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PHOTO TR: Cleaning out my closet. Lot's of old pictures

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Today we have a few shots of the disaster transport and corkscrew ride operations book, and a special treat. I can't say what it is from, but your more than welcome to guess.





The disaster transport s.o.p guide


One of the pages inside. This page shows the ridership of the ride over the years.


The layout of the ride.


The corkscrew s.o.p book.


Ride diogram.


The corkscrews ridership.


Now what I have here is a blueprint. What the blueprint is for, is anyones guess.....execept for me because I know...lol

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Hmm... is it some kind of dark ride? I notice special effects lighting on there...


Random guess but... the San Francisco Earthquake Ride ? ..heh, no idea here. I've never been to Cedar.




Kinda close.....but no.

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Ok, so as I'm getting older, my mind is starting to fail, but for some reason I remember racing log fumes at CP. I want to say they were on the main midway, but could be mistaken. Am I just imagining things or was it real? Seems like they were down by the carousel or something. I think I'm just old.

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What's up with all those women as team leaders?


Cedar Point is Sexist.

Actually they were, before 1999 (or sometime around that I think) the crews were one sex or the other (Raptor for instance was an all male crew when it opened) so Disaster Transport and Corkscrew were all female crews hence the all female leads on the rides.

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What's up with all those women as team leaders?


Cedar Point is Sexist.


I think the old operating model was put in place for two reasons:


1) The all male crews usually worked on rides where they would manually have to move the trains requiring a lot of physical strength (Demon Drop, Blue Streak, Sky Ride) whereas the female crews would run the more high tech rides that could be moved with the computer (Magnum, Corkscrew)


2) It cut down on flirting during the work day (though I tend to disagree with that mentality).


That's how it was when I worked there 1986-1990.

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I was gonna guess Boeklings, guess not!


Is that Toy Factory or Pharoah?



It was pharaoh.


I have the complete blueprint, but it is huge so I can't scan it.


As far as 2 log flumes, if you look back a page or two, there are some pictures of an old map from 1971. In the pictures, you can see shoot the rapids and mill race. Mill race did not have the biggest hills, but it was a fun ride. Shoot the rapids was a duel flume ride. I don't remember much about the ride, but I know I was on it when I was a kid.

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Anyone remember "coaster cards"?


I have the first (and maybe only) set of cards from 2001. There are 81 cards in the set, a index card, and a motion card of magnum xl 200 at cedar point.


I have looked for a 2002 to 2010 sets, but had no luck finding them.


I have included a few cards from the set.


The box that the set of cards came in.


A few cards.


Back side.






Front of the list.


Back of the list.


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