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MARFleparks - Echenima Resort [RCT2]

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Minor-ish update. In case if you're wondering about the lack of Christmas-y stuff, let's just assume that this is before December.


For a first time in a long while, we'll be starting in Echenima Park. Here we suddenly have a burst of park-wide renovations just before the new year.


First off, to further tie-in to the opening land, Davisville, the entrance has gained an archway, in the style of a long-gone landmark of the land's namesake, as well as new gardens and planter to compliment the entry tunnel -




On the other side of the entrance, a the Guest Relations center has been more conveniently relocated to the front of the land in a new building that's also reminiscent of another landmark. Also, the main gift shop's facade has been repainted to a more earthly tone -




Going across the park, to Harbor Cove, the dark boat ride, Adventure in Harbor cove, has just went into routine refurbishment whilst some new construction is going on adjacent its show building -




A look at Steeplechase, just because. And yes, even live-performing stage shows do have breakdowns -




Over at the Studios, the story isn't much different; just slight renovations and changes before the new year.


First off, the elevated 'terrace' in the Falliday Lot has been replaced with an outdoor performance stage -




Across the park, in K9 Animation Village, the popular attraction Yukon Adventurehas recieved new, more authentic-looking 'sled' cars -




And finally, new pyro boxes have been added to the northeast corner of the park, in preparation for the New Year's Event -




Speaking of New Year's Eve, MARFleparks has released this announcement through the official blog as well as local news sources a few weeks ago. It details as follows -


Join us in our first annual Echenima Countdown Celebration!


Light up the sky in both Echenima Park and the K9-Falliday Studios as the resort counts down the last bits of 2011 with special shows, food and fireworks!


Both parks will be celebrating in their own way. In Echenima Park, we will flash back into the 20th century with a musical medley through the decades of light, water, fire, and about 100 performers on the lagoon. In the K9-Falliday Studios, a special parade, light, and fire extravaganza will look back into the year featuring a medley of the park's many past events. This is one celebration you cannot miss!


Best of all, the parks will be yours for the night! Both Echenima Park and the K9-Falliday Studios will close to the public by 6 PM. The celebration begins at 8 PM, with countdown shows beginning one-half hour prior to Midnight, with the park remaining open for you until 2 AM. Need not to worry if you plan on attending both parks - we will be counting down every night from December 26 to, of course, December 31st. Event tickets are separate from regular parks admission, and are $70 per person. Space is limited so buy them soon and join us in the Echenima Countdown Celebration!

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I see you all have problems with the overall look of the Yukon Adventure facade, particularly in regards to the choice of terrain and shrubbery. The choice was all within reason - the ride and surrounding area was based on a comic (this one to be exact). So, in an effort of immersion, I designed the facade on the overall location, and took cues from the actual concept art, hence the faux snow.


Anyways, now that we got that taken care of...



Mini-update time!



Happy New Year from the Echenima Resort! The countdown celebrations proved to have been a popular event, and the parks now in the process of renovating and prepping for the upcoming months.


Save for the previous picture (shot at Echenima Park), we will be focusing on the K9-Falliday Studios in this update.



In response to increased crowds from new additions and parades, 'side paths' have been added adjacent the major parade route -




Down at Camino, the area's facades are in the process of being remodeled into a more appealing 'art deco' feel -




Across the park, work on a new coaster and a 'Whimsical, Kid-friendly' area has begun -




And that should do it. I will be busy in the next couple of weeks, so expect the next update whenever I can. Thank you for keeping up with this!

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Um... it's still the resort o.o


Time again for a quick update!


First off, a new land has opened towards the back of the Studios. In an attempt to allow a more reliable place to meet K9 Animation's core characters, as well as to further promote the already family-friendly atmosphere, Pawprint Plaza was made.


Pawprint Plaza is a colorful little land, designed to look like something out of a cartoon. Rather small, this land contains three attractions:


* Lara Labyrinth - A dark ride based on the ever-popular Valleydog, is rather wacky within itself.

* Grand Carousel - Self explanatory

* Ladybird - a wild mini-coaster through a vineyard


Lara Labyrinth at center, Carousel right across:








In another part of the park, the space formerly occupied by Hollywood cab Has been replaced with a nice park, complete with a recreation of the Los Angeles Landmark - Angels' Flight. There are plans to expand this area, and perhaps add-in another attraction.




Meanwhile in Echenima Park, a stage has been built adjacent the showbuilding for Harbor Cove Adventure, designed for live performances by local groups and artists, as well as special park events.


Also in Harbor Cove, adjacent Adventure's show building, The Cannery has been shuttered with plans to replace it with a thrilling new attraction called Seismic 9.5, which will simulate an intense earthquake.




And that should do it. Until next time, hasta marfle!

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