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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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IMG_1619.thumb.jpg.7aee93a44f31b7c7241233647ac53d17.jpgGot a Bag-O-Crap Today!!!!!


TPR Backpack

Insane Coaster Wars World Domination magnet and chap stick

Team TPR Coasting For Kids button and sticker

Roller Coasters in the Raw HD Volume 1

TPR pen

TPR instant cooling towel

12 park maps

TPR rain poncho

Mystery DVD

Thank You letter from Robb


-Thank you Robb and Elissa for everything you do for this amazing website/community.

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Unfortunately I don't have a camera, so I can only list what I got in my Bag of Crap. I received it on Jan 27th. When I saw that box I got soooo excited! Thank you so much Robb and Elissa! That was such an amazing gift!


Brochures and maps:

Parc Asterix

Hili Fun City

Heide Park

Oakwood Theme Park


Magic Kingdom's Not So Scary Halloween

Universal Studios Singapore

Wuhan Happy Valley

Kings Island


Magic Kingdom

Universal studios Japan


Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland Map

Universal Studios Orlando

Rainbow Magicland




SF Whitewater

Movieland Park

Holiday World

Phantasia Land

Kijima Kogen

Disney Parks Monstrous Summer

3 Japanese Park Brochures and Maps, all in Japanese so I'm not sure what Parks they are, but they are so cool!



Roller Coasters in the Raw Vol. 1

Roller Coasters in the Raw vol. 2

Coaster Expedition Vol. 7


Three TPR stickers, Three TPR mints, Three TPR chap sticks, a Red TPR Bag, a rain poncho, a cooling towel, a TPR Bag, a Kennywood Lanyard, a pink and white scrunchie, a Club TPR Chirstmas Ornament, a Disney Snowglobe, a Disney Tour Bus souvenir from Japan, a TPR Clock, a TPR clip, a TPR magnetic clip, Gatekeeper badge, lizard key chain, Visionland key chain, Laser Pointer from Japan, Monsters Inc. Sunglasses, Star Wars 3-D halogram, Insane Coaster Wars Magnet, two SDC News Papers, Disney's California Adventure News Paper, RMC Booklet, Maurer Sohne News Paper, two Mack Rides Portfolios, Maurer Sohne X Coaster book, GCI Book with Posters, and Clair Hain Jr.'s Business card.


TPR T-Shirt, and a West Coast Bash 2012 T-Shirt.



This is seriously the coolest thing ever! I'm so happy with it! Thank you again Robb and Elissa!

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After a little mix up with the mail I finally got my "Care Package" today after much salivating over everyone else's in this thread. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting it together! Between this one and the IAAPA one I got through Coasting for Kids, I swimming in the Company Brochures and Park maps!


3 Brand New Shirts, including the Ride Entertainment/IAAPA/Give Kids the World Polo


Brouchures from Rocky Mountain, Maurer Sohne, Intamin, Premier, and ProSlide


ICW Magnet and Lip Quenching Balm


Muppet MidShip Map and Playing Card. Also Disneyland and Monstrous Summer Buttons.


TPR Cooling Towel, Poncho, Stickers, Pin, Ornament, Pen, Flashlight, Luggage Tag, Pens, and Mints


Mini Tokyo Tour Bus, Cartoon Spin Ride Vehicle, Electric Railway Vehicle, TDL 30th Anniversary Bag, 2 Hello Kitty Stamps, Mini Puplip Plush, Buzz Lightyear Plush Cube, Toy Story Alien Charm, 2 animal charms, TDSea Mickey Pin, Random Anime Vending Machine Toy, Super Mario Bros Wii Bowser Wash Cloth, Random vinyl circle fishy thing.


Park maps from 3 Continents, including multiple Disney and Universal Resorts


The whole lot! Don't mind the mess on the bed.


