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RCT3 - The Wrath Of Ra - [FINISHED]

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I like the screens. Its funny you released this, I'm currently working on a park based in Egypt on RCT3. Very interested in seeing what you do.


What CS packs are you using, if you don't mind me asking. I'd like to steal them for scenery

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Here's a kinda weird update. I had two originally planned but I just decided to post them together instead. So the last half of the pictures have more done in them than the first half. Any way... I got quite a lot done and I think the ride is turning out pretty well.

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I like the Drachen Fire esque drop! The entry (or exit, not sure which) into the cobra roll looks like its gonna be pretty rough though, even by RCT3 standards. Still though, love the detail!

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The Wrath of Ra is finished! Yay!


The Wrath of Ra is not suppose to be in "Egypt". It is suppose to be an Egyptian themed coaster that can go in any American theme park really. So sorry I didn't make that clear in my earlier posts. Also this is my very first Egyptian coaster and I'm not an expert on what Egypt looks like... so sorry if it totally sucks... Any way... now that the coaster is finished I just have to work on the POV. Btw does any one know where I could get some Egyptian sounding music? If I can't find any well... idk what I'm gonna do about the Pov.













Here's the POV.


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