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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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I looked in my mail box today and what did I find? Nothing other than a 1 pound, 2oz bag of crap. Now that my friends is one quality crap. One thing of note, the crap bag was torn open thanks to the Postal Service, so for that, F.U. USPS I like my crap fresh, and they managed to break the freshness seal. They must have been jealous.



So in honor of that crap, here is what we have inside


Used DVD

2 TPR mints

1 TPR Magical Pen

Kennywood Postcard

Kodak Camera Brochure

Holiday Park Brochure

Camelot Park




Disney Hong Kong

Mouse Trap Memoir - Preview Edition - Quality Crap


Robbie Knievel Sticker

Six Flags Tatoo

2009 TPR West Coast Tour Pic

Hallowscream 2009 Busch Gardens Map

Haunted House Atari Game


Ok Ok, the DVD wasn't used, it was Coaster Expedition 7, watching it now, Thanks Robb!


My crap bag, pre-opened by the post office. Thanks USPS!


this was such a huge crap i had to spread it out all over the floor!


and...the Atari game works!!!

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Mouse Trap Memoir - Preview Edition - Quality Crap

Hey that's not crap! That's a book written by Kevin Yee about when we worked together at Disneyland. I forget what he called my character, but some of the stories in that book are me!



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Was at the Santa Ana zoo for wristband Wednesday and got a frantic call from my wife: "You got a bag of crap in the mail.". There are a lot of thing my wife does not understand, but at least she know the significance of a Bag-o-Crap.


Did a sumo theme with the pictures, cause I was bored.



When I saw this in the mail I almost crapped my mawashi.


This so called "Bag-O-Crap" overwhelmed even the Yokozuna.


Remember when E. Honda went on the Deep South Tour?


Found a place for that TPR pen.


Pretty awesome Bag-o-Crap, Coaster Expedition Volume 7 was a real surprise. Frieziet- und Erlebnisparks 2008? Anyways thanks Robb and Elissa and anybody who helped, it really made my day.

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Mouse Trap Memoir - Preview Edition - Quality Crap

Hey that's not crap! That's a book written by Kevin Yee about when we worked together at Disneyland. I forget what he called my character, but some of the stories in that book are me!




Sorry Robb, I didn't mean for it to come across as "this is crap". I really truly meant for it to come across as that the book is really a quality item! I was and am thrilled to have it! I've actually already skimmed thru some it and look to bring it on the plane with me to WCB!!

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I woke up to get my daughter ready for school this morning and realized I had forgot to check the mail yesterday. I ran to door popped open the mailbox and there it was my 1lb bag of crap, and then guilt took over. My bag of crap had sat in the snowy, freezing weather of Indiana all night long, with no one to keep it warm. I brought it in like a lost orphan and gently opened it not to make it feel any more pain, and it rewarded me for being so kind.




Freizeitpark Plohn map

Holiday Park brochure

Howl-o-Scream 2009 map

Howl-o-Scream 2010 brochure

Oakwood map

Epcot map

Camelot map

Legoland Deutschland map

Kennywood postcard

Robbie Knievel Wild Adventures tattoo

Six Flags 45th anniversary tattoo

Disney Halloween Sticker

Magic TPR pen

3 delicious TPR mints


The 2 crown jewels:

Naked Coaster Expedition 7 disc

Mouse Trap Preview Edition(Can't wait to read this)


Thanks Robb and everyone at TPR and like Angry_Gumball said all this for answering a question on facebook. You guys are the greatest.

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Today I received a call at work from my wife. She seemed excited and I could tell in her voice that she had something important to share. Did we win the lottery ? Was she pregnant? Did someone drop off a pallet of four loko at our house? Nope.. It's much more life changing then all of those things.. TPR MEGA BOX OF CRAP (IAAPA THEMED).



Inside the box (some assembly required)-



Ephemera (I've been looking for a chance to use that word) Includes

Gerstlauer Product Catalog

Mondial Product Catalog

Mack Product Catalog

Proslide Product Catalog

Moser Rides Product Catalog

Gravity Group FIreball Information Card

Gravity Group Timberliner Information Card

Intamin Product Catalog

GCI Product Catalog

The huge blueprinteque map of the trade show floor (seen as the top item in the pics)

The 300+ plus page IAAPA Program

Xpress News letter (this is really cool, I need to scam my way into a subscription of this)


Non Paper Products

Vekoma Polo- They can't even make a polo correctly.. The logo matches the shirt color.. A common rookie tradeshow mistake.

Intamin Lanyard- Posted on ebay for a starting bid of 1000 dollars (just kidding)

Amusement Today Luggage Identifier

GCI Canvas Tote Bag.



