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Hershey vs. Knoebels

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Hershey introduced a new system for handicapped people this summer, where they block off a couple rows in each train for handicapped people, who walk through the exit ramp.

I went to both this summer, and to me there is no comparison: Hershey. Knoebels felt home made and not legitamite or official. It was like a backyard amusement park. I only went to ride Phoenix, and I thought it was overrated. Hershey is huge, nice, and has 3 coasters in my top 20. Also, when I went in June, my longest line was 10 minutes (talk about those huge lines......)

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Took my grandson to Knoebels today and had agreat time! It was the most crowded Ive ever seen there. They were runninig two trains on both the Pheonix and the Twister and only had a ten minute wait for rear on Pheonix and front on Twister. The park has so much to do other than the 2 coasters. We did Hershey last month mostly for Skyrush that didnt dissapoint. Hershey park is deffinately more of a theme park and Knoebels has more of a county fair feel. You cant go wrong with either park, you just need to decide on what you want to do more!

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Okay, let me help you guys out and go ahead and lock this thread. The original post was made two years ago. The person that was asking for advice has already taken the trip, therefore we do not need to be offering up advice anymore.

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