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MARFleparks - Echenima Resort [RCT2]

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^ makes me wonder why you focused on incomplete steel structures and not the complete attraction next door or even the more holiday celebration.


Anyway... it surprises me that nobody, even those who downloaded the scenario a couple pages back, ever asked about what the colorful little float in the water storage area of Echenima Park was:



The float was part of a planned Fiesta Celebration posting that was to happen in mid-summer. The idea was that both parks would partake in a giant fiesta from two distinct regions (Latin for K9-Falliday Studios, Philippines for Echenima Park). Both parks would have had stands and various designs (photoshopped in, of course) to showcase said cultures. The studios would feature a Carnaval Parade, and Echenima would feature a MasKara interactive water show. The name (and inspiration) came from the MassKara Festival in Bacolod, Philippines - a festival featuring dancers in bright, colorful costumes and masks to boost morale during what was once a time of crisis. I actually saw this in person some years ago (lived in the city for a while) so I had to bring this into the parks. Needless to say, summer came and went, and nothing happened. So this little float has been left stationary (well, considering that it's just a collection of walls and paths... ) 'rusting' away, been put on auction, and had been sold to an ambiguous entertainment company.


So yeah, thought I'd point that out. Just something to tide you over before the next update. And I can guarantee you all, there's definitely gonna be some celebration going on... two, I should say...



...stay tuned...

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^What can I say? It's going to be a good book .


Really, though, this park is fantastic. I would NEVER have enough patience to build all these buildings in RCT2.


Thanks! And indeed. The main problem I have with that area is coming up with a good, fitting ride based on something that has yet to come out.



Your attention to every detail (even in the storyline) is just outstanding.



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Note: read the following, thank you:


Moving on...Let's see what's happening over in the Resort of Echenima!


First off, MARF, the parent company of MARFleparks, turned 25 on November 8th.In honor of this, the resort is will be commencing a year-long celebration that silently starts today and will officially 'kick-off' after the Holiday season.


What will this entail? New attractions and events for both parks. As K9 Animation is essentially MARF's origin, much of the anniversary celebration will be held in the Studios. Whereas for Echenima Park, there will be a different celebrational theme going on that will be announced in the new year. And it's not just the parks, even a newly-expanded core shopping center will reveal itself later on. After all, even the resort as a whole recently turned One.


But for now, everything is low-key and subtle, take this specially-made mural on the K9 animation center made as an anniversary gift:



As for the rest of the park, we are currently setting up for the holidays:



(those who can guess the inspiration for the tram's paint scheme gets a non-existent prize)



The artificial 90-foot Hollywood Hill, with artificial snow. Something you'll never see on the actual Hollywood Hills:



and yes, we're still in the process of applying faux-snow.



Over in Echenima Park, there's been a series of refurbs, removals, and construction...


To begin, Davisville Cinema has silently closed and roped-off to begin rapid remodeling. Plans are to replace the preview center that it currently is with an 'immersive, integrated animatronic film' that will relate to the oncoming celebration:



Speaking of theaters being taken apart, a new 4D film will be replacing the current one in Futura Dome. As such, bits of the exterior have been taken down. Here are some progress pics:



Early September Morning




November 5th, signs removed, steel structures being taken apart.



November 12th, plain dome left. Members of the old atari forum may get the reference on the Futura Center's signs.



Another 'attraction' that has ended in this park is Echenima Park's Nighttime spectacular - Pyroquatic Symphony. Plans are to replace the show by the new year with Starlight Carnival - a nighttime water and pyrotechnic show that will utilize 'advanced' fountain barges - currently being tested in Veja Mundo, 'cleaner' pyrotechnics, and approximately 5 million color-changing LEDs on the buildings surrounding the lake. One major change for this new show is a 'larger', more organic viewing area - the open grassy space (which shall be converted to artificial turf to prevent damage) in Central Cark will be accessible to guests shortly before showtime. Already changes are being made to accommodate this:

July 16:




November 10th, selected trees have been removed, to be replaced with planters for easy viewing:




Now, enough of the closures, we have a new attraction being built in the Pacific Northwest. Remember that Haunted House which was later bur- properly disposed of? Well, our MARFinvisionists are placing in a permanent attraction there. Like Watchtale, this one, too, will be an import from the Liverpool Resort:



and that should do it for now. Until next time, Hasta... well, you know


Adios! ^^

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I feel like doing this next update in a rather unique way (okay, it's been done before by others, but I've always wanted to do this), this update will be a two-parter (one for each park), written as a trip report from a guest's perspective. Photo-effects will be used to suggest the time of day (as well as weather). I hope you enjoy this 'unique' update, and that it might entice you to spend a week here in Echenima.