So this, clearly, made my day. I encourage everyone to stalk Robb and Elissa when they go on trips and sharpen up their prince desmond photoshop skills. As you can see above, it's definitely worth it to participate in contests.IMG_4656.JPG.f7aaf3bad7a5923372a85b45d1954c0b.JPG


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Candace called me at work today and to my surprise I received my very own Bag-Of-Crap!!




Holiday Park brochure

Howl-O-Scream Guide Map

TPR Deep South 2009 Group Photo (Which we are actually in!)

Camelot Theme Park brochure

A Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk button

A Six Flags button

Kennywood postcard

A Robbie Knievel temp. tattoo

A Legoland Germany park guide

An Epcot guidemap

A West Coast trip photo DVD

A SeaLife Aquarium schedule

An unmarked DVD presumably something involving Robb's hairy ass.


I got some more stuff but my son has taken it hostage!!


Thanks Robb!

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I got word from home that I received my Bag of Crap today. Unfortunately, I'm at school and I had my Bag of Crap sent to my house. I'll be sure to post pictures of it when I finally do get home. (Should be within a month)


Judging by what I see was sent this time around it should be amazing. Thanks!

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I got my Bag-O-Crap today!


Hmmm... Yet another package from Valencia, California!


Rip Rip Rip!


Mouse Trap: Memoir of a Disneyland Cast Member 1987-2002. Looks interesting! I'll read it on the plane ride to Italy!


Maps and a 2009 TPR West Coast Tour group photo. Nice!


Coca Cola can holder. Useful for my weekly can of Coke, for sure!


Park guides FTW!


TPR Minty Mints, and a pen (not pictured)!


Legoland California operating schedule and a Kennywood 'This-a-way' postcard.




And... what's this? Burnt copy of.... *Inserts into DVD drive of PC* Oh, Coaster Expedition 7. Exclusive! This isn't even being made anymore, is it?


Thanks Robb and Elissa for my Bag-O-Crap! I'll definitely make sure I participate in TPR Facebook games!... and leave good comments for TPR orders. =)

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Mmmm...Intamin Lanyard! Was kinda hoping for one of those And who was responsible for designing the Vekoma polo? *Design Fail*


I'm still happy with what I got, I mean I get to read a book about the deep dark secrets of Disneyland and watch some coaster porn!


By the way, I like how Holiday Park did their brochure, very unique with the way they folded it!

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I got something in the mail today...it was a bill.

Yesterday, however, I got a big bag o crap.

Usually when someone sends me a bag o crap, its messy and smelly, but this time it was neither.


I have no idea how it got to my house, as it has no label on it.


Its not that often that a pile of crap gets me excited, more just disgusted, but TPR has managed to get me excited for once!


Awesome maps and park info from all around the world...from places Ill never have the money to go...this is depressing...but awesome...but depressing...


Wow! TPR has the technology to detect that I need breathmints and they sent some! Best Site Ever!


For some reason this wouldn't work on my PS3...I need to upgrade.


TPR pens never run out. Seriously, they don't. Its sorta scary...


I couldnt believe what was on this...Seriously, it was amazing! It was...a secret!

Thanks for the Bag O Crap guys!

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My roommate went out to get the mail today and told me that I got a big envelope. I just assumed it was some junk mail or stuff from some bill collector. I walked out in the kitchen and thought "Damn, that looks like it's from TP... HOLY $#!&, I got a Bag of Crap!!!".


I'll post the details along with some photos in the next couple of days. For now though, It's off to night night land. Gotta work in the morning.

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I also got a Bag of Crap today. This one has been a long time coming (from last spring...). Unlike the last few posts, I'm posting pictures now!


All of the park maps I received. I didn't have any of these yet.


A Kenywood postcard, some temporary tattoos from Six Flags, TPR mints, TPR pen, and a Mickey's NSSHP sticker.


A preview book about working at Disney, and the scariest thing, an unmarked DVD. The DVD is Coaster Expedition: Volume 7!


Thanks TPR!

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There's some freaky Japanese tv on that CE7 dvd, I am scarred for life.

Yes there is!!!! As an ironic inclusion in the "crap" I added the copies of CE7 because I actually think it is my personal favorite of all the Coaster Expedition series. It was kind of a 'transition' DVD between when we were doing our own personal trips and started the group trips. It's a collection of parks that are kind of all over the place, and there is something about the randomness that I look back and really like.


I some ideas for Coaster Expedition 15, and it takes the inspiration from this DVD. The next Coaster Expedition we do isn't going to be a "TPR Trip DVD", it's going to be something more like Volume 7.



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