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Six Flags Sacramento [RCT3]

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Here's my first park on the thread and the first park that I have used CS and actually putting buildings/coaster stations. So a brief history of the park is it used to be a fair, but the fair went bankrupt so then the county took it over and named it Placer County Amusement Park. It became rundown under the county so they put it up for sale and Six Flags bought it. So the park is in transition from a fair to an amusement park. There adding new indoor eateries and added 2 new coasters and more rides while removing some. So here are pictures...


Here is the new entrance signs to Six Flags Sacramento


Here is a new indoor eatery they put in on main street. An ice cream parlor


McDonalds. Yum


Here is the sign and station for the parks wooden coaster Big Dipper


Here's what Big dipper looks like not much theming or scenery wise but it has a lot of airtime


This used to be red and black and called venom. But they repainted it added a new station renamed it and it wouldn't be six flags without hair gel ads. At least its not all over the trains?


Its actually a double looping


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Looking down towards Batman. One of the two coasters six flags added


Here is the other coaster they added, viper, again not much scenery and theming but its still fun


Viper brought to you by T Mobile and PG&E


Here is the other ice cream parlor they added on the work in progress main street


Save 5% with Discover card at six flags!


And here is the last eatery they added on the main street.


More pictures soon. Do you think I did good with the buildings? Since it's my first time trying to put them in my parks.

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^^^Thanks i'll try terraforming later on


^ I think its in Circus Center set 2


Here's a quick update from the park. They are getting a new coaster. It's not all that big. They removed the old Meteorite from the fair days and added a new Starbucks on main street. On to pictures...


Here's the new Starbucks they added


Should I keep this eating area? Or should I put a Johhny Rockets in?


Gotham City Crime Wave. I personally hate the Gotham City area. Does anyone know any good gotham city sets?


I guess Batman uses Axe twist...


The new main street area. Almost done with it


Viper roaring into the brake run


Onto construction of the new coaster. Here's what it looked like beginning of winter season...


Here's what it looked like 2 1/2 weeks later on the last day before the park closes. I really like the station


Backside with que line work being done and supports.


Kind of an overview... To me it looks like a half pipe like at Elitchs'. Which I'm fine with


One last shot of the station. Sadly I can't update the park till thursday next week because I'm going to my mom's house. Comments and criticism please!

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I generally don't comment on RCT3 parks but I have to point out how much of an eyesore the bright green Starbuck's building is...is it possible to make it a darker green or a more natural color such as gray, white, or brown?

Yeah I think the green looks really bad too. I'll change it when to a different color when I can.

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