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Pic of the Meteor monorail roller coaster

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I was just zipping around surfing the web and I found a picture from 1967 of the Meteor roller coaster that used to exist in Wildwood, NJ. A company is selling it, so I will not post it here, as I do not own the picture, but here is the link to the page on amazon if you'd like to look at this rare coaster. Quite cool actually. It's item #44. Enjoy. Oh, and has anyone here ever ridden it?


(EDIT, oops, thanks so much Capatalize, I guess as they add items, it changes item number!)






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How did a coaster like that slip past my radar? I haven't seen anything like it.


I had only seen one very small picture of this coaster before with a close up of the train. I love this picture because it shows most of the ride. It started out at Freedom Land USA, and then went to Wildwood to the Sportland Peir. Sportland Pier had a Gallaxy later on by the same name. Here's the info I found at rcdb.com:




It's a very unique coaster, and one of the earliest steel coasters if it was around in 1957...I also have seen a picture in Robert Coker's Book that shows a steel coaster from the same time period of a similar type coaster that ran on a triangular track. But Matterhorn at Disneyland is still the first tubular steel track coaster from what I can determine, coming along in 1959.


I wonder how it rode? Looks like it would be fairly smooth, but who knows?

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