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Worlds of Happiness [RCT2]

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[These are my first parks on TPR and I have improved a lot since the first time I saw this forum. I actually found TPR by looking for cool RCT2 parks. I cannot believe some of the effort you guys put into your parks. Anyways...


After a long break from RCT2 I finally booted up the old computer to see the parks that were collecting dust. I found these three parks and I decided that I would probably continue working on just one of them. Of course, if I do get bored, I could just switch parks. The oldest of the three is a small old-fashioned park named Moonlight Gardens. It is a timeline park that began in 1960 and I left it at 1998. There is still about half of a map to continue progress. The second park is Six Flags Over Kansas. I built it to be non-operational but I hated seeing the park empty so right now it is pretty much all torn up awaitng to have guests fill it up once again. It is also a timeline park but it began in 2000 so I might just make it a regular park that I expand. Sadly, there is not much room to expand unless I tear down the forest which is really the only calm part of the park. There is also a lot of touching up to be done. My last park which was the one I was working on when I left RCT2 is Cedar Fair's very on Worlds Of Happiness. It features some pretty good coasters which I just plopped down and started building around them. I won't be able to expand because I already have the coasters placed throughout the map. The park is fully operational and is pretty well maintained, except for some reason I have a low rating.


Here are some pics of Moonlight Gardens.


Here is the park when it started out. It featured a Darkride and a few flats.


This was the park's first coaster. It is a small wooden coaster that actually still delivers some good pops of airtime.


The park added two coasters in the mid-70's. One of them was a traditional out and back wooden coaster.


The other coaster was a small Arrow looping coaster. It was one of the first modern looping coasters.


In the late 80's, the park added the biggest and still baddest ride in the park today.


It features a stunning 7 inversions, including three vertical loops, two corkscrews and a batwing.


The park added a kids area and an Arrow suspended coaster in the late 80's and early 90's.


The right side of the park, dominated by Blue Thunder, got the most respect in the last ten years, adding two coasters and a couple of flats.


That basically is most of the park minus a Giant Flume, a First Gen. Intamin Freefall (not hacked or CFR), and a few other flats. I'll post SFOK within the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy!

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This park is great, so don't subordinate yourself. What I do like the most is the whole flow of the park. It screams realism to me, and that I like.


The arrow suspender looks good, and good use to make some nice custom supports.


Also, my only advice is to watch how many support towers you use. The Arrow mega looper is hidden in the supports, so it just looks bad to the eyes, from this veiw at least.



And keep it up Cavs Fan, you have a great looking park here!

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djbrcace- Thanks and I'll try to cut back on the supports next time.

GaryGb- You bet it is based off of Shockwave. Haha.

Tezee- I actually agree with you. I'll try to keep that to a minimum from now on.

Pingu- Thanks. I didn't think that I could post my parks until I realized that I had a flashdrive.


Here it is. Six Flags over Kansas. I actually found out that this was the first of the three parks made that I will be posting. Therefore, I needed to do a little touching up before I presented it. Some areas I really don't like and need to be completely redone. My main goal on this one is to make the park look nicer and get guests coming back into the gates.


I also made this park way before I went to a Six Flags park so I really did not know the atmosphere.



Here is the main street... sort of. For some reason I didn't get a picture of the main entrance.


To the right of the Main Street is Movietown, and the former site of Chiller and Bugs Bunny world.


They have since been replaced by Looney Tunes World, a Vekoma Boomerang, and a flower bed. This was done before I came back to RCT2.


Unlike other Six Flags parks, the city of Gotham is a lot smaller than the city of Metropolis. Here is the small city of Gotham featuring a carnival ride, a Chance(?) Chaos and a poor recreation of Batman: The Ride.


Superman: Krypton Chaos is one of three coasters in Metropolis. S:KC is an early, and themed, B&M Dive coaster.


Power Surge, a Premier launched coaster, was placed before Metropolis became, well, Metropolis. Sadly, the coaster could not live up to its hype and suffered from downtime. The coaster was soon re-tracked and re-themed to fit the Superman theme.


You guessed it. Power Surge was complete redone. It now sports fire, water, and audio effects. Bizarro also now suffers from Intamin downtime.


This shot also shows an overview of the Movietown area including Superman: Ride of Steel.


The back of the park includes Goliath, a B&M Floorless coaster based off of Time Machine, The Blue Bullet, a GCI wooden coaster, and ErUPtion, a single S&S tower. Also seen in this photo is some space to develop.


Here is a front view of The Blue Bullet. A train full of invisible peeps winds down the S-shaped hill.


The back left corner of the park is entirely devoted to water rides. It also features a Huss Topspin. Let me tell you first, you WILL get wet on this ride.


After you walk through the woods, you come back to the front. This plot of land includes the Kansas Cyclone and Starburst, a B&M flyer sponsored by Starburst. This is the part of the park that is probably going to see the most work.


Worlds of Happiness (how original) is coming up next. Hope you enjoy

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They all look very nice, it's like you get better as they go. So I am a bit confused are you done with the parks and moving on to new ones or are you still working on them all? If they are stopping points I would love to see them in person.

So glad you decided to join the fun and post your work!

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Here is the last park that I will be showing you. Worlds of Happiness. I was originally going to build the park present day and then work backwards in time for about ten years. Right now I'm not exactly sure what to do with the park.