Also, you might want to read (repeat: READ, not look at pretty pics) previous updates (preferably the first page) before reading this one, as I will be making references to the past, and I know that some of you will either be completely lost or outright ignore these words.


Anyways, let the trip report begin!












The following is told from a guest's perspective












Greetings, Theme Park Reviewers! I just came back from the Echenima Resort, and boy do I have lots to say.


First off, arriving at Sacto international was... interesting, though I'll leave that for another time. The MARFlerail monorail shuttles were quite a convenience - I don't see why most people don't use it, I was practically the only person in my car. Seeing the farmland zoom by was nice, too. Shame I couldn't get any god pics.


(insert parts about the Vulpes Hotel and dinner here)


So, I woke up at 6:30 am. Unusually early for me while on vacation. Failing to go back to sleep, I figured I'd grab a quick breakfast and then head on my way to Echenima Park. However, I later found out that transport to either park did not begin for another hour (it was around 7:15 in the morning, and I just finished eating). Upon that time, I realized I left my camera in the room, and quickly rushed to grab it.


I finally entered Echenima Park at around 9:15, a few minutes after it opened. The crowds were surprisingly light. And speaking of lights, I couldn't help but eye the Christmas decorations placed around Davisville:




However, I quickly got a hold of myself, taking advantage of the near-emptiness of the park, boarded a Double-decker bus en route to Britannia, and made a B-line to James Bond. The queue was so empty, that I decided to pause and notice the details placed around the queue.



Bond was outright fun. I loved the sudden speed-up onto a pier before sharp-turning into the warehouse. But of course, the highlight was the gunbarrel finale that led into a sudden drop.


After that, I walked around Britannia, taking in the sights and sounds. Steeplechase had some technical problems, and I didn't care for a filmed tour of the United Kingdom, so I walked back to the square and entered the theatre to see 'A Christmas Carol Musical':



And I was impressed. It was quite a fun and hilarious take on the classic story, and I think I had the songs in my head for much of the day.


When I walked to Harbor Bay, the crowds were starting to pick up. I did manage to enjoy Storm Searchers, as well as the ice rink set up directly across:



Figuring I had my fill of the back part of the park, I took a boat to Davisville and headed to Futura. Along the way, fog suddenly rolled in as if it were a low-level cloud. It was very surreal. Nevertheless, I headed forth to Nova Voyager in the now crowded area:



And boy did I not expect that launch, nor the sudden inversions - I could not see a thing other than a few projections. I'm even not that fond of the onride photo they took.


I noticed the fog was beginning to slowly clear out, and walked along the Futura lake. I was shocked to see Futura Dome closed and empty. Though, I think they may be putting in something new in there. Speaking of new, that time-travel show - Watchtale - had its line stretch a bit outside the entrance:



I skipped it, simply because I had this feeling that the show wasn't worth the wait. I grabbed a quick lunch inside Futura Center, viewed some of the exhibits to pass the time, and headed out to Central Park (with the skies having finally cleared out) to wait for the Christmas parade. I could've sworn the entire park was waiting - there was hardly a spot:



Save for the extremely monotonous soundtrack, the Parade was fun to watch. The show stop felt a bit jarring with the upbeat music, though the dancers and acrobatics made up for it.


It was starting to get dark rather quickly by the time the parade ended (4:15 pm), I headed to the Pacific Northwest (by far my favorite are of the park) and went onto the Railroad, which became a lot more mysterious and, in my opinion, better at night:




Walking to catch one last ride on Pacific Kayaks before they close for the night, I noticed a new, somewhat rustic building along the way. The sign said 'Mystic Sur' (quite an odd name, imo) and a guide was standing right below it stating that the attraction won't open until the new year, while slightly interested, I rushed to the kayaks, only to have them rope-off the enterance right before I enter:



I did not go on Legend of Eureka. It was freezing, and I'm not going on anything that gets me wet in such cold weather. Who would? I could've sworn the people on the ride at the time were crazy.


Needless to say, I would rather have dinner at the Canid Cafe, which I did, and later staked out a spot for Echenima's Night show (I thought they stopped doing these in the fall, but park schedules say otherwise):



Christmas Symphony - as the show was called was beautiful and quite heartwarming. I loved how the pyrotechnics and fountains played around to Wintertime music. And the finale? Well, I'll just leave it to this:



Alas, the park closed as soon as the show ended, and I headed back to the hotel.


On the way, I could've sworn I saw Mr. Folf himself. Though I must have been seeing things given how tired I was.


That should do it for today. I shall be showing the K9-Falliday Studios next.







