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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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Not sure what I did, but my family and I went to Idlewild on Thursday and spent a few days up in Latrobe just relaxing. We got home today (Saturday) and there in the mailbox was this awesome bag o crap!!! It had a Big Dipper coaster, DVD, mighty TPR pen, and some random shit from various parks around the world! I was super excited!!!!


Just took some pics........



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Umm...So my Bag-O-Crap came this week, I think the folks at TPR might like me...



What could be in my (Box)-O-Crap? Let's find out!


Yay! The standard crap! I would have been happy if this was all I had been given...


But TPR went the extra mile to make this Bag of Crap AWESOME! An XL Australia Tour T-Shirt. WTF am I supposed to do with this huh????


Woah! A misprinted RITRHD DVD! I don't have a blu-ray player handy, but this might be worth like 25 Dollars? Holy Crap!


Luggage Tags from a ride the Alveys haven't even visited??? A book? TEH BIG DIPPER???


The 2010 Duinrell press kit! Way Cool!


OMG DRUNK OCTOBERFEST!!! I am honored to receive such items of priceless value.


Ok. Who the Hell's shirtsleeve is this? And how did it get to me?


Bonus DVD! What the Eff!!!!! Russian children's programming?


A short clip...I have no idea...



Thank You TPR for this awesome bag inside of my awesome Bag-O-Crap! This stuff made my day!

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I just got home from a long vacation in Orlando. I open the mailbox and the only thing in there is a TRP Bag of Crap. I was totally surprised. SDC11521.JPG.05c47d59abb22aeed2af6febf357cef4.JPG

TPR Bag of Crap

Thank you Robb, Elissa, & everyone at TPR!

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Thanks so much for my awesome Bag of Crap! It was really an awesome treat, and a joy to open.


This looks interesting!


Oh my gosh! TEH BIG DIPPER! My coffee tables are blessed with the dryness of 1,000 suns!


I'll never misplace my bags now! Unless I happen to be at LAX...


Not one, not two, but THREE Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween stickers! In addition, a Madagascar postcard in case I ever visit Singapore!


Park maps, I always love these!


More park maps


Seaworld Australia! This was probably my favorite map!


Just in time! I lost my last TPR Pen slaying dragons, and my mints were all consumed in an effort to impress the ladies... who don't find coasters as beautiful as I do.

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I got home from work today at about 9:15 PM and my mom gave me a package and said, "Hey this came for you in the mail today." I took the package; my first TPR bag of crap!!! (Sorry for low quality photos, but I don't have a real camera.)


Also, the mystery DVD was Coaster Expedition Volume 6. It's really entertaining.


Thank you so much!!!


Look at all this crap!


Thank you Theme Park Review for this awesome bag of Crap!

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Last week my wife said "it's just 6 months until x-mas". I say: hell no - it's x-mas right now. Santa lives in California and Robb is a short name for Nicholas Yes, a big box arrived today. The Twins and i just say: Thank you guys! You're awesome!1152044764_TwisterTwinsBox.JPG.bcd02c538e62bee18401c32ce6fd74b8.JPG

Aha, this is really interesting!


Lot of information on the top...


Like a Russian doll - more bags inside the box


My eyes are wet with tears of joy


A lot of cool items - this is a 10 out of 10


Even better on the inside


Just look at this old post card - it's my home park Gröna Lund. Jesus, i grew up here. You can see the old Wildcat Radar behind the trees. This went straight to my heart. Thanks a lot Robb!


And this is how i feel right now :-)

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Sorry for the late post. My camera busted on me a week before my Bag-of-Crap arrived, which was a few weeks ago. Been waiting to save money for a new camera but unexpectedly my trucks U-Joint went out on me putting a dent in my wallet. But any who I'm sure none of you want to here about my financial situation, unless your an accountant or something, so on to what crap I got in the mail!


