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Planning a trip to Orlando.

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Hey guys!

I'm going to Orlando next week (July 31-July4).

I'm staying 4 days, and I'm arriving at 1pm.

I am doing 3 full days at Universal Studio.

Here's the dillema :

Considering the lines at Universal Studio, should I buy a Sea World ticket (The After 3Pm Ticket), or should I go half a day at Universal.

I really have no clue on which option to chose, because I don't know how will be the lines at Universal & IOA but I wanna be real sure on doing all the rides.


So can you please help me on this one?




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Top Posters In This Topic

^Ditto. And to make the most of your trip, purchase the Univeral Xpress pass (or stay on-site) and get the Quick Queue at SeaWorld. Quick Queue allows for UNLIMITED express entry to every major ride (and free paddle boats and Observation Tower).

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I agree with the previous two posts, I would have a day for each park. Sea World only has a few "rides" but they have some really good shows that you should not miss. You should make sure you get to IOA as soon as it opens to make sure you get through everything without having to rush. I just don't know how crowds are now with Harry Potter. Regardless, a day at each park is plenty with or with out xpress passes.

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