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PHOTO TR: Six Flags Over Mid America

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I'm starting to go to atleast one park a week, this week's park was another one new to me- Six Flags St. Louis! I was pretty excited to get to ride Boss, Mr. Freeze, and of course Evel Knievel, but I am SICK of driving on I-70! And to make it worst, I always drive the first part, Indianapolis to Effingham, thats the worst part! Well anyways, this drive was a little more interesting. The night before I left my mom gave me her credit card and ID to go get some McDonald's, I forgot to give it back to her and when we switched drivers I realized I still had it... I called her and let her know and she just told me to not lose it and I could spend some money on it.


Kinda hilarious, I got a text from a friend saying NOT to stop in East St. Louis because I'll get shot (he exaggerates alot!) and guess what happens? My friend's car's (we take turns using cars, Worlds of Fun we took mine) muffler starts scraping the road so we had to stop. And we just so happened to be in East St. Louis, we didn't get shot, in fact some drunk man fixed it! After that little incident we were off to the hotel since it was about 9PM. we wouldn't make it in time to SFSTL. Our hotel was kinda near St. Charles.


I'm not going to say every little thing that happened on the trip cause that'd be boring, but we got Jack in the Box and went to Walmart that night than woke up at like 7AM. the next morning. I drove from the hotel to Six Flags which was about 40 minutes. We got to the tolls around 9AM. and there wasn't a whole lot of cars. We got a really good parking spot and than waited for the park to open. Mitchell lost his pass so he paid $10 for a new one, and once the park opened, Zach and Aleesha got Six Flags passes since we still have more SF parks to go to.


We decided to go to Evel Knievel first than to Mr. Freeze and make our way to Batman (stopping at Boss, Tony Hawk, ect on the way). Mitchell was the only one in our group who has been to SFSTL before so he told us which seats were the best. He said on Evel Knievel to ride the front so we ended up getting the first train, front seat of the day. My first ride on Evel Knievel wasn't too good. Wasn't top 10, I liked Prowler/Thunderhead/Gwazi better. But later on in the day I rode in the back and WOW... I'll explain more later!


After EK, we wanted to go to Mr. Freeze since it was a Saturday we expected lines to be long. Nope, we walked straight to the very front seat of Mr. Freeze without waiting a single bit! The launch didn't seem 70mph. Flight of Fear seemed faster. I liked the top hat alot (very intense), and the turn around was very intense. The vertical spike was my favorite part though, not totally sure why. Backwards was even more intense. We got off and Aleesha hated it so Zach got off with her. Me and Mitchell rode again in the very back seat. It was a little rough, but still fun. I liked the front better.


Since we were in the area we rode Scooby Doo & The Scary Swamp. Honestly, I can't stand dark rides that you have to shoot stuff, I don't like that all the stuff is cardboard, and I hate how every dark ride is Scooby Doo!!!! I love Monster Mansion at SFOG though. Aleesha wanted to ride Xcalibur and so did I. Mitchell didn't like it his last visit but we got him to ride. I hated it. It was super force-ful, made me really dizzy. Like four seconds after the ride started I closed my eyes for the rest of the ride. I'm never riding one of those again!


Boss was our next coaster, and the coaster I was looking the most forward to of the park. The line wasn't too bad, but they only let people on one train until the line started to get long, they let people on the second, but never ran a third even though they easily could of since there was a 40 second period where no train was in the station. I rode in the second to last seat on the train and got 2 great pops of airtime from the big drop than the double down. I got a few small pops of airtime later in the ride, but the high turns were kinda boring, and the ride was extremely rough! I hear the colder it is, the smoother so I can't wait to come back on a cold day and ride! Oh yeah, I HATE this ride's queue line!


Tony Hawk's Big Spin was just right down the midway so it was our next credit. I just rode Spinning Dragons the week before and didn't like it, but Mitchell said this one offered a completely different experience even though it's a mirror image. He was right, its one of the most smooth coasters I've ever ridden! It had more spin to it than SD, and even had a moment or two of airtime! I can't wait to get to re-ride this!


Screamin' Eagle was the next coaster, it was kinda tricky to find the entrance. I thought I found it cause I saw a sign for it, but the wasn't it.... Anyways, once I finally found the entrance, the line was about 10 minutes. I rode in the front seat of the second car because on old woodies you usually get ejector air there. The train barley makes it down the drop, and it has hardly any airtime at all. The train shuffles as much as Timber Wolf at WoF also! Didn't care for it...


I wanted to ride Superman since I LOVE drop towers, but it had a full queue so we didn't ride... We went to Ninja next. I was kinda nervous for it since I've heard how horrible it is. Well in my opinion, those people could not be more wrong. I liked it alot. I rod in the second to last seat just like on all Arrow/Vekoma loopers, and got that amazing airtime on the drop! The loop made my almost grey out and the immelman type inversion was fun. As your coming out of that immelman type inversion, you get the best headchopper EVER... the chain guide. Wow, I've seen tons of POVs but never realized how close the train comes to it. Headchoppers have never fooled me, not even on SFOG's Ninja, but this one did! The rest of the ride wasn't as good but still not too bad! I'd love to re-ride this!


We than rode Batman: The Ride which had the longest line of the day, about 15 minutes (great for a Saturday in July!). This one is a mirror image so even the queue line was different. I've ridden SFGAm's which is my favorite Batman but I don't like it's queue too much. I've ridden SFOG's Batman which used to have the best queue line ever until they took out half the stuff, but the actual ride is my least favorite Batman, plus I hate the new colors! The St. Louis one looked the worst to me from photos, but in person I love how it looks! When Georgia's was all black, I didn't like it, but I love it on this one. I rode SFGAm's as yellow and black which was my favorite color for them but now I like all black on them. Wow, anyways about the ride! It was the smoothest out of all of them, but the least intense in my opinion. Georgia's is too intense and always gives me a headahce. Chicago's is pretty smooth and intense, so it's my favorite Batman!