Park Maps:

-Central Park Japan

- Seoul Land

- Skyline Park

- Kijima

- Lotte World

- Movie Park Germany

- WB Movie World Australia

- Sea World Australia

- Adventureland

- Nasu Highland

- Mirabilandia

- Legoland California

- Gullivers

- Universal Studios Singapore

- Six Flags Great America

- Drayton Manor

- Canevaworld Movieland Park



-Coaster Expeditions 6 (Awesome!)



-TPR Pen

-3 TPR Mints ( Missing one due to my cat eating it, ha)

- Save Teh Big Dipper "Coaster"

- 3 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party stickers

- Robbie Kenievel Temp Tattoo

- Universal Studios Singapore "Madagascar : Crate Adventure" Pass

- Universal Studios Singapore "Treasure Hunters" Pass


I apologize for not posting a photo. I'll try to post a photo of my awesome crap within the month.


Thanks TPR for the crap! You guys rock! Looking forward to winning another Bag-of-Crap in the near future!

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One half of the famous Twister Twins opened her Bag of Crap and found...CRAP "A bag from TPR along with coffee and cookies made my day" she asked me to tell you all coasterfreaks out there.


Yes! I got a bag too!

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Robb... one request in the future for the bags. The sides are covered in bubble rap which is awesome... but I don't wanna ruin the bag and I wanna pop more bubbles... so it would be awesome if an extra sheet of bubble rap was in the bag.

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Awesome, I was waiting for one of my shirt sleeves to appear.


This sleeve is a classic from the January 2, 1996 Fiesta Bowl t-shirt. In that game, Tommy Frazier and the Nebraska Cornhuskers whooped my Florida Gators 62-24.


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Awesome, I was waiting for one of my shirt sleeves to appear.


This sleeve is a classic from the January 2, 1996 Fiesta Bowl t-shirt. In that game, Tommy Frazier and the Nebraska Cornhuskers whooped my Florida Gators 62-24.


I remember that day well. So sad.


But the next year was oh so great!

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I was walking my dogs yesterday, and as I got to my house, I noticed my mailbox was open. Since I knew I had already gotten the mail, I was confused, so I went over to check it out. Lo and behold, my mailbox had my Japan Bag-O-Crap in it! So of course, I snatched it up and ran inside with my dogs to tear it open and see what I had gotten! Everything in it was really cool, and it made me really happy, since I collect park maps and stuff. Thanks so much, Robb! I really appreciate it!


It's my first ever Bag-o-Crap! And it's a Japan one!


Wow, this thing is FULL! Really excited to see what all is in it!


Let's pour it out and see what we have here.... Wow, that's a lot! And there's still more coming out of the envelope!!


Everything! Guide maps to Parque Espana, Nasu Highland, Mitsui Greenland, Sega Joypolis, Yomiuriland, Toshimaen, Nagashima Spaland, Space World, Yokohama Sea Paradise, Kijima Kogen, Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo Disney Sea, Tokyo Disneyland, two other parks that I couldn't figure out (the one with the rainbow wheel on the front and the pink and green one- any hints as to which parks?), a Entertainment and Times guide for Tokyo Disney Sea, a Little Green Man from Toy Story ornament, an Elissa-friendly Chip pin from Tokyo Disney, a swan pin from Universal Studios Japan, a robot pin, a cell phone charm of the Yomiuiland mascot, a Japanese vending machine pig-anatomy keychain thing, a build-your-own Pachycephalosaurus dino model, a mini inner-tube decorated with pirates and filled with beads, and one of those Tanabata wish cards from Tokyo Disneyland (which I had seen in the update and actually wished I could have just because of the colors!) Overall, a really cool assortment of stuff! Thanks again!

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Awesome! Remember - there are still TWO MORE Japan/Tokyo Disney themed bags of crap up for grab! All you have to do is read the instructions on how to win one in this thread: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1062379#p1062379


(the one with the rainbow wheel on the front and the pink and green one- any hints as to which parks?),

The rainbow wheel one is Yokohama Cosmoworld and the pink and green one is Wonder Rakutenchi.


a Japanese vending machine pig-anatomy keychain thing,

YES! This is the infamous "MEAT PIG" who is a direct descendant of "MEAT COW!" Easily the most prized possession in your Bag-o-Crap!

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