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New 2011: Rainbow Magicland Themepark (near Rome - Italy)


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I've always been quite the fan of themed parks over "A bunch of rides on aspahlt parks" (AKA Cedar Point). This point is proven in parks like Busch Gardens, or Disney (two obvious examples). I always stand by sacrificing the coaster/ride count for additional entertainment, foilage, scenary, etc, etc. I think a park like this could be extremely successful. They should just keep ticket prices at a reasonable level until they have the necessary funds to expand (cough, cough Hard Rock/ Freestyle Park). Thus far, this place looks pretty sweet. Kudos!

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They did...It was called hard rock park.


Speaking of Hard Rock Park (Freestyle Music Park), doesn't that coaster in the 11th and 12th pictures look a lot like the Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane coaster with it's staggered lifts and helix(s).

It probably is. Eagles was just an off-the-shelf Vekoma mine train model that quite a few parks have installed already.



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You can find more information on the first 2 pages:


Outlet Fashion District + Theme Park + Hotels complex

The Integrated Tourism Center of Valmontone Rome is one of the most important multinational operation in Europe in the entertainment sector and will be cover a total area of 1,500,000 square meters.


The Integrated Tourism Center include:


  • - Outlet Fashion District
    - Theme park Rainbow MagicLand (600.000 sq.m.)
    - Resort with many hotels, golf club and swimming pools

The total investment is 500 million of Euros and, from 2012, it will offer employment for 4.000 people.

Source: Parchionline.it


The park is planed to open in 2011, so it sounds like they will finish the work of the Hotels and the outlet one year after the opening in 2012.

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Thanks for the info. Love theme park architecture. Looks like their park is quite ambitious. Great to see how they define family ride vs. kiddie ride. Really looks like they did strike a balance between high thrills vs. more all ages attractions quite well. They only thing I think they are missing is a 4D film attraction (like Shrek 4D etc.) that is pretty common in most theme parks. Is ice skating massively popular in Italy? I think it's the first time I've seen a park promote ice skating on this scale as part of the initial entertainment options.

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I’m italian and I live in Rome.


I want to give you other informations about Rainbow MagicLand park and Fashion District Valmontone Outlet.


Fashion District Valmontone Outlet now is open. It opened some years ago and it has 170 shops.


I take a photo in the Outlet with Rainbow MagicLand coaster:



Here a video -->


The Spill Water in the park, will have “Huntik” theme:



Here there is a X-Car coaster simulation:


Some hotels informations:


"Construction and management of three hotels included in the topics of Valmontone Integrated tourism resort, consisting of a theme park, a shopping center, camp facilities, a golf course, a convention center, a spa and sports facilities."


"The area of 17 hectares, will include:

• Traditional Hotel "Citadel" (4 stars) 57 000 cubic meters, 184 rooms and 9 suites

• Hotel Topic: "Castle" (4 / 5 stars) 123 000 cubic meters, 432 rooms

• Hotel with conference center and services, "Hamlet"; 40 000 mc,

150 rooms "


"Purchase price of land: 40 million.

• Citadel: 24 million

• "Castle": 55 million

• "Hamlet": 18 million


Total estimated cost: 165 million (including VAT, cost of private roads and land acquisition). "


If you want other informations you can ask me them!


Sorry for bad english!

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Sorry for the bad english ! ... must be your name, right ???


Now, seriously, you english is fine...and THANK YOU for the effort/informations and stuff...


Well...I`m totally looking forward to this...the park looks promising, especially theming-wise...but after watching the simulation of the launch coaster, my impression is : This thing will feel way too short. A VERY nice start/layout...but then it`s over quite fast. A littlebit more track would have been great, I guess...maybe NECESSARY to make this a VERY good coaster...but we`ll see...


But anyway...the whole project looks very good to me.




EDIT : Sorry for the bad english...

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Sorry for the bad english ! ... must be your name, right ???


No, no! This isn't my name!


About the x-car coaster, on the camelback (about 35 m) we will have 3 seconds of air-time!


On the Unofficial Facebook page there are new photos!


Ticket office





Restaurant. In Italian forum it has a nickname: "The church"


Alfea Castle construction site.


