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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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This is my first time ever looking at this thread and I'm amazed at the amount of things you give in each Bag of Crap! WOW! It's like the perfect gift for a theme park enthusiast since it comes with maps/souvenirs from parks all over the world. I think it's awesome how you guys do this, keep up to good work on putting smiles on peoples faces.

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I received my Box of Crap/Care Package today! I'm still organizing the gigantic pile of awesomeness so no pics yet, but here are some of my favorites:


-Outlaw Run First Rider T-Shirt (I was actually there opening day and so this shirt will help me keep that memory)

-TPR Shirt and Japan Tour Shirt (I love TPR and I can't wait to go to Japan so these were awesome!)

-Kentucky Kingdom and Cedar Point Park Map Posters (I really want to get these framed and up on my wall)

-Roller Coasters in the Raw Volume 2 (I officially have the complete set now)

-$10 iTunes Gift Card (Who doesn't love a gift card?)

-SOOOO many international park maps (My favorite are the Japanese ones!!!)

-Plenty of Disney special event schedules, souvenirs, and maps

-IAAPA brochures


Thank you so much Robb and Elissa for all the amazing stuff!

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A big thanks to Robb and TPR for this spectacular stuff. I did not anticipate even a 1/3 of this stuff coming.





Also, here's a list of EVERYTHING I got:



Roller Coasters in the Raw 5

Roller Coasters in the Raw 6

Legoland 10 Years of Fun Pin

Cars 2 EPCOT Pin

Team TPR Pin

2 Coasting for Kids Stickers

Insane Coaster Wars Magnet

Leviathan Bash Card

Sky Screamer (SFDK) Pin

1/67 Model of a Toyota Camry

Frog Keychain

Mushroom Keychain

Jessie Cube Plushie from Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney

High Roller (Stratosphere) Patch

Parasaurolophus Little Building Kit

Mysterious DVD

Happy Christmas 2013 Ornament

Pink Plastic Japanese Cell Phone Toy

Disneyland Paris Paper Clippy-Thingy

An Asian Toy that I have no idea what it is

Mario Sound Box-Thingy

Outlaw Run Pin

Club TPR Clip

Cedar Point Souvenir Map


Yellow Ducky Toy

Blue Ducky Toy

Insane Coaster Wars Chapstick

TPR Chapstick

Another TPR Chapstick!

Some TPR Bottle that I'm still figuring out on what it's use is

Deep South Bash Bottle

Belmont Park Patch


Big Outlaw Run Magnet

Outlaw Run Newspaper Poster

TPR Cooling Towel

Deep South Bash Lanyard

TPR Mints


Legoland California Factory Tour Goo and Legos

Legoland Florida Factory Tour Lego

Sea World Orlando Manta Media Day Lanyard

Ferrari World Map

Universal Studios Japan 2011 Map

Seibuen-Yuenchi Map

EPCOT Food & Wine Festival 2013 Map

Six Flags White Water Atlanta Map

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2013 Map

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Magic Kingdom 2012 Map

Random Asian Park Map

Another Random Asian Park Map

Italian Movieland Park Map

Disneyland Paris Resort 2012 Map

Tokyo Disneyland 2011 Map

Tokyo DisneySea 2011 Map

Toshimaen Map

Happy Valley Wuhan Map

Universal Studios Singapore Map

Kijima Kogen Map

Mirabilandia 2012 Map

Gardaland Map

Rainbow MagicLand Map

Europa Park 2012 Map

Heide Park 2012 Map

Nasu Highland 2012 Map

Joypolis Map

Hong Kong Disneyland Map

Holiday World Brochure

Legoland Malaysia Map

TPR Shirt

TPR China 2012 Shirt

Outlaw Run USB Stick

Proslide IAAPA Brochure

GCI IAAPA Brochure

Sally IAAPA Brochure

Gerstlauer Launch Coaster IAAPA Brochure

Gerstlauer Suspended Polyp IAAPA Brochure

Gerstlauer Sky Fly IAAPA Brochure

Premier Rides IAAPA Brochure

Geauga Lake Shot Glass

X-Flight (GL) Keychain

Dominator (GL) Postcard

TPR Tote Bag


Moral of the story, children, post a lot of good stuff on TPR and you get some great stuff like all of this.

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I feel like one of these is in my future - I hope that it shows up at my doorstep before I go back to school for several weekends again!


I get the impression that "one does not rush a TPR bag of crap"


the crappeth, will arriveth, when it is ready to appear



Great seeing what folks are getting. . so cool.


and really shows how special Robb & Ellissa make this site, and what makes TPR so special!

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Adam must have done mine too cause I also got John Carter, but it's perfect because that's one of my favorite movies ever.


Huge thanks to Robb and Elissa for this! Its overwhelming how great you guys are to the whole TPR family. Thanks so much!



I think you might be one of the only ones I gave that Epcot 30 map to. (You said you liked Epcot!) Hang on to it. I think they might be somewhat worthful someday...

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Holy Box of Crap Batman!!!! After a crazy week it's always nice to come home to TPR stuff. Thanks for putting together such an amazing package for me!!! Totally diggin' the chapsticks,tshirts, DVDs, BluRay, etc y'all packed this Care package with!!! TPR rocks!!! Thanks Robb and Elissa for sending this out. I feel like a kid on Christmas Day!



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These TPR Bags of Crap look totally AMAZING! It's so wonderful how TPR makes us happy! IMO the joy about these bags show our passion for coasters and that we don't need things that cost a lot to make us happy! It's the small gifts that create happiness! You guys rock!

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