The lats credit was Riverking Mine Train. We only had to wait 3 trains and rode in the back car. This was one of the classic mine trains with the super odd layouts. I rate most the other Arrow mine trains I've ridden above Riverking (Adventure Express, Carolina Goldrusher, Dahlonega Mine Train), except I like this one a little bit better than Cedar Creak Mine Train.


Since we got all the credits, we wanted to re-ride since it was only 4PM. The park was getting busier and it was in the 100's. We decided we should probably leave since we were all exhausted. But than we decided we wanted to ride Evel Knievel one last time. I was expecting a full queue, well no... The only people in the station were the ride opts! No line at all, so we decided we would marathon for a little bit. I rode in the back and fell in love. Back seat on EK has airtime that made me feel like I was on Voyage! The ride was so out of control and filled with airtime, it made it's way to #5 in my top 10! We ended up only getting to ride 5 times within less than an hour and for some reason we just didn't get back in line and we left the park.


I was sad to leave, but I wanted to go home soooo bad. I was exhausted. As we were walking out these girls were giving out tons of candy. I got like 5 bags of Sour Patch Kids and like 10 bags of Swedish Fish! I was glad because than I didn't have to buy any on the way home!


When I got home (at about 11PM.) I found out I had to wake up early the next day. I was kinda mad at first until I realized where we (my family and some friends) were going. We wen to White Rock! No one probably knows what that is, but it's this awesome quarry filled with water and you jump off cliffs into the water! They also have ropes, ziplines, scuba, ect.. And it's only 30 minutes from my house! I had no idea Indiana has stuff like this!


Now for the photos!


SFSTL has very nice landscaping throughout the park, but the best was outside the entrance


I liked the entrance


The six flags that make Six Flags?


Our first ride of the day!




I didn't take too many photo of it in the morning, but later the day I took some!


How original!


Wait... so is this Gotham City, or is Gotham City by Batman? You'd think they would build them next to eachother!


Scooby Doo




My first up close view of Mr. Freeze


A few not too good photos


My favorite part


I like the new colors much better!


I love this ride!


As of now, Mr. Freeze is my favorite Premier. I haven't rode Sky Rocket yet though.


It wasn't in this area, but we were all cracking up in line for Scooby because of the signs of the villians. Every single one of them was like "____ was last seen (doing something) in the swamp under the moonlight." EVERY single one was doing some strange thing in a swamp under the moonlight... lol


I love when parks have these! And SFSTL has two!






Airtime...? Nope, none here :(


Double helix of Gerstlauer trains


Boss is a very beautiful coaster.. too bad its kinda rough...


Somewhat overview of that side of the park


I took a photo that looks almost the exact same as this only it was Prowler! Wanna see...?


Well it looks a little different but still!


I hate Boss's logo, it looks like some dumb motorcycle gang logo


Ugliest trains ever


I like Boss's sign though, much different than the actual logo


I don't like when chains do this!




I went through this part sideways, it's weird getting sideways airtime!


I all the sudden need gum


This little area reminded me of SFGAm alot


"Hey guys we finally found it!" "Wait nevermind..."


I all the sudden want M&M's


Taken from Screamin' Eagle's station


Boss being bossy


NO airtime


The photo everyone takes


Low quality photo taken from Screamin' Eagle's station


I rode in the red train


This eagle looks like it's being choked


:( Didn't get to ride




Hurricane Harbor


HH again


EK from the train. I was on the wrong side of the train so I didn't get the best view


Neat fountain


Random shot


Batman here we come!


Actually we went to Ninja first, but I took some shots on the way


I have now ridden 7 B&M inverts, this is my 2nd. least favorite but I still love it!


Twisted Twins cars


I was going to take this shot, not move the camera, and take another when it was on the corkscrew and than edit it to seem like it was just 1 photo, but instead I did...




SFSTL had random things of water that cooled people off






I like these random drink things


Queue line


Lift hill supports


I swear I thought I saw a photo with a car right there


More cars


Neat view of the park


Graffiti stuff


*B&M roar*




Okay so I was on my way to Riverking and walked by this scene. An old man had this hose type thing and was spraying the people with it... I don't know what it was, but it was hilarious!


More things that SF has to help keep you cool!


I'm still shocked I liked this ride! I still hate the Ninja in Georgia though!


Best. Headchopper. Ever.




Future lockers... lol


I don't know if I like this shot better...


Or this one.


Random train


I wanna ride!


Wtf is that orange thing!


Didn't get to ride Colossus




Mitchell being weird




This part of the queue is weird


Dead man's turn... isn't that what this is called?


Kinda blurry




Alright alot of my photos came out bad :(


I like this view


This is a good view also




Back seat on this element has good airtime


Bye Batman!


The arch


Mitchell & the arch


Zach & St. Louis

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Nice trip report! Glad to see you liked the back of EK. I was surprised when you were told to ride the front cause I think the best ride is in the back. On Easter day, my wife and I rode it 21 times in a row!


And by the way, that big orange thing in Gossamer from Looney Tunes.

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nice TR. Your friend is right about East St Louis. It often tops the list of the most dangerous cities in the country, either before or behind the city of Camden, NJ which is close to me. The park looks nice, and being a premiere fanboy, i would love to get down there and ride Freeze.

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