The Alfea Castle will be like this:


The park will be a little smaller then Gardaland (the biggest Italy's theme park), but it has a big expansion area!



The yellow area is the park, but this area isn't totally the park! There is an expansion area. The violet area is the Fashion District Valmontone Outlet. The blue areas are hotel's, golf's, convention center's and spa's areas!


Sorry for bad english!

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Wow - the view from the shoppin centre reminds me of something.... "Rip Ride Rockit" anyone?


Actually the ride looks cool. Still I find it kind of sad that they went for non-inverted inclined loop instead of the standing one at Universal Orlando which turns into the drop the other direction. Anyways: lets first ride it and then see...


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Hey Dibilele,


thank you for the great updates and information. Didn´t know, that this factory outlet is the parks outlet, looks interesting.


And before I forget, the bad english is my job, ok

Edited by Ledgy
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On 8 October 2010, we will can visit the Rainbow MagicLand construction site. The visit costs 40€! If you want visit the park, you have to register!


EAS 2010 Rome Registration Information:


EAS 2010 Rome will take place from 6 – 8 October at the Fiera Roma, Halls 3 and 5


Steps to a successful registration:


1. Complete contact information

2. Complete ticket purchase

3. Review basket of purchases

4. Complete payment information

5. Receive Confirmation of Registration


Exhibition Hall Hours

Wednesday 6. October 2010 11:00-18:00

Thursday 7. October 2010 11:00-18:00

Friday 8. October 2010 11:00-16:00


On Site Registration Hours

Wednesday 6. October 2010 8:30-18:00

Thursday 7. October 2010 8:30-18:00

Friday 8. October 2010 9:00-16:00


EAS Expo Registration Fees including 20% VAT

Expo (3 days) including Welcome Reception package €60

Expo Fee per day €20

Institute for Attractions Managers, IAAPA Member €474

Institute for Attractions Managers, Non Member €674

Tuesday Tour of Vatican Ticket €55

Wednesday Welcome Reception Ticket €35

Thursday Night Party €89

Tour of Rainbow Magic Land €40


EAS has a no refund policy for all badges and tickets purchased on line and on site at the Exhibition.


Please be sure to complete your purchase by adding your tickets to your basket and pay with your credit card.


If you wish to purchase tickets with a wire transfer as payment, please send your payment to:


EAS Registration

DEXIA Bank, Heusdendorp 3, 9070 Heusden, Belgium

Account 068-2413718-94

IBAN : BE87 0682 4137 1894 BIC (Swift Code): GKCCBEBB


Include information on name, company and number/type of purchased products and send copy of information to e-mail. Your registration will not be valid until the wire transfer has been received.


For questions regarding registration, please email eas@reftech.co.uk. Allow 24 hours for a response.



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On the Rainbow MagicLand Facebook Unofficial Page, there are new photos. The Maurer launched coaster isn't complete, because the park workers are working in the internal locals. They are installing the air conditioning systems, the sanitaries, the frames e the varied trim sizes.


Car park


Maurer launched coaster


The air conditioning system


And a park construction site satellite photo.


Sorry for bad english!

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Don't worry about your English, I understand most of what you wrote.


Thank goodness!


There are two new photos:


The grey steel structure at the bottom of photo is the Spill Water theme structure!


The red/brown roofs at the bottom of photo are the "Castello" (castle) restaurant roofs. The grey building on the left is the Maurer Launched Coaster station

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This park looks great! That main street looks VERY highly themed, although there does not seem to be a central theme and there are random snakes in buildings and things like that, but the theming looks great. This looks like a fine edition to Europe's awesome theme park collection!


Also, how does the element(the one closest in the foreground of the camrea) work? I see it invert into a barrel/zero g roll type thing, but I cant quite figure out where that element either starts or stops. If that is the end of the element then where do you initially invert seeing as the track already appears to be inverted before exiting the element. If thats the beginning of the element where does the inversion end? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Can these images help you??




The blue track is the camel back. The purple track is the Non-Inversion loop. The pink track is the curve. The green track is the middle track brakes. The brown track is the elic. The yellow track is the heart-line twist, and after that there is the end of the coaster. The baby-blue track is the station's and pre-launch's track.



Do you understand?? These images answered at your questions??

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