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Photo TR: Magic Forest Park and Hoffman's Playland

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Two weeks ago, Cheryl, Lauren, and I went up to the Lake George region (upstate New York for those who aren't familiar with NY State) for some R&R while Lauren was visiting from Texas. We hit the Great Escape, of course, but saw some interesting stuff on the way home at two smaller parks, Magic Forest in Lake George and Hoffman's Playland in Albany, the state capital. We started at Magic Forest. Unfortunately, even after going back the next week, we were unable to catch the diving horse show, and I apologize for not getting pictures. You can read about Lightning The Diving Horse here.


Two shows are better than none.


Poor Santa needs a summer outfit.


This is the park's 47th season!


It's a beautiful little park with all kinds of weird statuary.


Speaking of statues...This one is holding up a turkey leg, I think.


Cheryl on Santa's knee.




This is more like it. Hello, Mr. Formal Cook Pig!


Representing the three major food groups are the famous trio, self-medicated hot dog man,


Belgian fries in Amsterdam man, and


last but not least, Mr. Pete.


Not sure why they're labeling Dutch children as Hansel and Gretel, who were German.


They had some one-of-a-kind kiddie rides here. I have no idea what this is.


This is a rarity, a kiddie-sized Tumble Bug ride. The only two adult-sized rides that operate are at Kennywood and Lake Conneaut. These were built by Harry Traver, designer of some of the wildest roller coasters ever, none of which survive today.


Now this really blew me away. Inside were unbelievable moving Disney dioramas...


Unfortunately my pictures don't do these justice. Each one had moving parts. It was incredible.






There were 9 dioramas in all, telling the entire Snow White story. I didn't ask the park about the display, but the collection is amazing and unique and worth the visit by itself.


Of course there's a credit, an Allan Herschell.


Some nice old-fashioned flats too.


Next stop was Latham, a suburb of Albany, for Hoffmann's Playland.


They had the very same Allan Herschell model! Herschell was better know for carousels. The factory was outside of Buffalo.


Station view.


Nice choo choo.


Two Jolly Caterpillars in the same day. I'd only ever seen these at Keansburg.


Nice collection of Lusse Auto Skooters.


Another unusual model.


The 1953 Herschell carousel was in nice shape.


The park received this ticket booth when it purchased the carousel. Thanks very much for coming along on our trip!

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We went to hoffman's playland last year, and theywere closed due to a rain shower that passed that morning.


We even called, and they said that they would be open.


Oh well, maybe will will get back out there sometime soon.

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For anyone planning to visit Hoffman's Playland, ride the bumper cars. These are Lusse models and not to be missed. Some insist they hit harder than Knoebels.


Martin - I was also amazed by the Snow White exhibit when I stopped by Magic Forest a couple of years ago.

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For anyone planning to visit Hoffman's Playland, ride the bumper cars. These are Lusse models and not to be missed. Some insist they hit harder than Knoebels.


They do, but I still prefer the layout of the track at Knoebels. I finally had the chance to ride them a couple weeks ago, and they did not disappoint.

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