End Guest Trip report



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My god,dude you always make the coolest little shows,and also I love how you make the little paradas there so cool.Also I love that coaster and the lighthouse you made.GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP!!!

Thanks! ^^


Looked like a good day to go.


Indeed. Then again I'm one for xmas lights and fog.

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@CC9 Thanks!


@SETGO Simple, I used photoshop. If you look at the pics of Pacific Northwest, you'll see that there's not one lamp.



Here's something different to tide you over (by recycling an earlier pic), some trivia - first, find the streetcar:



Now, guess what transit system inspired the color scheme?



Expect the second part of the trip report to be ready before Xmas. Until then,


Hasta Luego!

Edited by Califolf
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Alrighty, time for conclusion!


To remind you all for this update:


this update will be a two-parter (one for each park), written as a trip report from a guest's perspective. Photo-effects will be used to suggest the time of day (as well as weather). I hope you enjoy this 'unique' update, and that it might entice you to spend a week here in Echenima.


Also, you might want to read previous updates (preferably the first page) before reading this one, as I will be making references to the past, and I know that some of you will either be completely lost or outright ignore these words.



And now, without further ado, here's part two of the report - the K9-Falliday Studios.




---- resume trip report -----



I woke up slightly later (by roughly an hour) the following day, slowing getting into my vacation sleep pattern, lol.


Anyways, I went to the lobby to grab some maps and schedules for K9-Falliday Studios, as well as request a Vulpes Wine Tour (I hear they give out free tastings at the end). To my surprise, there was an opening for the Wine Tour on the next day, and I gladly reserved that spot. As for the parks, there were signs posting today's schedules for both parks:


<--==Echenima Resort==-->

Operating hours and schedules for December 17, 2010:


Echenima Park


9:00 AM -10:00 PM


The Echenima Christmas Parade (on the streets of Echenima) - 4:00 PM

Christmas Symphony (on and above Echenima Lagoon) - 9:35 PM

No attractions closed today


K9-Falliday Studios

Due to a special event, K9-Falliday Studios will end its normal operations at 4:00 PM today. We apologize for the inconvenience. Park will open today at 8:30 AM


K9 Holiday Parade (Union Station to Eastdoor) - 11:40 AM

Winter Wonderland (Crossroads hub stage) - 3:00 PM

No attractions closed today

Filming will take place today on the lot


Interesting, I wonder what the event may be...


Around 8:30-ish (blame my slow, lax, wake-up routine), I grabbed a monorail ride to the Studios. While it was fast, it quickly became apparent how much of the resort was still farmland with trees haphazardly planted around in an attempt to cover it up.


I arrived at the park at around 8:50, and quickly caught by the illusion of light crowds, as well as the nice landscaping of the entrance plaza:




Indeed. I fell in love with the entrance of the Studios - there's just something of beauty to the Union Station-inspired facade. Either that, or maybe I was just carried away by the classic movie soundtracks playing in the background:




Once I entered, however, I started to doubt that the park was all that empty, but I love the little Christmas decorations that were put up:




In fact, it became rather apparent that the park was, indeed, crowded so early in the day:




Surprisingly, though, the park only looked crowded at the crossroads hub. My guess was that many guests were just clueless on where to go. As for me, I made a beeline to the Twist in a Tale in the K9 Village area, and it was pretty well-themed for a twister ride:




Right next door was a rather surprising ride - Massle's Trek. Sure, it may be a dark ride, but I seriously was not expecting it to be trackless. I'd say it's one of the don't-miss rides in the park:



After spending an hour going on the K9 Village dark rides, I went made wise choice of an early lunch (10:40 AM) at a popular restaurant - the Bendigo Grill. I picked an outdoor table not only because I like the open-air, but also because the patio gives a good view of the nearby construction:




And out of the blue, this appeared:



Amazing! It looks like the area is bound to open anytime soon!



Moving on, I headed over to Tinseltown:



Not bad. I'd say the highlight attraction was Movie Magic. I'm not gonna say why, though, so as to not spoil the show.


Another highlight was Mystique of Highland:



It wasn't listed on the maps, so it probably in soft opening. But the special effects for this coaster were pretty amazing.


'tis a shame a broke down towards the end of the ride, though...


Next door was another thrilling ride - Eastdoor - which also wins an award for best facade with fountains in my book:




Hot set was.... alright, though you gotta give MARF credit for pulling off a well-themed wild mouse:




The Falliday Studio tour was fun and interesting. It's great to see another studio that actually functions. Though, I doubt I saw any filming going on despite what that hotel sign stated:




A highlight, though, was when we went past the park's parade storage building. I think I saw a few floats that appear to be made specifically for the night:



I wonder if they're for the event later tonight.



