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What's great about this season is that their are still many teams in the running to make the playoffs. (Which is rare this late in the season)


Look at the New York Mets, they are in last place, but they are only 7 games out, and still have a chance to win their division.


I'm from Providence RI, so I'm rooting for the Boston Red Sox all the way! I feel confident that they will win their division, and eventually the World Series.


The Yankees pitching staff has been decimated, they'll be lucky to be a Wild Card contender. The Redsox pitching is also hurting, but not as bad as the Yankees. The Red Sox offense is probably the strongest among all the teams.


I see the Red Sox playing the Oakland A's for the ALCS, with the Red Sox winning in game seven.


As for the National League, who knows?, I personally would like to see Houston make it to the World Series, they almost did last year. Go Roger Clements!!!

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I gotta go for the Yankees. I've been a Yankees fan since before the 98' season, and the way they have been in the middle of the playoff race, rather than way above it makes it more exciting. However, I don't know what is more likely; for them to win the division or for them to clinch thee wild card. I hope they win the division though because I hate the Sox.

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The Padres suck now. Their offense is inconsistent, the pitching is getting worse and worse as the season goes on. They have talent they just don't pull it off. Well, they are still in first place. But I don't think I will root for a team that will finish in first place with a record under .500. Good thing the rest of the division sucks also. The Padres have the talent, they just don't give effort. At least the Devil Rays and the Royals give it effort, and I bet if they had talent, they'd be the best team in their division.


Well that's enough of my ranting, I feel bad for all you Oriole fans. They are a mess now. They were having an awesome season untill... well, I'm not sure. But the A's and Astros, wow! Those teams are the biggest comeback teams of the decade. I picked the A's as the goats of the AL West when the season started, but they have plowed through the division and may end up in first.


That's my baseball report for today.

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Thanks John for your understanding on how bad it is to be an Orioles fan.. I feel bad for the Padres fans out there as well. You have my pity.


The Orioles were AWESOME until June when the pitching just shut down and half the team got injured. Javy Lopez was the worst of all the injuries because we had Sal Fasano take his place and look like a little leaguer. It's also sad to see Sosa be torn apart limb from limb by AL pitching.


Oh well, the team is starting to look a little better now with Eric Byrnes in there and everyone else seems to be coming around a little. If the O's drop Sosa and get one or two decent starters over the off season I can def. see them with the Red Sox/Yankees next year.


Here's another topic to discuss here though... I think baseball needs to drop the DH rule and screw with the leagues a little bit. Like have the AL East be, The Orioles, Braves, Mets, Blue Jays, and Red Sox.. or something of that sort... and put the Yankees and Devil Rays in the NL East.



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The Giants story is a sad sad story, let me recount it for you.......


To open the season, we were going to have proven leadoff man Ray Durham get on base. Then, our new short stop Omar Vizquel to be able to advance him to second at the least or be able to get another base hit. J.T. Snow would have been able to get a power hit or anoter single. Then the big boy, Barry Bonds was up to be walked, but this year we had protection (kinda). Moises Alou would come up and drive in Barry or whoever. Behind him we'd have our other coner infielder, Edgardo Alfonzo to do more damage. With Marquis Grissom coming off some of his best seasons in a while and then light hitting catcher Mike Matheny to round out the top 8, this was going to be a year. Let's see what happened....


Durham - Batting 5th or 6th because we have no power without him. He's also been hurt the whole year.

Vizquel - Still batting 1st or 2nd.

Snow - Currently half platooned at first with Lance Niekro, has only 2 home runs on the year.

Bonds - Out.

Alou - Been having a good season until he killed his legs.

Alfonzo - Only 2 home runs on the year.....

Grissom - Just recently released after clearing waivers.

Matheny - One of the bright spots, carreer highs in many categories.


Now....the story of our starting rotation. We were going to have a Cy Young pitcher as our ace, a crafty proven lefty as our #2, a journeyman who's found his stuff as our #3, a young pitcher who went 6-0 to start out his career, and another young pitcher who's had mediocre success in the majors. Let's review what happened there.....


Schmidt - Lost his fastball early in the year and had to learn how to pitch, recently he's got everything going again.

Rueter - Started out the year ok but got progressively less and less effective, until we just released him.

Tomko - Has had great stuff until last year where he put stuff together very nicely. Hasn't done it this year.

Lowry - Started out the season ok, dropped back to bad, and has recently gotten very good.

Williams - Had good years the last few years, but this year just couldn't put it together. Traded to the cubs with Aardsma, a AAA big leagues ready reliever for Hawkins.


Other starters we have used......Jeff Fassero, Brian Cooper, Brad Hennessey, and Kevin Correia.


Has been quite a dissapointing year. And yet, we're still within striking distance of the West. We've been able to stay about 5-8 games back this whole time, giving us false hopes now and then. Bah....this year sucks.

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Wowww.. just checked the O's score.. beat the A's again. We're only like 8 games back in the Wild Card now! YES!!




I watched that game on "MLB Xtra Innings". B.J Ryan almost blew it but he pulled it out.


The Padres actually won yesterday. Miguel Olivo got a triple but he missed the squeeze sign, so Mark Loretta was stealing home then Olivo swung for the ball and Loretta returned but it turned out to be a triple. Trevor Hoffman got his 424th save of his career. He is now tied with John Franco for second on the all time save list.

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^ Yeah, now that they are all "Juiced" they should be able to catch up.


I'm sorry, but I can't in good conscience (sp?) root for the O's since they let Palmeiro come back. Even if that means that the **shudders**Yankees**shudders** have to win it. At least Giambi had enough balls to admit it.


LOL.. first off.. they won again today so Raffy must really be trying to get rid of the rest of his stash because the team looks really pumped up! Even Steve Kline didnt suck THAT bad today.


I really wonder how many MLB players are using it. I mean Palmeiro definately was a "good guy" of the game.. and look how much credibility he has anymore. Hell, he HURT his ankle running to first yesterday so his body is already falling apart without his drugs.. and no wonder he needed Viagra.. all we had to do is put two and two together this whole time..


As much as I hate the Yankees (no offense.. I've hated the Yankees since Jeff Mayer caught that ball in the playoffs) I do have tons of respect for Giambi who admitted it, had a rough time, but bounced back clean.. and for them being in the race.


How is MLB Extra innings by the way? If I'm not around PA next summer I definately want to look into getting that. Do they have their own team of commentators and stuff or is it just tuning in to like.. Comcast's coverage?


Eric "all I want is a .500 season" Geiple

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I've heard Extra Innings can only carry one of the team's feeds, so if you only like your announces (like Krukow and Kuiper of the Giants) then it's not so great.



About the west, I just like to think we're beating up on eachother so much that we can't get above .500 haha.


And I want to hear a non-Giants fan's opinion on this, how different do you think the season would have been with Bonds?

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I'm not a huge follower of baseball, but when I do watch it or pay attention, I'm a huge Brewers fan, if that makes sense. If they are on, I'll root them on like no tomorrow. They were my first MLB game so I've stuck with them, even after trading my favorite players (which is a bit big for me seeing how I'm not huge into the game). Overall, I absolutely love going to games, but I really just struggle to stay entertained when watching it on tv. It's a game with a lot of downtime which is a real downer for tv.

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