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NEW 2011 - X-Car Bayern Park Germany

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The German Theme Park "Bayern Park" (Bavarian Park) get in 2011 a new X-Car LSM Launch Coster by Maurer & Söhne. The name off the new coaster is "Freischütz".

The coaster have 7 (ore more) elements. (inside top had)


There are some informations and Photos of the Bayern Park.


At the moment the Park have:


Zierer Tivoli - Small

Zierer Tivoli - New

Butterfly (outdoor)

Butterfly (indoor)

Log Flume

River Rapids Slide


There you can see all attractions: www.bayern-park.de/content/01_attraktionen/01_park_uebersicht_001.htm


I thinks that´s the right step for this small TP.

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They opened their building blog http://www.bayern-park-coaster-blog.de/, every week they will reveal more elements of this coaster till september the 12th. The building starts on september the 9th. Here is the actual picture:


source: http://www.bayern-park-coaster-blog.de/


They even have some records on this coaster! It`s Germanys coaster with the most rollover elements and it has the most rollover elements on a launched coaster worldwide... if it`s true what the parks ad campaign said.

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So...a little update on this one :


-- The track lengh of this "cute" launch coaster will be 483 meters.

-- The only straight piece of track will be the final brakes/station

-- It will offer more upside-down elements per meter than any other coaster in the world...at least 6 times !

-- It will provide (first element after the launch) an inverted Tophat, a heartlineroll, a loop and a halfpipe.


All informations were released on the parks consruction side. The whole layout will be released on September 12.


A nice "side effect" of this addition will be the fact that Bayern Park is quite close to Munich...which makes it a nice side trip for those visiting Oktoberfest...



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Looking at the layout...this thing might be EXTREMELY intense ! Four classic inversions plus three "upside-down" Elements (at least that`s how the park calls them...looks like three overbanks) and it`s only 483 meters of track. Looking forward to that...



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Great step for this well-run, beautiful and neat little park.


The name and story are from an opera with quite a dramatic background. Well-chosen for this ever-so-Bavarian park!


The ride has an essential Novelty: the magnetic launch will also be used for the breaking at the end which means that the car will race through the station and slowly reverse back in. The park already said that a second launch would be possible meaning a repeat ride twice through the structure on slow days. IF there are any slow days: the ride only has one train with two x-cars.


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Wow those are some sick wheels, I'm suprised they weren't used on HRRR.


I wonder what powers them or are they charged by the wheels spinning,how long do they last, can they be used on other companies coasters.


I've always been fasinated by pretty lights lol, glow in the dark, black light, amusement parks/fairs at night so these are awesome to me. I'd love to see these on a huge fast coaster like MF

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I saw this at EAS in Rome and I think that the guy told me that they where powered by the spinning itself. I'd love to see them on the one in Rome too.


Heres the thing...What if the coaster slowed down? Then they wouldn't be lit.


Considering the whole point of the effect, I don't think it matters that the lights aren't on when the wheels aren't spinning.

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