Noticing the rush of time (2:30), I figured I look at the film experience walkthrough. Three words about that one: waste of time.


On a side note, I could've sworn the 'Filming today' board never changed its listings in months - it still show the same titles as it did on opening day:



Seeing the crowds pick up, around the crossroads hub once more, I curiously ran there, only to remember about the show. I quickly grabbed a seat and enjoyed a little bit of the Winter Wonderland, with very catchy music:



The show was like a cross between a typical theme park show and an extreme sports show. Quite entertaining, imo.


Alas, half-an-hour after the show, the park announced it was closing due to a special event, and we were ushered out. I did get a good picture of Hollywood Hill on my way out:



Later that night, while surfing the channels, I found out on the 'LiveParkCam' channel that the 'event' was just mere show and parade testing. I feel ripped off!


Anyways, that should do it. Until next time, seeya!



--- end report ----

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Bendigo Grill? I'd love to eat there! Glad to see that a certain "new area" finally nearing completion! Fantastic park, as always.


Side thought- will the Studios ever be available for download? I downloaded the other park and loved it. Your decision, of course. I'm not pushy.

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Bendigo Grill? I'd love to eat there! Glad to see that a certain "new area" finally nearing completion! Fantastic park, as always.


Side thought- will the Studios ever be available for download? I downloaded the other park and loved it. Your decision, of course. I'm not pushy.

Lol, thanks! Unique Aussie cuisine in that grill. As for a scenario? Probably not for a while - much of the map is still blank and incomplete.


Totally missed this update.

Again, I must say I'm insanely impress by how much detail and effort you put into every single update you post! It's amazing! And of coarse the parks in which you put effort into are awesome!


The new coaster is coming along great! And is that B&M track I see?


Thanks! And yes, that it B&M track. K9-Falliday Studios serves as a track storage area for the resort, so the track you see might not be for the Studios, might not even be for Echenima Park.




In fact, it might be for a whole new park altogether.

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Long time, time to check up on things! We're gonna be switching things up for today. Normally Resort updates will show Echenima Park first and then the K9-Falliday Studios. However, as the latter has been on a burst of construction, we shall be beginning with the Studios:



Yes, that is a functioning backlot, just to prove that this is more than just another movie park.



As was hinted at by a then-recent visitor (see previous two updates), the much-anticipated North Gaurd Section has opened:




Announced mid-summer of 2010 during MARFest, and having its construction long-halted until Winter, this sub-section, along with its attraction fills the (attendance and contractual) quota, with the hopes that it will draw more guests into the then-fledgling Studios.


Based on a fictitious film based on an actual comic, the main attraction - Yukon Adventure, starts off as a dark ride moving past black-lit settings around tight-curves before climaxing thru an outdoor run:



Jacob Crathan, head MARFinvisionist of the attraction, said that it was a "bit of a challenge trying to get timing of the scenes just right. We had experiment with controlling the speed and sled (nickname for the attraction's vehicles) length so that all everything is seen in full by the most number of people".


Indeed, Yukon, has the longest vehicle length of any attraction designed for MARFleparks - 5 sled-shaped 'cars'.


On opening day, just as expected, the attraction was a hit:



But wait, where are the crowds? That line is empty!



Alas, the short line is merely an illusion.



Moving on to the other end to another (intended) opening, in Tinseltown, Mystique of Highland. Recreating the Historic but long-gone Hollywood Hotel, this attraction utilizes LIMs and dark ride elements to create a unique experience:



However, after weeks of being soft-opened (it's not yet even marked on the maps), the attraction suffered from several technical problems, causing it to practically break down several times a day. Because of this, the attraction has been closed one day prior to its (now postponed) grand opening, for further inspection and repair.



Speaking of repair, we have spare track in the Studios:




We shall end of the Studios with a look at the Crossroads Hub:



Who doesn't enjoy a hub pic?



Moving on to Echenima Park, parade gates have been added to Harbor Cove, along with some path changes in anticipation for upcoming parkwide show:




In terms of subtle changes, Futura Dome has reopened with a new 4D show as well as a new, less-cluttered front:




And finally, Central Park flowers have been planted in time for a certain Holiday:




And that should do it fo- *gets a call* Pardon me for a sec...


Hello there! Hows it going?


What?! What do you mean he- Alrighty, shall we announce this now or wait until next time? Certainly. What about severance pa- oh right, he quit. Alright, hasta tu muerte!

*hangs up*

Sorry about that, where was I?


Oh right! Until next time, seeya!

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