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Death in Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid

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Entire article, if link doesn't work:


August 15, 2005

Man dies on Warner Bros. ride in Spain


By Pamela Rolfe of the Hollywood Reporter


MADRID -- A 23-year-old Spanish man was killed at the Madrid-based Warner Bros. theme park Saturday after he forced his way out of a security harness and hit his head as he got out of his cart on the Haunted Hotel ride.



According to a statement released late Saturday by the park, the death was not "caused by a mechanical failure" but as a direct consequence of escaping the security bars and a hit to the head caused by the movement of the attraction.


The 3-year-old ride, in which the cart rocks back and forth and proceeds along a track while the walls around the passengers move to scare them, was sealed for the police investigation.


The park's emergency personnel applied first aid until paramedics arrived. The man, in critical condition, was taken by helicopter to a hospital, where he died.


The park, which opened three years ago, revamped its design this season in an effort to bolster its poor performance of previous years.


In November, it broke its 99-year management contract with Six Flags and opted for self-management, continuing its licensing agreement with Warner Bros., which maintains a 4% stake.


At the time the decision was made, the park was weighed down by debt of 32 million euros -- in part because the number of visitors (1.1 million in 2004) was less than 50% of the expected entrances.


According to a spokesperson for the park, this summer has seen more visitors than ever before, but no figures were available.



Ok now this guys deserves the idiot of the year award!


Katie, who feels sorry for the guy, but really wants to laugh at the stupidity.

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Are they as sue happy in Spain as they are here?


If so, the park should countersue for having to waste their time on an investigation when it's obvious the guy did it to himself because...well...I don't want to use the "he's an idiot" logic, but clearly the dumb idea filter in his frontal lobe needed an upgrade.

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^ I'm sorry but I don't buy that argument.


If he was terrified of the ride he would have never gotten on it.


It's like that guy that was on an invert and slipped his way out of the restraints.


People don't get out of a moving ride because they are scared of the ride. If he was scared of rides I doubt he would have been on it to begin with.


Or take the case of the woman that died at Holiday World. Why in the world would you take your seatbelt off and stand up on a coaster?

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If he was terrified of the ride he would have never gotten on it.


I have been on that ride and its impossible to know what kinda ride it is from the outside. Atleast I didnt notice anything that said what kinda ride it was when I was there 2 years ago. I thought it was a haunted house walkthrough.

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