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Stoksy's Silicon Valley [RCT2]

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Hello everyone, if you do not know me I am Trevor Harrison, reporter and journalist. Today I bring news of a new park that is being built called Stoksy's Silicon Valley which features a small waterpark.


Only a few things have been released by the park, to which I have an exclusive back-stage park, including the park logo, pictures of the water park, and a couple of teasers of the parks first roller coaster!



First things first however...


Park Logo



The logo for the water park features all the same pictures of the real park logo, however, this one includes one of the, hopefully, soon-to-be built water rides.


Currently already released pictures with an overview of the water park.


Lazy River: A ride in which peeps go for a journey along a short river track, careful not to bump into those ropes...



Now for a couple of teasers...


Sign for the park's first coaster, the top of the sign is meant to represent a wave.


Finally we have an exclusive picture of the coaster, however, I have unfortunately been forbidden to show any pictures of the layout which, I hear, happens to already be finished.

What could it be?



That's all for now, catch up with me later for further updates


-Trevor Harrison

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Wow, this looks very cool! I can't wait for some more updates. And this is what I love- people treating their topics for their parks like the real ones on TPR. Gives it a better, realistic feel.


For the last picture, I do see a chain lift...so what djbrace said

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Hello again, I am proud to announce that the park has allowed me to roam free to take and release more pictures of the park's brand new coaster. Renamed "Wave Runner" this coaster is sure to give you all the thrills any good roller coaster should. In the official press release from the owners of the park this is what they had to say about the new coaster:

We are proud to announce that the first roller coaster to be built in Stoksy's Silicon Valley will be a dive coaster built by our friends over at B&M. Featuring two inversions (both of them vertical loops) the ride is just a taste of what's to come to Stoksy's Silicon Valley.



Official ride logo



Now on to some pics...


I believe that this is going to be a walkthrough so guests can get "up-close" to the supports that I hear took a long time to build correctly.


One of two turnarounds...


The other one...



That concludes todays update, I hope I will catch up with you all soon!


-Trevor Harrison.

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Hmmmmmmmm I think it's time for some responses...


djbrcace1234 - Thank you!


braztaz - Thank you very much, glad you like the "realistic" feel


CoasterCreator9 - I like the monorail too I will add sand a bit later on, I just want the waterpark built with scenery and stuff before I change the land colour.


dmaxsba2408 - Always appreciate your comments.


Mastersax68 - The station was just to show the invisible entrance, I will add some "stuff" to it later, and thanks for the post.



And to anyone who hasn't viewed the new post yet, yes, the coaster is a Eurofighter!

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Despite a heated argument with the owners of the park we came to an agreement as to what pictures I would show today. As long as the entire layout of Wave Runner is shown I can show one teaser picture just to get your taste-buds tingling!



Now on to some pictures...


Entire layout, although short, this ride is sure to surprise with some tight turns. Get your photo taken at the on-ride photo section! (this ones for you dmaxsba )



What's this?!



That's all for now, hope to see you all again soon

-Trever Harrison

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I have to agree with you on that one, dmaxsba. The only thing I would suggest to make it better is to take out those A-shaped supports and replace them with plain vertical ones. I can understand them beiing on the turn, and those ones are fine, I just think they are an eyesore the way they are right now. The second screen looks really good, too!

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Now for some responses...


dmaxsba2408 - btw I'm going to need you to fix the guest problem again, or could you please send me a pm of how to do it


Mastersax68 - Thank you, and I have changed the supports now


Dotrobot - Okay, thanks for the comment (glad you liked Project S )

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Unfortunately it has not been a very productive couple of weeks, however, I do have a couple pictures of recent construction, including basic theming on Wave Runner and a new ride in the water park!



Quite basic, just the beginning of something big I hope...


I love the path



That's all for now, see you next time

-Trevor Harrison

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Hello again! Although work has been quite slow and updates few and far between, I think I have something to get everyone into the park again. The new ride is a log flume (again in the Water Park) and will be the final non-flat ride inside the water park. So, without further ado, I give you....a teaser



What's this?!



Looking forward to your thoughts.

-Trevor Harrison

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No comments?



Dmaxsba2408 - Not sure what you mean by corrugated metal wall, maybe you could post a pic. Thanks for your comment on the building!


Kraken & Manta: Thank you, glad you found it


CC9 - Thank you!


Cavs Fan - Thanks

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In this new park thread HERE the maker has two flats built over water. A twist and a launched free fall. Both us the walls under the rides I am referring to. Wooden Post was used on one and I think metal was used on the other. It hides the in-game ride supports and gives them that built in look. In the case for your ride I think the metal walls (the kind used on the top of the Oil Derick Elevator ride) would look great.

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