching the safari ride, but I don't ever remember riding it. I could never figure out why they got rid of the sky lab ride, or the beer barrel ride. The sky lab was a great ride, and the barrels fit in perfectly in it's spot in octoberfest. I remember the sky commander ride(think that was the name) and the triple wheel as well.


I agree about tomb raider. If I were cederfair, I would be imbarased about the shape of the ride today.


I thought the park used to have a himalaya ride at one point. Anyone remember if they did?

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^ Yes, they had a himalaya ride, or a bayern curve. I can't remember exactly where it was, but I want to say close to where King Kobra was. As far as Skylab, it was great and in a great location.


Flight Commader was awesome!! So much fun. If my memory is right, a drunk lady fell out and died on it the same day one or two other people fell into the lake by the beer gardens and got electrocuted.


Demon was great, except for the walk up the stairs. I remember thinking how cool it was at that time.


The Monorail ride was great, but was an upcharge. Nice to sit in AC for 30 mins or so and see some animals. They did a really god job of hiding the "caging" of the animals and looked liked they were just roaming around.


And the Zodiac (i think) was where the swings are now, I think.

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^^^ If I remember correctly,Skylab was removed due to ongoing mechanical issues.It was a Giant Enterprise and had a lot more issues than the standard model.I can't remember which year it was but the park dismantled the ride and sent it back to Huss for repair and it came back to the park a season later.

I do remember hearing that the final accident that caused it's removal was when the wheel stopped spinning when in a vertical position causing some injuries when the people were tossed around in the cars.I'm not completely sure about that last part but I did hear it from multiple friends that were working at the park.

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IIRC the Zodiac was further back along Coney Mall where Flight Commander eventually was built.


Skylab was a very cool looking Enterprise. I'd like to see a new Enterprise return to the park as I feel the park, Coney Mall in particular, could use more flats. If they could build a second suspended coaster I don't see why a second Enterprise couldn't be considered (maybe as part of a multiple flat ride package).

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