If this park was real, it would probably be one of CF's better parks. I also believe that this is the best park I have ever made in RCT2. Here are some general pics of the park that I took a while back.



Since I was too lazy to build a main entrance, I decided to just start off with the midway. I based it off of Cedar Point's midway.


If you take the first right off of the midway, you will be able to access Nightclaw, a B&M Invert, a classic wooden coaster named Thunderbird, and a double S&S Tower.


If you continue up the midway you will come across a GCI named Twister, and Possessed, an Intamin Impulse.


Taking a right will lead you to an Indoor Bobsled coaster called Avalanche Rescue. During the ride, you will attempt to save visitors from an avalanche on Mt. Kinzel.


Just across the way is the parks B&M Hyper VertiGo.


Eventually you will make it into the Western Themed section of the park which includes Steel Bull, an Arrow Suspended coaster.


Last but not least is Fire Stallion, an Intamin Wooden coaster.


Fire Stallion in action.


Well, that's all of the parks. I'll put up a poll for you guys to decide which one I should continue. I will admit that I lose interest easily and it takes me a long time to finish up parts of the park.


Hope you enjoyed it Choose wisely.

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I put up a poll for five days. Also, if you want to see more of any of the parks and how much room is left, feel free to ask.


djbrcace- Haha. I was actually going to make it a S:UF but I got lazy and didn't want to theme it.


ajc- I'll be sure to do so.


dmaxsba- Thanks. I am almost done with all of them in terms of filling up the map and I am letting you guys decide which one I should continue to post.


Pingu- Dude, my flume takes place in Kinzel River. Oh, and spellcheck didn't pick that one mistake up.


Pizza- Thanks. I do have a lot of room but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After a long delay, I have finally found my flash drive and the urge to post an update. As seen by the poll, Worlds of Happiness has dominated the two other parks. I will say that I did do some work on Moonlight Gardens and I plan on posting that when or if I finish this. Time for a little tour of the park.




Since there is no real entrance, you are introduced by a Merry-Go-Round and a few shops including the new Donut Time. Here you can purchase the morning coffee and some donuts. Bring your computer. It has free WiFi.


Walking up the midway and taking a right will lead you to Nightclaw (above), Thunderbird, Detonator, and Hurricane Hannah's Beach Bar.


Nightclaw dominates the midway with its 120+ foot drop. You will encounter speeds of over 60 miles per hour and 5 inversions on your flight.

Note the transfer track. Designers of the ride thought that they had more space to work with.


Nigthclaw's layout.


Thunderbird is the parks oldest coaster and still is a fan favorite. This old PTC Wooden Coaster is loaded with airtime and exceeds speeds of 50 miles per hour!


None of these people are in their seats!


The Thunderbird flies through the turnaround.


The last in the area is Detonator. Detonator stands 200 feet tall over the right side of the park. Chose to get blasted up 170 feet or to get shot down 170 feet. Either way, you'll have fun.


Hope you enjoyed it. The left side of the midway is coming up next.

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This is nice; however, I think you're cluttering the paths with lampost and such. Yes, I can see you have one wide paths in there, but at least put the lampost on the sides, as where they are now, they're out of place.


The Invert and the Wooden coaster look great, and I espically adore that Power Tower you have made.


Sorry to nitpick, but I think the park would look a lot better with what I suggested.


Keep it up, though, as this has potential to become something solendid indeed!

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braztaz- Thanks! Is there anything I can do to get rid of the supports?

djbrcace- I tried to clean up the park a bit since I read that comment. You won't see it in the pictures but I did remove some of the trashcans/most lights/ a few benches from the 1-wide paths.

stoksy- Yeah I noticed that too. I'll see what I can do.

GaryGB- Haha, sorry, but this isn't Knoebels.



We continue the tour to the left side of the midway and the bit before the southwest themed section.



Possessed is the parks only launching coaster. It is the average Intamin Impulse.


Twister is an average GCI wooden coaster. It was GCI's second coaster.


Although Twister has gotten a little rough over the years, the Millennium Flyers still make for a good ride.


Twister has a vert twisty layout.


The parks tallest ride is VertiGo, a B&M hyper. It is the fastest B&M hyper to date.



The other coaster is Avalanche Rescue but that was already shown earlier.


Hope you enjoyed it.

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If I remember correctly, just place a building block on the area you want to get rid of a support, then lower the land.


Or you lower the land, put the building block, then raise the land.


Well...now I'm confused.


Great new update, though! The station for VertiGo looks really neat.

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Continuing the tour...




Steel Bull is one of the newer Arrow Suspended coasters but probably one of the worst taken care of. It's future is undecided. It did get a new paint job 2 years ago though.


Fire Stallion is the highly ranked Intamin Wooden coaster at WoH. Standing at 175 feet tall, it is one of the worlds tallest wooden coasters. It is currently sporting some new B&M wooden coaster trains because B&M is working on a wooden coaster division.


Wild West Grille is the parks most popular food place.


Tumbleweed is the parks newest coaster.


Steamhorse is hidden beneath the supports of Fire Stallion. It may be a kiddy coaster, but those head choppers still result in a scary ride.

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Moving on to the next section of the park...


Barracuda is a classic arrow looper over a lake.


The compact, yet thrilling, Barracuda.


Barracuda's signature element is the corkscrew over pool full of barracudas. (Not really)


Besides the small skyride, this train is the only other form of transportation in the park.

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