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Custom-ish Coaster Topic (RCT2)

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This is something I have been working on for about a month now. It is an altered version of the in game Hyper Coaster much like Amazing Earl did with his Space Mountain coaster. It had required 446 new images to make remove the sloped front car from the Hyper Coaster and replace it with a flat front version that matches the rest of the train.


I have tested it in game on all available track for any defects and found only one. The front car is now shorter than the original. To keep it centered on the track the car has to sit in the middle of where the old version sat causing a slightly larger gap between it and the 2nd car than the rest of the train. This distance is hard coded into the ride and there is nothing I can do about it. I took a closer look at AE's coaster and it seems he had the same problem. His gap is not quite as large as mine but then again his front coaster car is longer so it fills in the space a little better.


The new Arrow style Mine Train is available HERE at the RCT2 Object List and also a direct download is available right below the two pictures.




Thanks to olddtfan51 from the RCT2 Object List a conflict issue has come up with the original ARRT3 download. When using the ParkDat to import this ride the utility can not distinguish between it and the the other mine train in the game so I have changed the in game name to fix the problem. If you downloaded this ride please re-download and replace the version you have in your ObjData folder with the new one. If you have already used the old ride in a park you MUST remove it before you update your ObjData folder failure to do so will make your park unopenable. Thanks for your time and patience with this issue. I am learning as I go and mistakes are just part of learning.




This is the updated file 8/6/10, please remove the version in your ObjData folder and replace with this version.

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Looks awesome!


Would there be any way to alter current in-game coaster trains/cars so they could go throught inversions without glitching? Just thinking that it would be nice to have the Giga Coaster trains going up vertical spikes and stuff (instead of using jaGigaLooper trains), rather than the stupid glitch that has the cars practically diagonal when it moves. Also, would it be possible to make say a request for certain coaster car that you could attempt to make? Unless of course it takes too long...

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^ unfortunately the answer is no. the Giga coaster track does not support such things so there for you cannot just ad animations to it's trains. All you can do is alter the trains to make them look like something else. There is no way to change anything that each coaster type was not hard coded to do. That is why JA did his versions the way he did. He had to get of the Giga track to make it happen. Guest seating is another issue. Each coaster car type has a certain number of seats and seating arrangements that would also make it impossible to do or if possible very time consuming. With that said the more I learn the more I know my limits. After spending a month adding 707 animation sequences to the in games Suspended Monorail trying to enable more than 4 cars per train and having it set up and rendered just to have the game spit it back at me is enough to make me think twice at to what I can do and what I can't.


Anyway we will see if any more new or altered items show up from me, can't really say at the moment what I am working on because it will probably be an epic fail like the Suspended Mono rail but I am trying to add a few new quality items to the game and also bring the ability of longer trains on certain coasters without having to use a trainer.


The DOWNLOAD for the Mine Train is ready now. So if your a member of the RCT2 Object List come and get yourself something new for the game. If not sign up, the site is an amazing resource for lost DATs.

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One person over at NE said they couldn't get to the download at the RCT2 Object List even with being logged in. I am going to assume that this may be a larger issue affecting many others who just didn't speak up about it. So I am going to post it here also. The download is attached to the first post.


Enjoy and tell me what you think about it.

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I am sorry about this but PLEASE read the the EDIT in the first post!


Since the download counters here at TPR still do not work I have no idea how many people this affects but going by the amount of downloads at other sites I am going to assume it's around 20. So for all of you who downloaded ARRT3 prior to 8/6/10 this update affects YOU!

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I have decided to just use this same topic for all the coaster work I plan on doing.


I am working on making the in-game 6 seat wooden coaster train longer than just 4 cars. At the moment I am up to 5 cars being able to work, not tracking very well at the moment but working. To get around the wooden coasters POS issues keeping it stuck at 4 cars max I am using the POS from the Goliath Hyper Coaster. It's the only other 6 seat coaster that does all the banking available on a wooden coaster.


FYI, did you know that the Goliath Hyper Coaster has VERTICAL LOOP ANIMATIONS? Well if you didn't it sure does which means when this is done you will still be able to send a six seat wooden coaster through a loop.


Anyway what I am trying to do is make the 6 seat wooden coaster a bit longer to make it match prototype coasters that I grew up riding, the Racers at Kings Island have 6 seat cars and a train that is 5 cars long and The Beast also uses 6 seat cars and has trains 6 cars long. SOB, when the loop was there ran trains with 6 seats and 6 cars long.


FYI, the trains on The Beast when it opened over 30 years go were 8 seat cars!


So is there any interest for this or am I just crazy?

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This sounds very cool. I probably would not even attempt a larger 6-seater coaster like Beast, though. I'll just stick to things like Blue Streak. If you could get this working, though, I might just give it a try. You must have fun hacking this game so much. You give me headaches. I would, however, be very interested if you were to make Euro-fighter cars...

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^ When you open a park that has custom objects they download into your game automatically. One exception is non-exporting rides. Those you have to put in by hand just as you would if you downloaded a scenery items not in a park.


Computer..> Loacal Disc(?)..>Program Files..>Infogrames Interactive (or Atari < Triple Thrill Pack)..>RCT2..>ObjData.


Never put pictures or folders in the Objdata folder, only DATs.


Also make a backup of your ObjData folder before you start putting in custom items. You may not always like what you get!

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