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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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Well man, looking at those other pics, I hit the motherload!!!


Here is what my bag o crap contained:

1-TPR Pen

1-Sprint Pen

1-Rampage at Alabama Adventure Keychain

1-Efteling Pin

3-TPR Mints

1-Disney Hollywood Studio Map

1-Princess and The Frog Brochure

1-Kennywood Postcard

1-Bay Area Bash Notecard

1-Black Poncho

1-Japanese Dinosaur Thingy



And here it all is!!


Woohoo!!! Thanks Robb!!

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Awesome! The TPR Bag-o-Crap are very random! Many times similar items will appear in each one, but I try to make each bag slightly different from the next!


I also want to point out that during our upcoming Oktoberfest trip there should be plenty of opprotunities to get TPR Bags-o-Crap! So make sure you follow the updates and EMAIL DAN when it tells you to!

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So after getting home from a day of giving students quizzes and making some phone calls to parents (the 'fun' part of teaching), I got home and opened my mailbox to find I had recieved yet another TPR Bag o' Crap!!!!! Unfortunately, my camera was dead, so I had to charge it, but I had a trip to the gym to make, so the timing worked well, and once I was done this evening, I went ahead a found out what was in my Bag o' Crap!






So let us find out what is inside!


After pouring out the crap in this bag, I came to find....


7 cents!!!! Robb, did you start a cash-back reward program for trips that you havn't told many people about?


A USB Cord!!!! Everyone needs a USB cord!!!!


Discovery Kingdom stuff and a pin from Efteling!


Awesome random Japanese thingy!!! I love getting Asian Items in my bags o crap since Asia is one of the main areas that I teach about, so I can take this and other things to share with my students. I would love to see what kinds of things will appear in the Bags O' Crap from Australia as that is another area I teach about.


While it is in Florida, the map has Asian writing (I have to admit I am not positive if it is Chinese or Japanese)


Something tells me these would have been helpful for after the 3 kegs at Kings Dominion for many people :)


More Japanese stuff to share with my students when we get to Japan


......Something about this CD looks really familiar.......


....Oh yeah, there was one in my last Bag o' Crap!


Maybe someday I will be the owner of the last two Lankanniemi Stara Collection cds in the world!!!!


An extra TPR pen is always a good thing! And the Sprint pen can be handy for the classroom as I tend to leave some laying around the school somewhere every so ofton.


One last look at all the awesome Asian items I can take to share with the students I have when we talk about them in class!! Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for a wicked awesome collection! And if you guys happen to get some good stuff from the Australia tour next year.....I will happily accept anything to share with my classes!

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LOL! The amazing thing about this is that I make up all the bags of crap, and then I put the address labels on them, pretty much at random! I only had two of those CD's (I think) so the fact that you ended up with both of them, totally by random chance, amazes me!!!

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I got my bag on Saturday, very cool and thank you for sending it


I got a Six Flags Discovery Kingdom T-Shirt, 1 TPR Pen, 2 Sprint Pens, 2 TPR Mints, 2 Bay Area Bash Cards, a Kennywood Postcard, a VisionLand Keychain, a Canobie Lake Park Patch, a Legoland Button and a Rampage sign



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I came home from work tonight and I saw an enevlope on my kitchen counter that said TPR Bag o Crap and I was like OMG!!!!! I finally got my first ever Bag Of Crap!!! I was really schocked when I saw it.

Anyways the BOC that I got had these items in it:

1. A TPR pen

2. A Sprint pen

3. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom bag

4. Disney Hollywood Studios Park map and guide

5. Legoland Factory Tour lego piece

6. Two TPR mints (my dad ate one)

7. An Alabama Adventure ride card

8. A pin from Eftiling, it has a pirate ship on it

9. A WCB participant lanyard with badge on it from the Six Flags Magic Mountain day

10. A Kennywood postcard

11. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom park map and guide

12. A Bay Area Bash event badge, just the badge- no lanyard


Im guessing I am going to have to email dan more often to try and get another one. Thanks Robb for all the cool stuff!!


P.S. my mom wanted me to throw some of the stuff out and I said no.


The entire contents of my Bag Of Crap




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^^^^^It looks like Amy got a lot 'More' in her Bag of Crap than others got.


Was this an example of what you receive the less common 'Giant' Bag of Crap?

The crap bags really are totally random of both size and content. In this shipping, I made up about 40 of them, all a bit different using various sizes of left over envelops we had, and then once they were done, went to my "Email Dan" folder in my gmail inbox and started printing up address labels! Put them on the crap bags totally random.

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Hey Robb, that ride card from Alabama Adventure I got in my BOC, how do I understand it?? Anyways, everything else is awesome and I am going to take it to work and show my friends just how crazy I am. Once again, thanks a lot Robb!!!

The ride card is actually a ride op certification card.

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Well I've procrastinated enough, time to post my Bag-O-Crap.


The new phone books are here, the new phone books are.... err.... my Bag-O-Crap is here, my Bag-O-Crap is here!


Lets see what crap my mailman has been hauling around.


Its ClubTPR Pen's cousin, Sprint!


And of course, the original, often immitated, never duplicated, TPR pen!


Crap from California, Florida, and Germany!


Some Crap that I can wear!


A Kennywood postcard and some Japanese Thomas stickers (I think).


And I have no idea what this crap is!! Chris said they were clog pins. I'm going to have to take her word on that.


And something to get that crappy taste out of your mouth.

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I forget how I won a Bag of Crap, but I did enjoy it. There were some great maps and brochures from on of the many Euro trips, along with a Six Flags button, TPR chapstick, a SFKK coaster and map, and some other stuff. Oh, TPR mints too! It really was cool for a guy like me who has never been out of the US, save a boarder town in Mexico, to get this stuff, especially from the UK and beyond. The randomness made it fun, because there was much mystery surrounding the coveted TPR Bag of Crap.


If you ever get one, enjoy it for it's randomness and the kindness from the people who took time to gather and send it.

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WOW they're real! These seemed so elusive to me, I began to think they were a site joke they I wasn't a part of, and they didn't actually get sent out! This thread is making me want one so badly! Hopefully I'll manage to get myself one in some future updates!

This is exactly the reason why I started this thread! I've been sending out bags of crap for years now, but no one really had any place to post about it, or any instruction to do so. So this time around I thought I'd actually help the initiative by suggesting to people that they show off their "crap!"


And now it kind of makes the whole thing seem a bit more of a reality!


--Robb "Really, I just want to encourage people to bother Dan more!" Alvey

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WOW they're real! These seemed so elusive to me, I began to think they were a site joke they I wasn't a part of, and they didn't actually get sent out! This thread is making me want one so badly! Hopefully I'll manage to get myself one in some future updates!


Bags of Crap are not real! All PTR were taken at a secret location near the same sound stage where the "lunar" landings were filmed.


Notice the same props being recycled and appearing in many BOCs.


If you also think Bags of Crap are fake e-mail Dan.

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