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Disneyland Resort PTR 7/17/10 (55th Anniversary)


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Yesterday, I went with my second family (aka the neighbors) to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. It was my first time going to DCA since the name change, and boy did it do so much to improve my visit. From the new sign saying "Disney California Adventure" in the gift shop, to the other new sign saying "World of Color at Disney California Adventure," the improvements were everywhere! All right, I guess some stuff definitely had improved at DCA from my last visit. Paradise Park looks super nice, and Silly Symphony Swings was a great improvement upon the Orange Stinger. But more importantly, CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN GOT MAGNETIC BRAKES ON IT'S FINAL BRAKE RUN! Finally, magnetic brake enthusiasts, like myself, can enjoy California Screamin to its fullest extent. To my knowledge, they only put them on the brake run that actually slows the ride down, but its definitely a win for the magnetic brake fanboy community. In all serious though, the magnetic brakes actually do *gasp* positively contribute to the ride as the brake run isn't unbearably abrupt anymore! Unfortunately, idk if I'm just not remembering properly, but it felt like they toned down Screamin's launch. It used to have a nice little burst and then die, now it's just dead. Oh yeah, and there's some construction BS going on at DCA...but right now, I DGAF.


Anyway, I was expecting yesterday to be awful figuring as not only was it a Saturday in July, but it was Disneyland's 55th birthday to boot. But thanks to Disney's fast pass system and single rider lines (if only every park did the fast pass and single rider like Disney), I was pretty much able to do everything I wanted. Plus, since I spent so much time at the park, I was able to see hoards of interesting people and interesting things (well...to an immature 16 year old) at the ol' place. Since I have no clue what to write anymore, it's on to the photos! WOOOOOOOOOO!


First we'll start off with Disney's CLEAR disregard for their own history. How could they put doors on the trams?! I was planning on proposing to my future wife on the doorless trams! Now I'll just have to do it at like an Arby's or something.


First installment of the People of Disneyland: That family on the right, lining up outside of DCA's gates at 8 in the morning when the park opens at 10. Commitment at its finest.


First ride was on Bowies In Space Mountain...it was cool I guess. It's the closest thing to riding a coaster on the moon too!


He looks like he could use a Bite Nuker! (the microwave from 30 Rock)


There may only be one Shaft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWawEndwdM8


Hopping on over to DCA, easily the best Intamin coaster within a ten minute's drive.


(Maliboomer's) Shaft!


...There has to be some horridly disgusting joke I'm missing here. (And yes, there's a 't' after "Trus")


Do you know what this open trench (heh heh heh) needs?




I then took a ride on sgniwS ynohpmyS ylliS, which, backwards, is pronounced "2-Live Crew's Motha****in Swingin' Adventure."


I've made too many references to stuff before my time, so to cancel that out: This coaster is as white as the people that listen to Death Cab for Cutie. BABOOM!


...this ride still has better curves than Kirstie Alley (who I coincidentally SAW at Disneyland a couple years ago! I know!).


Thing that doesn't run at night: Screamin

Thing that does run at night: A bat

Therefore: Nocturnal Animals>California Screamin


In the background, you can see the replica of the famous California landmark: Giant Wall of Steel.


Not joking here: I took this picture for the pirate flag in the background, not the ride.


Here's your Mermaid construction photo. Fascinating, right? It's got like an arch and some walls...yeah...


They FINALLY had the flour tortilla machine running, but they were only passing out the corn ones. The f**k?


Haha I see what they did there.



Funny story: I single rode this, so I was put on a boat with a family of all Spanish speakers. I naturally fit in saying things like "espanol dos" to tell them my Spanish knowledge, and "que asco" when we got wet. But most of the time it was just them laughing at me for not speaking as much Spanish as them.


First time I've ever seen the line extend this far inside the Indy Cave, but that was okay because...


...my ride was enhanced by riding with the ACTUAL Indiana Jones! Note: This is part 2 of my award winning People of Disneyland installment.


I swear I had a joke in mind when I took this picture.


True story: this audio animatronic is modeled after the mayor of Bentonville, Arkansas.


I actually saw Captain E.O., which is now the only place on Earth where children can have Michael Jackson come at them. ...cause of the 3D!


Back to Bowies In Space Mountain! It's kinda amazing how the line never stops once you're inside the building (and I'm not being sarcastic!).


People of Disneyland 3: A person who I'm amazed they let ride as she couldn't even really pull the lapbar down.




(Note: this isn't my onride photo, so I didn't really steal it)


People of Disneyland 4: Pin Gypsies.


Davy Jones's locker. Not to be confused with Davy Jones's Locker Room: the popular adult film.


Shaft Mountain!


I love Disney's loose loose articles policy. See what I did there?


Here's a high quality photo of the drop!


Pooh stinks like...piss.


Pirates of the colonial years used to have to face the horrors of wearing all black on 90something degree days, and backing their boat into its proper par(rrrrrrr)king spot.


People of Disneyland 5: They were all lined up for something, but judging by the crowd, I'm assuming something REALLY uncool (sorry if you're reading this and you were actually part of that crowd, if that's the case, you're still cool :D).


