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Club TPR Day - Efteling (07-04-2010)


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Thanks to Benny (Groteslurf) and his lovely daughter I had the opportunity to join the Europe Trip for one day at the Club TPR Day at the Efteling. It was a great day filled with plenty of rides on the new woodie Joris en de Draak and de Vliegende Hollander (I LOVE ERT), meeting old and new friends, walking around in the park, a fantastic lunch buffet at noon, and so on and so on...


Joris en de Draak is a great addition. It's fun for all ages (it's not that high and the speed is just perfect) and the racing/dueling parts are very sensational. Both sides are part the same, part completely different. They both start with a great first drop followed by an even better triple up. From there on, they're following their own path, crossing the other here and there. And from there on, they both seem running out of control! Towards the end, both tracks come together again to complete the last part racing. Almost at the end, both trains have an über cool reversed banked part (which I adore!) right before the finish. Returning to the station next to the other train is great, especially when your train won! Seriously, the loss of Pegasus is already so forgotten!


This first part will only contain pics of Joris en de Draak (the rest will follow, don't worry) and since I'm not that much into writing a long story, I'll let my pictures tell their own story. Enjoy!


BAM! Here they are, Fire and Water in all their glory. GCI Joe checks if the trains can handle all the TPR geekiness.


Oooooh, that's one angry dragon!


Getting close... I was getting all excited right here!


Hmmmm, this spaghetti of wood looks delicious!


This is inside the station building.

When the trains returned to the station, the flags of the winning side were lowered!


Station building overview (note how the light of "coaster heaven" can be seen in the back)


I call this one "Destination: Pure Bliss"


"Swooooooosh!" is the only sound your brain is allowed to make here.


Joris en de Draak is Peter-and-Hans approved!


Robb and ...(Derek?), hard at work (the result is great!)


Ick! Here's Miss Pure Evil again!


Dutch airplanes flying over the Efteling are now required to fly parallel with her horns.


A lovely turn for all you lovely turn enthusiasts.


How I'd love to build my house right here...


Oh God, she's procreating...


Water (the left and my preferred side) is in the lead!


This duck goes for the "swim with a view" option.


Don't you just love those sexy GCI turns?!


Yes, it's true! Joris en de Draak is even fun for THE CASTED (front seat, wtf?!)


And to conclude this part, I leave you with this pic of the entrance (yes, my brain and my camera work in reversed order...)

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Hi Beeja,


it was great to finally meet you.


Great pictures. Too bad my daughther and I had to leave early. But who wants to miss the Tour de France passing in front of his home

I'm still laughing with the fact that Peter thought I was going home to watch the Tour on TV


See you soon.

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Thanks for the comments so far!


It was great meeting you and your daughter too, Benny! I hope you enjoyed the Tour! I sure hope we can visit some more parks together in the future, that would be nice.


Now onto the rest of this TR!


We also had ERT on de Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman), which is obviously quite well themed.


Going through this entrance is like being teleported to the Dutch Golden Age.


The harbour with the enclosed lift hill en the beginning of the first drop.


Yes, we're still in the year 2010!


In this shed houses a mid course break run...




kerSPLOOOSH! Note that you're not getting that wet, all the water gets catapulted to the sides :(


It's a great and good looking ride but in my humble opinion, Efteling should've done better with this splash...


After all the madness, the boats return to the harbour in peace.


After ERT it was time to get that Dora the Explorer feeling and wander around in the park. First stop: Carnaval Festival! A hilarious darkride with a catchy tune!


It's a great way to score some culture credits. Unfortunately, the only sound my mind hears is "BBBbbbzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZ". I wonder where my brain gets that sound from... Maybe that recent sporting event? I don't know!


Beer Country! At last!! I can die happy now :)


This makes me a wee bit uncomfortable... Especially that priest ont he bridge! YIKES!


Siamese sumo wrestlers?! Is that even legal??


Shadow piranha is eyeing his next victim...


Hans is all "I'm outta here"!


Belgium says "tot ziens" :)


Next to the Carnaval Crazyness is the indoor roller coaster Vogel Rok (a Vekoma, quite good but a bit too dark inside).


This weird fella welcomes you at the People of Laaf, a walkthrough and monoride village with lots of stuff going on...


Stuff like little houses (this is the school)


Stuff like watermills and exploding water holes (note: monorail snail in upper right corner!)


Stuff like sleeping, grumpy old man.


Stuff like Chris popping out of something that looks like a ... nevermind! (Hi Chris!)


And I leave you with this totally crazy stuff: men!




More coming soon, stay tuned!

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