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Look pretty good, but please mix-up the foliage!! I think it looks very bland having only 2 types of trees. Add some small shrubs and some kind of flower in there, and I think it will look 100% better. Keep it up!

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Sorry I wasn't able to post anything yesterday. It was my B-Day and I was at Universal Studios Holllywood the whole day. King Kong 360 3-D was epic!!


Well happy birthday!


Ditto d:


There is no need to rush these things, though.

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HELP!!! Guests are getting stuck in this one spot in front of Redwood Runner! They just walk back and forth but will not go anywhere else...they check the map...and they still get lost!!!!! HELP!!!


See the mass of people...they're stuck...I deleted the plaza but the problem presisted...Please Help!

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Hello everyone! I just recived an announcement from Carlsbad Gardens!


The Carlsbad Gardens Team is proud to announce the addition of our newest attraction. This thrill ride will stand 95 feet tall and provide mega thrills for guests. Since we are lite on money however, this ride may not be a roller coaster, but will still provide fun and thrills for the whole family.


Hmmm wonder what it could be......

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To fix the guest problem you need to build a hidden tunnel in the building or another near by building and bring it back out from underground on the other side of the obstruction inside of another building. Problem solved. Hidden tunnels are you best friend in wide path parks that are open to guests.


Is it going to be one of the little S&S shot towers?

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No one noticed the little hint I dropped in the press release...after reading this go back and look at the press release and you will see the hint I dropped.


Carlsbad Gardens is proud to announce the construction of its newest roller coaster, Project Theme. This Intamin Mega-Lite roller coaster is the first of its kind in the US and for only being 95 feet tall it packs quite a punch.


Enter the Project Theme Theming Contest!


Since I have not the slightest clue how to theme this ride...I've decided to make it a contest to see who can come up with the best theme for the Mega-Lite. Here are the finished ride screens.


Here is the finished Mega-Lite coaster in all its amazing glory.


The ride's best view.


Anyone have a theme idea yet???


The first drop and turn just like all Mega-Lites.


The ride is located in the Frontier Adventure section of the park.


Thats all for now...please help me come up with a theme for this amazing ride!

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Sure! It's a very cool coaster, so it needs a very cool theme to go with it!


How about a chase throughout a western town? A criminal does, well something, you could add Queue TV's to set up the storyline, then as the get on the coaster it's like they get on a horse, and it's a chase from the vigilantes? Or the riders could be the vigilantes....Forgive me, I'm thinking aloud here.


Also, I suggest you make the queues for your rides MUCH longer. It's not as realistic to have them so short!

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Hello Everyone! I took the western idea that was submitted and created:


Black Powder


The ride is themed to a group of criminals (you) robbing a bank and trying to escape using a black powder propulsion system in a bullet-like car. On your journey you will encounter high thrills, gunslinging sherrifs, the infamous gallows, ambushes, and much more! The ride's lift hill is capable a 12 mph speeds simulating a boot a acceleration.


BP's (heh heh heh) Media Day Photos:


Where could all of these people be headed???


Black Powder of course!


Another View


When the quests exit the bank and enter the outside portion of the queue they go around the saloon building, and re-enter the bank. Once back inside, guests are treated to a preshow inside the bank's lobby. After the preshow, riders enter the station, which is the bank's main vault.


AN overview of Black Powder (due to EXTREMELY large crowds, ie. 500 guests, the queue was extended for media day.



Hope you enjoy your ride on Carlsbad Garden's new coaster: Black Powder

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By the way, I have a suggestion to improve the supports on the corkscrews of great american eagle. Use Giga coaster track to go from the ground and up above the corkscrew. As soon as I find a picture, I'll post it.

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