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Photo TR: Worlds of Fun!

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So like just about all my trips, it starts out with me on my way somewhere and getting a text from my friend Zach. I just got my car fixed and he asked if I want to go to Kings Island. I said sure and drove to his house. Once I got there we left for Kings Island. Being a Thursday it was a little busy. We rode... all in about four hours (we got there around 6)


Diamondback: 2

Crypt: 1

Beast: 1

Boo Blasters: 1

Racer: 1

Adventure Express: 1

Top Gun: 1

Face/Off: 1


Once we got back home around midnight we decided we want to go to a park the next day and Saturday. We didn't know where though. We considered Michigan's Adventure again, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags St. Louis, Worlds of Fun, and Cedar Point. We didn't decided until the next morning though.


We needed a car to use since Zach's car isn't the most reliable and I'm not allowed to drive my car more than 2 hours since it just got fixed and we wouldn't want anything to happen to it. So we called my cousin Mitchell and he didn't answer. I drove to his house and made him take home his girlfriend and come to Zachs. Within a few hours we were back at Zachs and went to sleep.


The next morning we woke up around 9AM. We still didn't know where to go. Mitchell said his muffler is going to fall off any mile so we can't use his car. I decided to just ask my dad if I could drive mine. He said yeah so now we had to decide where to go! We all agreed Worlds of Fun since it's new to all of us and only 9 hours away. So it was off to WoF! We left around 11AM.


I drove from Indianapolis to Effingham, Illinois. Zach drove from there until St. Charles (West of St. Louis). We stopped and got my favorite food, Jack in the Box! After a quick meal we got back into the car, it was supposed to be Mitchell's turn, but.. my car wouldn't start. I freaked out but we tried again and it started thankfully! I decided I'd drive again. I planned on only driving to Columbia Missouri, but ended up driving the whole entire rest of the way because my brake light came on meaning my brakes are going out.


When we got to Independence, Missouri, we got stuck in some traffic. Luckily I-435 was just ahead so it was a matter of minutes until I got out of traffic. I've heard Worlds of Fun has one of the best skylines ever. Well.. so true! Your just driving in the city and you crest a hill than BAM- You see Worlds of Fun!


It was storming as we arrived, so nothing was open but we waited through the storm and rode Prowler! Here is what I thought of it:


My first ride was in the very back, I thought it'd be best there but I was wrong. The ride doesn't have any airtime in the back seat, but is still an amazing coaster. Very intense and out of control. I seriously think the ride only loses maybe 5mph. from the first drop until the brake run! My next ride was in the very front at night. Wow, the front was so much better! Still didn't have much airtime, but it was more intense. Plus being night, the ride is 10 times better! I love how the lift hill and first hill are lit up and than you drop to the on ride photo which blinds you, than you re-gain your vision and it's all dark! This is a front seat ride, and a night ride! Overall it ranks #6 in my top 10 woodies!


After Prowler we went to Mamba where it was closed. We waited about ten minutes than it opened, than we had to wait in the 30 minute queue. I rode in the second row. The front didn't have as much airtime as the back, but the airtime it has was better. And the helix wasn't too intense. Than the next day I rode back, the back had alot more air, but not as good air. The helix was more intense in the back, I actually greyed out. Overall I loved Mamba, I rank it above Diamondback!


After Mamba we rode Timber Wolf. I've always heard horrible things about this coaster. I'll admit it was rough, but not to the point where it's hard to ride. I actually liked it. I rode in the second to back both times and got an alright amount of airtime. Not a top 10, not a top 20, but overall an alright woodie!


Next was Patriot! I wasn't expecting too much from this B&M invert, but to my surprise, it's now my favorite B&M invert (I've only ridden 2 Batmans, Raptor, Montu, and Afterburn), and ranks as #4 in my top 10 steel! I rode in the front first and the drop was average along with the loop. The Zero-G-roll seemed better than usual, and I love immelmans, the helix was forceful and fun, the hill over the station had a tiny bit of airtime, the corkscrew was taken so smooth and was one of my favorite parts of the ride, the last helix was more forceful than the first, and the transition from the helix to the brake run had a pop of airtime, especially if you sat on the left side of a train. The back wasn't as good, I'll leave it as that.


