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Sorry this update got delayed...I couldn't get the post up before a weekend trip that included a stop at Pacific park, which has also inspired my second RCT2 Park which will be announced in the fall once Carlsbad Gardens is completed. (which will take 1 to 1 and 1/2 months to complete) Anyway, on to my BIGGEST UPDATE TO DATE!


It so happens that TWO rides are rising and falling at Carlsbad Gardens this season.


I give you the first of the Rise/Fall Attractions: The Twister, a Speed Racer coaster themed to being sucked into a twister.


For being so small, this ride packs quite a punch.


This ride is sure to send people running to our entrance!


I'm sure this ride will be a huge hit with families since the ride has a height requirement of 40" with an adult.


Also this season we added the Splashdown Cafe, complete with inside gardens and viewing platforms for Triple Drop Falls and....fences?


Hmmm, a water ride of some kind?


Ahhhh the classic Carlsbads Gardens Midway unchanged in every way...hey whats this in the bottom right hand corner!??


OMG ITS AN S&S COMBO TOWER!!! (davisal771 gets half a cookie)


Fearfall, the combo tower, has two upwards and two downwards launching towers and is sure to thrill guests and become an iconic ride in this park for years to come.


An overview of the park currently...I wonder what else I have planned. ;)


Move along, nothing to see here.......................I SAID MOVE! NOW!



Hope You Enjoyed! :)

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You thought Fearfall and Twister were huge? Wait till you see Carlsbad Gardens biggest invesment ever!


Twister and Fearfall raised park attendance 33% more than expected, so with all of this buzz about our new rides, what's next for Carlsbad Gardens?


Land Of Forgetten Time


This will be our biggest expansion ever! The area will take up almost a quarter of our land and will include:


Timeforce:A bold roller coaster taking you different periods of history


Backflash:An indoor roller coaster taking you back to the Big Bang and the Creation of the Universe


Journey To Pangea:A water ride taking you to the contient a Pangea


Galatiator:A twisting dueling roller coaster


Curse of the Pyramids: A darkride through the cursed tombs of mummies


Comming Soon


Ohhh I love the sound of this!

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What's Next For Carlsbad Gardens?


Anonymous Report


We all saw the teaser posted by Carlsbad Gardens about their big expansion yesterday...but...it didn't give away much about the rides themselves. After reading the teaser I did some digging of my own and found details of all the rides!


Journey To Pangea: This will be a Mack Supersplash with heavy terraforming and theming. It also has a short flume section before th chainlift.


Galatiator:A set of two B&M Inverts that duel inside a roman stadium. Expect light theming and high thrills.


Curse Of The Pyramids:An extremely heavily themed darkride with incredible special effects made by former Disney Imagineers!


BackflashObviously this ride was inspired by Space Mountian, but is way more themed. Near the begining there is an outside section where you can catch a glimpse of the rocket cars. Expect big drops and many surprises.


Timeforce:This is going to be the main atrraction of this area when it opens. I can't reveal much now...but...I wil say it is their third coaster from a well known company...


Thats all I know...wait....hmmm...whats...this?....Interesting...castles...coasters...area...master...plan...hmmm...


Ohhh uhh...this is nothing you need to know...so um..bye!


Articles are revealing a lot of this area!


Wonder what that guy was talking about...

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Judging by the quote there is going to be a pre-historic supersplash, two Roman themed B&M coasters, an Egyptian themed darkride, a SM-esque (Future?) themed coaster, and a time related coaster. Sounds like a history section being developed.

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Hello again everyone! It seems pieces of Journey To Pangea have begun to arrive on site and construction is well under way for the other rides as well.


I like the color! Also it seems more holes have been dug for the splashdown area by the Splashdown Cafe. Also, I've heard pieces of Backflash, Timeforce, and Galatiator have arrived on site along with numerous pieces of theming....still no word about what type of ride Timeforce will be...but its the third ride from its manufacturer at this park so...hmmmm...wonder what company it is...anyone know?

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I took a quick look around the park's newer attractions and was able to get a backstage tour of the new rides. Unfortunately, they only allowed a few pictures. On to the update:


Fearfall is a huge hit with guests...even with all 4 towers running the line can still be an hour long.


Twister is really popular with families, and since the ride has an extremely high capacity, there is almost always no line.


I believe the wait for Black Powder is always over an hour long even with the two trains running!


The splashdowns of the Splashdown Cafe...note the little Journey To Pangea teaser!


Mmmmm...B&M Dueling Goodness :)


Ahhh the pieces of Timeforce at long last...


Overall Progress

Journey To Pangea: Finished

Backflash: Finished

Galatiator: Finished

Curse Of The Pyramids: 50% (theming in progress)

Timeforce: 5% (ride track finished)


Can anyone guess what type of ride Timeforce is...look carefully...

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I am trying very hard not ot burst with excitement! They have finally revealed Timeforce's ride experience! And wait until you see what type of ride it is!




This ride is sure to thrill and amaze you from start to finish. You begin by entering an outside courtyard, leading into a swirling tunnel that takes you back to Pangea, Egypt, Rome, Middle Ages, the Present and a Future finale. The ride will feature an incredible 12 inversions that are taken at a moderate pace preventing sickness. The ride system will be provided by B&M Rides who have done two outstanding coasters in our park's past. The darkride elements will be provided by Sallycorp. This ride will set the record for most inversions and the record for the most fun!



YES YES YES YES OMG OMG OMG THIS IS AWESOME! Get ahold of yourself! Ahem, um I also have a small constrution update from Curse Of The Pyramids...so enjoy...omg omg omg omg is cool is awesome omg omg omg omg


Those former Imagineers sure know how to theme a ride!


I can't wait to try this darkride out!


More Timeforce pieces have begun to arrive...I await the final product.


Hope you enjoyed...next update may not be for a few days but keep your eyes peeled.

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Sorry to double post but I just wanted to let you know that either tonight or tomorrow will be when Land Of Lost Time is fully revealed.


Carlsbad Garden's next big project will be its final one (details soon) and then I will try and release a dowload if anyone is interested.

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Sorry to double post but I just wanted to let you know that either tonight or tomorrow will be when Land Of Lost Time is fully revealed.


Carlsbad Garden's next big project will be its final one (details soon) and then I will try and release a dowload if anyone is interested.


Can't wait!

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Our tour starts with Journey To Pangea, a highly themed MACK Supersplash, complete with drop into a waterfall tunnel with a bunny hop.The ride starts out by going through a tunnel, and enters the main section of the ride.


This looks like a great new water ride!


Take The Tunnel!


The mysterious Back Flash!


What could be inside?


It's Twisty!


It's a race/duel to the finish! (learned how to keep car in sync for 100% OF THE TIME)


You have gotta love that roman theming!


Many Twisted elements on Galatiator!




Curse of the Pyramids!


Amazing Theming!


Sure to be a hit!


Next Update: TIMEFORCE

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