3 DVDs!

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Well I was excited to see this in my mail today, I had to open it as quickly as possible So this is what I got out of it, LOVE all the park maps Thanks rob for all this crap lol


My drawstring bag, which had all the crap in it :p


I believe this is a joyland map, pretty awesome :D


Silver dollar city map is cool, just gets me excited, going there for the first time this year :D


Djurs Sommerland Pretty cool map :)


Holiday world map, one of my home parks :D


This I believe is the Janfusun Fancyworld map, which is pretty awesome!!! Love the little vikings theme :p


Fuji-Q which is definitely on my bucket list for parks :D


I like this one because its like the Christmas version of the map, and God knows I will never be down there for christmas, unless I lived down there xD


Awesome Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow map :p Seriously though Epcot is awesome!!


Disneyland Hong Kong, which is pretty cool :D


Wuhan happy valley park guide :D Which is super cool, love getting maps from other countries :D


Adventure island map, which is right outside of london, looks like a pretty cool little park :D


Im pretty sure this is the Disneyland paris :D Awesome, I have always wanted to try their space mountain :p


Got my cool coaster wars magnet, coasting for kids TPR sticker, and my awesome new TPR button :D


Got me a cool coaster wars chapstick, and an awesome TPR pen :D


Here is the DVD menu :D I will be watching this later :)


Last but not least I have the Coaster Expedition Vol. 8 on DVD :D

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A huge box was waiting when I got home today, packed with TPR awesomeness! Literally there was no space left in the box - thank you so much Robb & Elissa for sending this all the way to Australia!




Big package from Florida, including mysterious green jewel!


So much awesome stuff! Thanks TPR!



- red TPR bag

- Ride Entertainment Group GTKW/IAAPA polo

- white TPR t-shirt

- 2008 Knotts Winter Coaster Solace t-shirt

- B&M Dive Coaster brochure

- GCI brochure

- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom map poster

- thankyou note from Robb

- Geauga Lake bum bag (all the cool kids have one of these, I imagine )

- TPR alarm clock

- SFOG cup

- Insane Coaster Wars magnet

- TPR magnet clip

- TPR coasting for kids badge

- TPR Christmas ornament

- TPR pen (I am set for life with all the TPR pens I have!)

- Insane Coaster Wars lip balm (now have a lifetime supply of these too)

- TPR cooling towel

- TPR candy

- rain poncho

- Coaster Expedition Volume 12

- Coaster Expedition Volume 13

- TPR stickers

- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party stickers

- Falcon's Fury wrist slap band

- mystery DVD (that turned out to be Coaster Expedition Volume 7)

- and the park maps, so many park maps - including some from parks I wasn't even aware of! (SF White Water Atlanta, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, SFDK, Animal Kingdom, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Epcot F&W Festival Passport, SFOT, Movieland Park, La Ronde, Caneva Aquapark, Hili Fun City, Nagashima, Universal Singapore, Holiday World, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Disneyland, Wuhan Happy Valley, Mirabilandia, Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, Nasu Highland Park, Kings Island, Universal Halloween Horror Nights, Parque Espana, Yokohama Cosmoworld)


And finally, an enigmatic plastic green jewel was in the box. That one has me puzzled. But no matter - thanks again TPR!

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I got my Bag of Crap a few days ago. Sorry for the delay, it's been a long week. The package was HUGE!!! Thanks so much Robb and Elissa, you guys didn't have to do that! Totally awesome!


The Goods include:

2008 Coaster Solace shirt

2010 AND 2013 WCB shirts

TPR bag

Roller Coasters in the RAW 1-4!!!!

Mystery DVD

TPR Ornament and key chain

TPR waterproof money holder

SeaWorld and WCB event passes (suck it, Blackfish!!)

SFKK AND CP Souvenir maps

Pens, Mints, chapstick, button, magnets, stickers, and park maps from around the world!

The Thank You note and Google Play gift cards were nice touches as well


Thanks again, TPR rocks!! There's not a community on the internet that even comes close to this one.



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I received my TPR package today! It is WONDERFUL! Don't know how to thank you guys! I made an unwrapping video, but it's too large to upload it However, THANK YOU Robb & Elissa! You guys are amazing! I mean, it was super expensive (60 Dollars!) and I appreciate it a lot! Thank you!



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