We went back to Prowler and got a night ride, than stopped at Boomerang to get our credit. Maybe I can handle extreme roughness, but I didn't think Boomerang was bad! Not a good coaster, but I didn't hit my head once. Anyways, after that we went to Detonator which was about average. I still don't know why the tower is tall but they stop the actual ride half way...


We decided to end out night on Patriot. We ended up having time for another ride. We decided to get Spinning Dragons out of the way since it'd have an even longer line the next day. I didn't like it. It gave me a small headache, and the restraints suck. We got off at about 10:57PM. so we could ride Patriot one last time! What a way to end the night!


So now we had a problem... where are we going to sleep...? We knew we'd be sleeping in my car, but we didn't know where. We went to a hotel just across the street. Some how everyone else fell asleep before me even though I didn't go to sleep til' 4AM. the night before, I woke up at 9AM. and drove almost the whole way. About an hour after we parked, I finally fell asleep. Than I heard knocking on my window. It was a security guard. I guess you can't park in parking lots and sleep. So we had to leave. I heard your allowed to park in Walmar parking lots and sleep there so I drove there. Throughout the night I could hear people walk up to my car and park next to me, kinda scary. I'd fall asleep for a while but soon wake up to something. Around 8AM. I saw a security guard walk towards my car. I rolled down the windows and told him we drove from Indy and are going to Worlds of Fun again in a few hours. He said thats cool and somewhat didn't believe that we drove 9 hours for WoF. I showed him my license plate, my lanyard that hangs from my mirror, and a stick on my bumper, that was enough for him to realize I'm a coaster enthusiast and will drive 9 hours on little sleep for a few coasters, than sleep in my car on a humid hot night! He said it's alright if we want to go back to sleep, he was just making sure we weren't doing anything bad. I decided to just go to McDonalds in the parking lot and get some breakfast.


After that we went back to Worlds of Fun. By now I pretty much knew the East side of Kansas City pretty well! We got in the park early with out Platinum Passes, but only by 10 minutes, kinda... They let us in at 9:40AM. but we didn't get to ride until 9:55AM. We rode Prowler 5 times with no line at all (the station was empty but we had to walk through the exit and get back in line). We probably could of rode 10 more times before the crowd go to Prowler but we decided to ride other stuff. Mamba was a walkon along with all of Africa. We rode in the back this time. After that we went to Americana and rode Timber Wolf. Patriot had a full queue along with all the other rides in that area. So we rode Skyline to take some photos. After that we rode the train than just walked around and ended up leaving around 1PM. and got home around 10PM.


So overall Worlds of Fun was much better than I'd ever think. It was themed pretty nicely for a Cedar Fair park, and had mostly good coasters, plus they had tons of old neat flat rides! I can't wait to go back!


Now for the photos...:


Here is what I got from Jack in the Box; Curly/normal fry, Sourdough Jack, 2 tacos, and strawberry Fanta!


Here is what it looked like as we arrived... yeah not too good!


About an hour later the rides opened


Prowler... AMAZING


Random Boomerang shot


Kinda hard to see from the photo, but the sky had that 'heaven' look to it


Here is Mamba's station


Wow! And I thought Kings Dominion's prices for a drink were expensive!


Same vending machine. People in line were naming off the rides but saying they were at Worlds of Fun. Magnum was Mamba, MF was Mamba, Corkscrew was Boomerang, and Raptor was Patriot


The last photo of the night, but don't worry tons more on day 2!


Hello Worlds of Fun!


Just like yesterday, we began our day with Prowler!


It was running faster on Saturday!


I took this one of random strangers


Mitchell took this of me


Theres Mitchell giving me a dirty look




Lift hill


Kinda fail?




One last fail shot




Ahh... Prowler!


Africa has alot of weird 'trees' like this


Africa was probably my favorite area, especially at night because of the Hot Summer Lights


I liked Hot Summer Lights better than Starlight Experience at KI & CP, but I hate that it's Snoopy stuff, they should just have it be generic


I almost feel like I'm at Busch Gardens Africa!


At night, Africa looks even better!


Boomerang was alright, but what I liked most about it was the photo ops.


Yep... Vekoma Boomerangs...


I've ridden Deja Vu at SFOG, Invertigo at KI, Carolina Cobra at Carowinds, and now this


Thats all for Boomerang


Mamba is in Africa also, must be South Africa because it looks pretty American to me...


