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Photo TR: Ohio State Fair Adventures

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On July 28, we decided to take the drive down to Columbus to check out the State Fair. Now, not being much of a fair person myself, I wasn't expecting much, but I was actually quite surprised by the event! Now, on to some pictures!


We were greeted with this awful news when we reached the fairgrounds... how awful! Oh well, we already drove two hours to get here, we might as well check out the rest of the fair, Selena Gomez or no Selena Gomez!


Avalanche. No rides today!


I told you it was called Avalanche!


I think that this was the world's fastest Ferris wheel.


Hey, look! A sky wheel!


Why do you have to be so damn photogenic?


A non-powered Dragon Wagon! New to me. But I wasn't about to plop down $22 to credit whore today.


I've got nothing.


Just your typical Wacky Worm.


Now, on to the segment called "You know you are at a fair when..."


... you have interesting T-shirts for sale...


...there are fat a$$ pumpkins...


... and outdated pieces of technology constitutes "art".




Whatever you do, DON'T eat the show nuts.


Creepiest. Smokey. EVAR. This thing would prey on the little children standing near it and call out their names until they fled away in tears.


When you leave the midway, you bump into this. It's actually very pretty in this corner of the fairgrounds, not just concrete and carnies.


A nicely-themed amphitheater that is prettier than anything at Cedar Point.


The Ohio State Fair is sponsored by BP.




Mr. Mustache guy says, "if you ever find yourself careening out of control on the highway, don't hit the race pigs."


See? Pretty!


So, you are probably thinking, "this is a fair! Where are the animals?" Well, your needs are about to be fulfilled.




This particular monkey show also contained pretty ladies and dogs.


Much more fearsome than Rafiki.


Oh, did you want FARM animals?


This cow is not *quite* as real as the last cow. It is made of SOLID BUTTER. An ACER's wet dream.


Daaaawwww... this cow is a BABY!




I will leave you with a picture of some sheep in a blanket. If there is any interest, I might add some more pictures later on today.

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Overall, a cool carnival. I just wish my local carnivals had any roller coaster even remotely as tall as Avalanche.


So that's where Holiday World's old Firecracker went. A bit off-topic, but were those the colors that the ride had while it operated at Holiday World? I've never been able to find a photo of the ride operating there.

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Here are a few more pictures of the fair:


Heading inside a pavillion now, we find the World of Purses.


No fair is complete without a ShamWow guy.


This computer might have been relevant in the 1980's...


I have no idea what these actually did other than smell good and light up.


The Other White Meat


July 28th was National Sleeping Pig Day.


Look how nice this is! You would never expect some of this stuff to be on a fairgrounds.



Those poor swans have to swim in the Central Ohio version of the Gulf.


Heading over to Carnival Food Alley...


... we run into this delicious artery clogger.


This high dive show was actually pretty decent.


This pirate was the most ridiculous pirate I have ever seen. Yes, that is a murse.


Aaaaand... the big jump.


We headed back to the midway for one last walkthrough before heading home.



Those carnies are just so clever with their rhyming words and whatnot.


Smokey the Bear says, "FEED ME CHILDREN" as Mr. Man offers up his daughter as a sacrifice.


Thanks for looking!

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No matter how cheesy ---


how could you possibly


pass up on a (Tomb of Doom) dark ride?


(thought I would ask)



EDIT to add cream puff looks OMG offensively enticing...

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Tomb of Doom did look pretty exciting, but we were on our way out and nobody had really felt like riding any rides that day anyway. Oh, well...


Fear the four, the Zipper was still there, being as terrifying as ever. It looks like I forgot to put up pictures of it and a few more flats...


Here's the Zipper!


And a typical Ring of Fire


Top Scans (especially these carnival models) still scare the crap out of me


This knockoff Spongebob fun house looked like it broke a couple of copyright laws. I guess carnies are above the law, though...


One last question... why is everyone in Ohio so obsessed with cornhole? I have lived here my entire life and I never found it to be so exciting that I needed to bring my board to the fair...

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One last question... why is everyone in Ohio so obsessed with cornhole? I have lived here my entire life and I never found it to be so exciting that I needed to bring my board to the fair...


Its is not just Ohio, people are pretty crazy for it right now in Virginia also. I enjoy it, it is a safer version of horseshoes especially if alcohol is involved.


Great trip report also, loved the pictures.

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The Cream Puff came from Schmidt's Sausage Haus in Columbus' German District. The suckers weighs a full pound, and is absolutely incredible. Just had one a few weeks ago when they came to the Cityfolk festival in Dayton, (about 30 min. North of King's Island).


If the restaurants name sounds familiar it may be from Food Network, and most recently Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food. Adam Richman visited SSH on his "Ohio" episode last season. I'm going next weekend, and I see another cream puff in my future!

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Its is not just Ohio, people are pretty crazy for it right now in Virginia also. I enjoy it, it is a safer version of horseshoes especially if alcohol is involved.


I now want to play cornhole by throwing horseshoes at it! They'd ricochet so nicely off the wood boards. Ping! FWING! CLANG!


Here in Iowa people call it "Bags" and that somehow ends up sounding just as dirty as cornhole.

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I got one of those creampuffs in my fridge right now waiting for me...


Schmidt's (spelling?) as an awesome place. The autobahn buffet they have is incredible! It was featured on Man vs. Food at one point, and has a loyal following. It gets busy!


I really like the place though... Parents went Sunday there for dinner and brought me home cream puff and sausages... They are heaven, for sure! I could pile a few of them away, im sure

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I went to the OH fair a couple of years ago, but didn't ride anything, and went like 6 years ago and rode a ton of stuff!! If you go, you have to hunt down the $1 hot dog stand. Always 1 or 2 there and so worth it. I remember the one building we nicknamed "As Seen On TV" showcase because they had every damn informercial product in their and would be demonstarting them all the time, quite the visual stimulus.


Did they still have the Chaos? I rode that a few years ago and it was on some kind of insane cycle, I can't remember ever being that dizzy off of one of those before.


Great pictures though, looks like fun!

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