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TR: Wild Water and Wheels, Surfside Beach, SC

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I just came back from my vacation to Myrtle Beach yesterday, and even though we've been going there for years we've never checked out either ofthe water parks. I was told that Wild Water (and Wheels) was the cheaper of the two, so we decided to spend a few hours there. I don't have much to compare it to, but I loved it! I only have three nitpicks. The parking lot is a little bit hard to find because the park is right off the highway and the entrance is behind what you see from the highway. The other was that you were walking on hot concrete, but once my feet were wet enough it didn't bother me. The food is overpriced (example: pizza is $4 per slice.) Other than those three things the park is awesome.


The slides were great, here are my reviews:


Whitewater Express-This consisted of two slides on the same tower with a third slide. The green one was a little bit better than the orange one because it was enclosed and had a surprise drop in the middle of it. The slides were pretty similar except the green one had more drops and the orange one was all turns. Both were fun, but not spectacular.


Dark Hole-This was on the same tower as Whitewater Express. This slide was INSANE! One of the best I have ever been on. It was pitch-black and crazy fast with a lot of surprise drops and at one point I swear we were going sideways. This really was the surprise of the day.


Twin Twisters-These were two identical slides where you lay down on the mat going feet first. These were pretty dissappointing. It started with a single 360 degree turn, a drop and a 540 degree turn. If it weren't for the drop these slides would be really lame.


Sidewinder- Any slide with AIRTIME gets extra points in my book! This was on the lower level of the speed slide tower. This slide had a right turn, then a steep drop, then on the next drop I came off of the slide at least 4 inches.


Serpentine- This was right next to Sidewinder and my personal favorite of the day. I don't remember the exact layout, but I think it had a 180 degree turn, a super tight helix which I greyed out on both times I went on it. It is my all-time favorite slide.


Triple Dip- The name says it all. It was at the top of the speed slide tower, approximately 10 stories, and was pretty awesome. You barely touch the slide on the last dip, but it's not as crazy as Sidewinder.


Cliff Dive-This had the most intense drop on any slide I've ever been on, but it was over too quick. It is the only water slide to ever make me scream. Basically it had a short drop, then leveled out for about 50 feet, then whipped you down the drop.


Head Rush-This was the most unique slide I've ever seen. You laid down on racing style mats(head first, obviously) and meandered down near-identical paths. It was fun, but pretty tame.


Wild H2O Racers- This was a simple four-lane triple down racing slide with some nice air. Because I am a little heavy and got a good push off the start, I managed to get a good amount of speed and easily won the race.


That's my review of the place. If you're in Myrtle beach, visit this place. You will enjoy it.

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Hmm, I don't think I've greyed out on a water slide, though I was close on a water slide in Wisconsin Dells called Cyclone. This seems like an interesting water park, thanks for sharing.


Yeah, it was very strange and awesome at the same time. For a split second I almost forgot where I was and I came out of the slide so fast it almost hurt. It was insane, you've got to try it if you're in the area.

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