Even though it's not as themed as the rest of Africa, It's still a great ride!


I love Mamba!





The park had pretty good landscaping


Flying Dutchman was one of many old flat rides Worlds of Fun has


The carousal


These bridges with misters reminded me of Six Flags Great America


Heres the train station




Cyclone Sams


Americana again


Timber Wolf


Timber Wolf's queue


I don't like red trains on wooden coasters for some reason, too over-used.


Thunderhawk was closed


I really hope this isn't going to be a Camp Snoopy re-theme to Planet Snoopy! Hopefully It's a whole new Planet Snoopy area with another kiddie coaster!


Timber Wolf


I tried, I failed, I'll leave it as that.






Thankfully a trim wasn't ever added!


Looks like a boat...



Best B&M invert ever!


I love this helix




Okay I took so many Patriot photos, I'm just going to leave the captions blank on those!





Err.... I don't like you!









I'm going to tilt-shift this later!


Hello Prowler!


Still don't like you! But I'm sure your brother to the east will be better, everyone I know who has ridden both said Tony is better!





Hello Kansas City! lol


No.. still not interested!




Patriot's station




The giants


Zach attack!





The pond by Ripcord


Orient pond 1


Orient pond 2


Unlike Kings Island, Cedar Point, and Carowinds, this Panda Express fits the area!




I wanted to ride Viking Voyager really bad but it had a full queue




I wanted to ride this too, I guess I'll just ride Ricochet next time I go to SFGAm


Did not want to ride this!


I don't like when parks get a Sea Dragon, why not just get a generic boat...




Prowlers out on the prowl, meow!


Saturday afternoon the ride got a long line


Why did they name it Boomerang? I've never heard of Africans being famous for their boomerangs...

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Nice report! Some people were doing the same thing at the pop machines in Fury of the Nile's line two weeks ago. They never believed me when I told them it wasn't true and those WoF commercials barely had any footage of WoF. GP...


About Boomerang-they didn't have an Australia section built as originally planned in '73 and in Boomerang's place the Zambezi Zinger used to reside (an awesome Schwarzie Speed racer) until 1997 and in 2000, Cedar Fair stuck in a Boomerang in Africa, because of the lack of Australia. Also why there is a Kangaroo ride in Europa.


About landscaping-Done well before Cedar Fair took over. Explains a lot, don't it?


Spinning Dragons-same experience at Nickelodeon Universe. They did open at the same time....and they were the first two....


Worlds of Fun, in my opinion, looks the nicest of all CF parks.

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Thank you for all the replies, my PTRs usually never get attention! Cyclone Sams is an indoor trabant.


And about the whole Australian stuff, I was wandering why there was a Kangaroo ride in Europe... Kinda random, Cedar Fair should of just made an area themed as Australia... And I figured the landscaping was from before CF. I think I liked Kings Dominion a little more than Worlds of Fun, but Worlds of Fun is my second favorite CF park. (I've been to KI, CP, WoF, MA, KD, & Carowinds.)

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Great pictures. I especially like the first Prowler one where you see the two bumps and the train is coming over the first one. I had no idea WOF was such a pretty park. From one of the Mamba pics it seems they are like Dorney and refuse to run 3 trains on the Morgan Hypercoaster.

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I always like trip reports of my home park. I agree with you on your Patriot comments. I've been on many inverts and Patriot is still my favorite. I'll be curious to see the reactions of those on the TPR midwest trip when they come through.


Prowler is currently #3 on my woddies list behing Boulder and El Toro and just ahead of Evil Knieval. Night ride in the front row is where it's at, hands down.


Good report. Hope you had a good time in KC.

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But you have to remember that coasters are like movies and music. You have your taste, and others have theirs.


Some people have found Intimidator to be boring, and frankly are shocked I picked it as my #1. But to each his/her own. You can't assume everyone feels the same way about certain coasters as you.


By the way, I love your avatar. It's funny how the restraints make it look like two eyes in the middle.

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Just finished fully taking a looksee at your pics after a quick skim earlier. the park is looking great for this time of year and I look forward to coaster Mayham next month. Thanks for the picks! If you haven't shot one his way already, Larry was missing a pic of the ferris wheel for the park index, sadly out of over 1k pics of the park, I don't have one if the ferris wheel.


Thanks again!

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