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PHOTO TR: Cleaning out my closet. Lot's of old pictures

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I totaly forgot about scanning more of the space mountain booklet. I apologize, as I was working on the cedarpoint winter update. I will try to get more up this weekend.


In the mean time, enjoy this old picture of top thrill dragster construction.


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Here are a few odds and ends....


Half of hard rock park....R.I.P


The other half


The Detroit historical musem. Why add this you ask? Because they have a lot of history on past amusement parks in detroit like boblo island and edgewater park.


Back side.


Crossroad village is a history style park with a few classic kiddy rides and a old ferris wheel.


History of some of the classic rides.





An old cedarpoint plate.


A few kennywood pictures starting with the old turnpike cars.


I need help with this one. I am not sure if this is from the old mill, or the old coal theamed dark ride. Anyone know?


The old mill station.


The front of the ride.

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This short report is all about the coasters and attractions of 1988.


There are ads from cedarpoint, lakeside park, boblo island, kennywood, blackpool, and six flags great america.


Boblo island's new indoor coaster.


Lakeside park. Never been here, but would love to check this park out.


Kings islands new water ride.


Blackpool pleasure beach.


Coaster capital of the world? You decide.


Cedarpoint gemini picture. Also announcing the new soak city water park. Funny how it only cost 3.5 mill to build the entire park. A slide alone cost's that today.


Shockwave at six flags great America. Never did get to ride it, but did get to see it sitting in pieces next to the park on a hill.

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Another quick update......


This update includes Epcot, Boblo, and Hershey park.


The epcot booklet still lists body wars as "open", and it also was the year that mission space opened.


My first visit to hershey park.


Dates of operation.



Show times.


Epcot. Epcot is probaly my favorate park.


All about the fast passes..


Sorry this is crooked, I did not want to bend the map up too much.



A random story about Boblo island.

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I visited Epcot in 03. I rode Body Wars right after lunch and almost hurled...haha. I was fine after about an hour or so. It was the only time I ever felt sick after a ride. Mission Space was not open yet but it was pretty close to completion. Here's a section of the 2003 map below where you can see it marked. Keep this thread going. Great stuff.



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Great Maps! I always find it funny how the only attractions in Disney history that are officially scary are Captain EO, Great Movie Ride and Honey, I Shrunk The Audience. I mean, your five year old won't be scared on Snow Whites Scary Adventures or The Backlot Tour!


p.s. I love Epcot too.

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