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RCT and barfing

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I am a huge fan of RCT and RCT2 (Haven't seen 3 yet.)


Anyway, does anybody else notice the problem with food and nausea/vomiting? It seems like the little people are more likely to barf on a nauseating ride AFTER they've eaten. But personally, whenever I ride a coaster on a full stomach, there's no problem. It's only when I ride a coaster on an EMPTY stomach that I feel sick.


So the game is backwards.



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^ Sometimes true. But without getting into too much detail here what the body can do is throw up it's own made liquids (acids and such) So there really dosen't have to be actual "food" in your stomach in order for something to come up.

On each guest there is some sort of puke tolerance meter or something like that and I think that is what determines if the peep pukes or not. Heres an ex.


Peep 1: Eats a hotdog and rides Batman: The ride: He has a low puke tolerance. He sits down for a few minutes and thinks he's okay, but then he pukes.


Peep 2: Eats a hotdog and rides Batman: The ride: He has a high puke tolerance. He gets off the ride *He jumps up* "Batman: The ride was great!" *Heads towards Batman again*

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I read in the RCT3 Prima guide that the developers had to make the puke less graphic in order to attain an "E" rating from the ESRB...


Wow. I've always thought it's more comical than gross, actually. Unless it builds up because the *^%^&%$@# handymen don't pick it up!!


I have two handymen I call "floaters," meaning they're not assigned territory. If I see something askew, I'll use the claw and put one of them over there.

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this is also off topic, but how the fack does an information stall break down?


probably something that got into game code that was missed in the final touch stage of development. I've played the original Transport Tycoon and seen helicopters float. not sea based choppers since they don't exist in the original TT. and I've seen some weird crap in SC2000 as well....*rambles off-topic* Oops...my fault



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Uber revives thread




Rated T for excessive vomiting and or detailed vomit


It really matters on thier nausea tolerance level. Like if they have high tolerance then they don't puke as often.



I think it would more-or-less be E-10..


RCT and RCT2 where long before E10+, which was only introduced in early 2006

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