2 things wrong with this picture:

1. It says "A penny saved is a penny earned," but the kid is holding a dollar.

2. The dog is eyeballing the kid's crotch. So either the kid has a tasty treat in his pants, or there's a dog treat in there. *WINK*


...the sad part is that this could be considered an accurate representation of Big Thunder Mountain.


Back to DCA for some final rides on California Screamin (though I still don't know why it stays closed when literally everything else but the Fun Wheel either stays open or runs between shows).


Im in there somewhere. Also, I need to give the award for best onride photo ever to the guys in front of me. One of them managed to take out a beer bottle and drink it during the onride photo.


I can't believe how many people were lined up for WoC an hour and 15 minutes before the show. And OMG LITTLE MERMAID CONSTRUCTION!


Look at The Little Mermaid's beautiful...skeleton...and insulation!


Almost time for WoC! In the preferred seating area too cause I'm a BAMF.


Have you ever wondered if like the world is just like...ya know? A carousel of color?



So, review: My thoughts on it are pretty much what everyone else thinks about the show, it's amazing. Not perfect, but it's still amazing. The colors are so vibrant, and many times I was just standing there in awe. There are some slow parts like the Finding Nemo part, but for the most part, it's one hell of a spectacular show. Although I hate having to stand because then tall people get in your way and block the view of anything that's happening down below on the water level. But it was seriously amazing and I'm definitely going to want to see it again. The depth of the show is great as well, the projections really caught be off guard sometimes because they shine through the entire field of fountains. So yeah, I loved it, and everyone should go see it.


Exit fountains = get the hell out.


And one final shot of Screamin. Thanks for reading!

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I really need to update my signature so people can come visit me. I work at Tastepilots grill and worked all day yesterday and had a pimp badge(but not a pin ) which said Happy 55th disney. Also employees got free cupcakes... YAY! Awesome TR by the way.

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People of Disneyland 1) I know they have been opening DCA early to let people get FP's for WOC, but 8 is a bit ridiculous.

People of Disneyland Indy) As a moderator at MiceChat, I will just say ... no comment.

People of Disneyland Lining up) Judging from the time of day that is, I want to say they are lining up for the flag retreat, it's actually really cool you should watch it sometime.

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^Hahaha out of all the People of Disneyland I saw, he was one of the lesser ones that I'd suspect of being a micechatter. But he did seriously enhance my riding experience with that hat and everything. Thanks for the comments guys!

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I don't think I've ever seen them pass out flour tortillas, just the corn ones...which don't really taste good unless they're in chip form. They should really take that into consideration.


Nice report!

They actually used to pass out the flour ones, and they were freaking delicious. I'm assuming that they got too popular, so they switched to corn, which fresh are good enough, but they need to bring back the flour!


Thanks for the nice comment!

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^ I think corn tortillas are more tasty, but that's just a preference.


@ the ghost: Taste Pilots Grill is my favorite place to eat at DCA. (Wild Blue Yonder burger for the win!) Maybe you'll be there next time I eat there.



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^^^How dare you say that, Eric!

^^Thanks! I try to make sure that no one enjoys anything to much, it's my thing.

^Yeah, just like carousels (of color) return to where they once were, we too must return to Disneyland.


Oh yeah, observation: I played some game in the Blue Sky Cellar, and it said that Radiator Springs Racers is going to go over 5x as fast as Autopia. Now I believe (from the signs on the ride), that Autopia goes at 6.5 mph. So I'm thinking that RSR is going to go somewhere between 32.5 mph and 39...which isn't very good since rides that use the EXACT same system pretty much go twice that speed.

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I've actually heard that there were some issues with the Flour Tortilla side (the side closest to the exit door) which is why we haven't seen them for awhile. Last time we were at the park they were working on it though.


I want to say that I didn't see the corn side going for probably the first 6-7 years that the park was open, it was always the flour. And it's probably been about 2-3 years since they have been doing the corn.

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The flour machine was running yesterday, but they were still passing out corn tortilla's only..


I've seen the Indiana Jones guy on a recent visit.. and yeah, big time MC'er...


Where are the new brakes on Screamin? I rode it yesterday and didn't feel anything different..

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^They're on the brake run that finally slows the ride down (after the on ride photo). I only really noticed because that brake run didn't feel quite as painful and stupid as it used to. Maybe they didn't add them and I was just like trippin out on ropcorn or something.

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Everyone ready to get jealous? I went to the tortilla factory a few weeks ago, it was like a week or so after worlds of color opened. I got a FLOUR TORTILLA! I swear to god! THe line was going out the door, but it was AWESOME.


Tortillas+Aviator Chicken Sandwich+Smoozies Mocha=WIN!

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How so?

I asked a cast member , "what are the chances of this breaking down".


When all of the lights are supposed to dim completely, CS's loop display was still lit a bit. When the audio said, "The wonderful world of color", the audio faded away and the fountains dropped. The same CM told me, "You jinxed it". He also said to the audience that that was the the whole show. After about 10 min. or so, the show restarted. My guess is that other CM's controlling the show stoped it so it could work right.

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