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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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I completely forgot about this Bag of Crap that I won back in October/November, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this on my doorstep! Thanks Robb!!


What could possibly be inside??




Hey look, crap!


Tokyo Disney and King's Island park maps!


Maps of Japanese parks that I've never heard of! Looks like I'll be spending some quality time with RCDB tonight ;]


TPR pen/pencil, a Disney castmember's memoir, and... a DVD?


This isn't just any DVD, it's Coaster Expedition Volume 6, featuring world-class music videos of European parks such as Europa Park, Holiday Park, Mirabilandia, Parc Asterix, Liseberg, Heide Park and more!!!

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The Bag of Crap that I won after sharing the Manhattan Express video on facebook back in October arrived today. Sadly, my camera isn't working at the moment, so no pics. But I got several park maps, mostly from Japan with one from Kings' Island thrown in, a TPR pencil, Coaster Expedition Volume 6, and the book "Mouse Trap: Memoir of a Disneyland Cast Member 1987-2002." (See the post above me, as the contents of our bags were basically the same.) While I'm enjoying everything, I'm most excited about the dvd and book! Thanks so much for sending these out!

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Got my own Bag of Crap in the mail today! It contains the same stuff as the two people above me, but it's still freaking awesome.




Still no glue stick though. Where is it?!?

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Got my Bag of Crap not too long ago! It arrived fast! Here's what was inside:


This looks awesome! Let's get a closer look at everything...


The famous TPR pen (and pencil)!


Maps of Tokyo DisneySea and King's Island! I'm now another step closer to having maps from all the Disney and Cedar Fair parks! Awesome!


A preview copy of "Mouse Trap"! I loved this book, so I'm looking forward to reading it again!


Maps from international parks! I'm assuming these are from Japan.


More international maps! Despite the fact that I can't quite understand what they say, they're interesting to look at and compare to the maps we use in the U.S.!


And finally, a TPR DVD! These are always fun to watch. Thanks a lot for sending it to me!

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I know it's a few days late, but guess what was waiting for me when I got home from work last week? The bag-o-crap that I won from the HHN contest! This is just one of the reasons that TPR rocks!


This awesome bag was just waiting to be ripped open!


Let's see what's inside!


Open Sesame! And the fun starts pouring out.


TPR luggage handle, Coaster Expedition volume 12, lots of park maps and guides, mostly from Asia, TPR mints, a TPR pen (which I'm really excited about-- keep hearing that they're great pens), and an "Insane Coaster Wars/ Travel Channel" lip balm! Pretty darn cool, if I may say so! Thanks so much, TPR!!

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This morning has been a great day for me! First I went to an interview and got hired on the spot and then on my way home I spotted a wonderful looking Bag-O-Crap on my doorstep! Here's what was inside:


Theme Park Review mints x6 ( They're delicious by the way!)

2011 Kings Island Park Map

2011 Nasu Highland Park

2011 Tokyo DisneySea Guide Map ( My Favorite out the whole map bunch)

Green Land Park Map

Yomiuriland Guide Map

Cosmo Land Guide Map

A green Theme Park Review luggage identifier ( Green's my favorite color!)

A Theme Park Review pencil

A Theme Park Review pen

Coaster Expedition Vol. 6 ( Love the music on the video!)


A huge thank you to Theme park Review!! I will treasure this crap as if it was worth a million dollars. Also, later on tonight, I am going to take a picture of the crap I got today and tag Theme Park Review in it on Facebook so all my friends can see all the awesome stuff I got! Again thank you Theme park Review!

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Finally getting my pictures up.


Got this for answering a question way back before IAAPA.


But what's this? The entire back of the envelope was ripped open. Hopefully I didn't lose anything.


Doesn't matter either way, there was some awesome stuff inside! Not pictured was the CE6 I had in my laptop at the time. Thanks again, R&E!

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I too am just now getting around to posting...I must have received mine a couple of weeks ago, but I was out of town during the holiday season. Anyway, here it is in all it's crappy glory! Lots of crappy maps, crappy mints, and other random crap! Of course, I'm defining "crap" in this post to mean "awesome magical thingies!" Thank you for sending it to me!


Look at all this glorious crap!

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I absolutely love this thread. I love the maps from all over the world and all the TPR branded stuff. I really don't know any other website that does this. I'd hate to see the yearly shipping fees for TPR!

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After completely forgetting that I won anything, this came in the mail today!



I wonder whats inside? =D



A sexy TPR bag and some mints! But wait, whats inside of the bag?



Woah! Look at all this fantastic stuff! =D


Inside was a note book, a ton of mints, 3 travel bag ids, a rain poncho, a pen, hand sanitizer, and a tpr bag grip! All these things are going to come into great use on the Texas Mid West trip this year! Thank you some much guys!

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Also not expecting/almost forgetting, a TPR-labeled package arrived in the mail today from the Test Track contest back in Dec. Got a Kings Island map and some maps from Japan. Of course you can't forget the magical TPR pen and the mighty TPR pencil! Now to see what's on the DVD


These maps will be joining the rest of my park map collection!

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Just received Australian and UK park maps, a ton of New Fantasyland stuff, and a mystery DVD from the Bag of Crap I won for participating in Mitch's Poll. With everyone who participated in that and all the regular contests you do on Facebook every day I wasn't expecting to receive one, yet here it is. Thank you TPR for being awesome.

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I am a little slow on posting about the Bag-O-Crap sent to me late last year.(the SLOW children playing sign in my childhood neighborhood had an arrow pointing to my house)...... But........ It has some FANTASTIC STUFF!!!!! I LOVE IT!. tons of park maps, another pen ( I put them in a giant bowl and watch them battle it out to the death) MINTS....ate them all..My favorite thing is the DVD of Coaster Expeditions Vol 10. I must and WILL buy more of these DVDs. It is very awesome to be a member of Club TPR. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TPR!!!!! Looking forward to this year of coasters. Can't wait for MEXICO!!!

Thank you again........Very COOL!

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I came home today and discovered a bag of crap from the Mitch Hawker poll.



What could this be?!?!



IT had a whole bunch of maps including Aussie World, Movieland Studios, Magic Mountain Australia, Epcot, Playland PNE, Camelot, and a whole bunch more. IT also had Coaster Expediton 7 which is really good so far!



YAY! Lots of cool crap!



Thanks Robb and Elissa!

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