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I'll be the first to say it, but I think this park, while we can all agree isn't "OMG THE GREATEST RCT2 PARK EVER", for a first park it's a hell of an effort. Also, I think it's quite appealing and easy on the eyes, but as mentioned above, you should add more trees and such Keep it up!

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Time For A BIG Update!


Mineshaft 13, the park's Intamin Woodie. Due to poor location and noise complaints, the ride may be removed. What do you guys think?


Mine Chute, the park's MACK Log Flume.


Another view of Mine Chute.


The park's Midway, which is still under construction and lacking a major attraction.


The park so far. As you can tell over on the right, I have started to place trees and more scenery. Hey wait a sec...what's that over on the left side?


Hmmmm...it looks like they've begun construction of something new...but what could it possibly be???


I leave you with that Teaser. Stay tuned for the press release tommorow.

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Hey guys! I managed to get ahold of the press release early for Carlsbad Garden's new coaster: The Great American Eagel


The Great American Eagel is a mix of old and new technology to create a truly memorable ride for guests. We (The CG Team) have contacted S & S Powers and they have agreed to build a new Arrow Corkscrew Style roller coaster named after the now destroyed Great American Scream Machine. This ride will have four classic Arrow inversions: Two Loops and Two Corkscrews. Many of the track pieces have begun to arrive on site as we speak.


They even included a picture of the pieces from the air!


Hmmmm...it looks like its also going to have a helix.



Stay tuned for Media Day tomorrow!

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Hello everyone! The Carlsbad Gardens Team sent me some pre opening photos of The Great American Eagel since Media Day is around the corner. They did tell me they were allowed to use "Great American" in the ride title as part of a previous deal with Six Flags to acquire ride plans for GASM.


Enough small talk! On to the photos!


Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you...The Great American Eagel.


Great American Eagel's Station was inspired by Viper's Station.


My personal favorite part of the ride: Corkscrew Gardens


The turn around followed by an airtime producing double-up.


Double-down followed by the Corkscrews and a helix.


Another view of Corkscrew Gardens



Stay Tuned for Great American Eagel's Media Day Photos!

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Its time! Great American Eagel's Media Day has arrived! The ride has been very well recieved by Theme Park Sites. The day kicked off with the first ride auction and then season pass holders had a chance to try this creature out! The day ended with a special night time ERT session for Theme Park Review Members. TPR seemed to enjoy this coaster and they approved of the new more comfortable train design with padded seats.


Media Day Photos:


Guests love this new ride!


The high capacity of this ride allowed the wait to be under two hours the whole day!


Note the new resturaunt called "The Big A Cafe".


Another full load of happy riders...hmmmm...do I spy Robb in the front? :)


Mine Chute got some new theming around the ride as part of GAE's opening.


Corkscrew Gardens was very popular with guests.


Hey! Look at this! The entire day we've focused on Great American Eagel, we didn't notice that they were moving in trees and..........coaster track!


This just gets better and better!

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The coaster layout and the surrounding area looks great!! However that station is a little too.. yellow.


I love the yellow station. Brings a little cheery brightness to the guests


Arrow suspended? If so, I APPROVE!

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The coaster layout and the surrounding area looks great!! However that station is a little too.. yellow.


I love the yellow station. Brings a little cheery brightness to the guests


Arrow suspended? If so, I APPROVE!


This area of the park is called Old America so...it focuses on older style rides...which means...you're right!

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Hey Guys! I have some exciting news for all of you Carlsbad Gardens Fans! I was able to get ahold of the press release for the newest attraction in the Old America section of the park!



Carlsbad Gardens is happy to report that next year, we will be opening a brand new attraction in our park's new Old America section. So far guests have been able to soar with eagels, and invert through gardens. Next season, Carlsbad Gardens will have you flying through trees and twisting through forests with the edition of a suspended swinging coaster designed by former members of Arrow Dynamics. The ride's name will be "Redwood Runner", named in honnor of America's redwood trees. Many small redwoods have been brought in from northern California to make the ride truly let you run through redwood trees.


In edition to Redwood Runner, there will be a new minigolf attraction named "Redwood Golf". Along with these two attractions will be new restroom facilities. These attractions and facilities will open together next season as part of our Celebrate America year of festivities. There is much more to come from Carlsbad Gardens and we hope to see you next season!


They also included the picture of the parts I took:


Can't wait to see how this turns out.

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Hello everyone! Redwood Runner's Media Day has arrived and every one is anxious to ride the park's second largest investment, the first being the park's GCI Woodie call Whirlwind Express.


Media Day Photos:


Redwood Runner's lodge inspired station. Note the cleverly hiiden bathrooms.


The other new attraction: Redwood Golf


Redwood Runner's first drop, airtime hill, helixes, and drops.


There are actually 3-4 different type of trees in this forest.


The second chain followed by Redwood Runner's signature move: The Vortex


The vortex move followed by another airtime hill and the brakes.


An overview of Redwood Runner's layout.


Thats it for now! Enjoy the photos!

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Just one thing that crossed my mind here:


Since you're making a realistic park, ther's a BIG problem with all those redwoods.

Because redwoods would never grow that tight since they are huge. if you've got wacky worlds,

you can see how big the rctsize redwoods are, and they go 2x2 squares.

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I love the layout of Redwood Runner! I just think that some terrain would fit well with the coaster. I love how it blends in with the trees, that's how I think a suspended should feel.

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