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PTR: larrygator's 2010 European Travels

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For the 5th consecutive year I visited Europe with TPR and had a blast again. I extended my trip for an additional week after the Europe Tour with a Eurail Pass to visit more new parks. It was an awesome two weeks, meeting up with old friends and making new ones during the first week and then traveling to new places the second week.


Technically my trip started on June 26th at Legoland Windsor, but I accidentally left my camera with the left luggage desk at Hearthrow. I met up with TPR members the night of June 26th before heading out to Thorpe Park the next day. It was an odd day, as many people starting the Europe Trip joined those ending the UK Trip, but a great time was had by all.


I enjoyed my time at Thorpe Park much more than in 2006. The combination of England playing a World Cup match midday and the Fast Passes that Robb and Elissa arranged made crowds very manageable.


Since a lot of PTRs are going to posted by others for the parks visited in the first half of my trip, I'll keep my reports from those parks short and quirky, and the ones for the later parks will be more informative.


June 27th - Thorpe Park (posted below)

June 28th/29th - Page 1 - Gardaland

June 29th - Page 3 - Mirabilandia

June 30th - Page 3 - Movieland Studios

July 1st/2nd - Page 4 - Europa Park

July 2nd - Page 4 - Wurzburg Fair with Olympia Looping

July 3rd - Page 5 - Phantasialand

July 4th - Page 5 - Efteling

July 5th - Page 6 - Dunirell

July 6th - Page 7 - Legoland Deutschland

July 6th - Page 7 - Skyline Park

July 7th - Page 8 - Erlebnispark Strasswalchen

July 7th - Page 9 - Zinkelift Mountain Coaster

July 7th - Page 10 - Hallein Salt Mine Tour and Salzburg sightseeing

July 8th - Page 10 - Video of the Tagada at Wiener Prater

July 8th - Page 11 - Coasters of Wiener Prater

July 8th - Page 12 - Flat rides of Wiener Prater

July 8th - Page 13 - Fun Houses of Wiener Prater

July 8th - Page 13 - Ghost Trains and Glass Mazes of Weiner Prater

July 8th - Page 14 - Walk Throughs and other remaining Dark Rides of Wiener Prater

July 8th - Page 14 - Last batch of Wiener Prater pictures

July 9th - Page 15 - VidamPark

July 9th - Page 15: Budapest sightseeing

Page 16: All Parks Maps


The day starts with a TPR picture in front of the park, I present a rare reverse view of this ritual.


Since I would be hanging with the Brit Crew all day, I decide to post a picture of the "Free Cash" machine, just like they do.


Sorry Brad. The crocs are bad, but I'm not sure these are much better looking.


Another Brit Crew ritual, helping Mike cream up.


Just a couple of TPR members checking out a test seat and studying how it remains stationary.


Just to change things up I took a coaster picture.


Can you feel the magic?


The sophisticated Extreme Fasttrack system at Thrope. It might be primitive but it works.


Someone in this picture needs a haircut.


A syringe to the temple gives Scottish Steve a reason to scream.


Another coaster picture thingy.


Who the hell would try to win one of these rejects?


Seriously, how can you let something like this grow on the top of your head?


At least the English put those Mad Cows to good use.


The pugel stick battles are an upcharge, but that didn't stop this mother from destroying her son.


Speaking of which, after the English were annihilated in their soccer match, Dave Fudge decides to take it out on the Scottish.


Coaster shot!


Something Andrew ate didn't agree with him, so he let's one rip on the rapids.


I hate to tell you TPMoptop, but you can't hide that hair behind a pair a sunglasses.


I was denied my ride on the Teacups thanks to someone puking on it near closing time.


I don't care how crappy the lighting is in the photo, I love Colossus' 4 consecutive zero-g rolls. The only good part of the ride.


At some point in the day, I hid under the Nemesis Inferno netting to avoid the sun, but once ERT started I rode Nemesis Inferno for 50 minutes after only one ride on Saw: The Ride.

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I agree, Thorpe was an odd day with the mix of the two trips. It was both sad and exciting.


THis just goes to show you how awesome TPR ERT is. Apparently Larry and I were both riding flaming nemmy at the same time for about the same duration without ever seeing each other. I am guessing we were on different trains. I love front of the train rides with no waiting!

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THis just goes to show you how awesome TPR ERT is. Apparently Larry and I were both riding flaming nemmy at the same time for about the same duration without ever seeing each other. I am guessing we were on different trains


There were only 3-4 on my train at the end of ERT. I had no idea who was on the other train. On the brake run, I could count the number of dangling legs diminishing as ERT progressed but had no clue who was on the other train.


Regarding my post trip. I was solo and will provide a detailed itinerary after this thread is complete in case anyone wants to replicate. It was easy to execute, but took a lot of pre-planning and preparation (knowing where to leave luggage, train schedules and maps) to run smoothly.


I was without a mobile device for the trip so I ended up carrying a binder was about 80 printed pages so I would be prepared for missed connections and always have directions.

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Larry, I love this already! Now that I've just about recovered from the shock of you carrying a camera around on a trip, I can be excited for the rest of the updates! Glad you managed to capture just a few of the DOZENS of Brit Crew routines... LOL.

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The next morning those going on the Europe trip got up real early to catch a flight to Milan on the World's Favourite Airline.


After a 3 hour flight and 3 hour bus ride we arrived at Brunoland, em I mean Gardaland. Bruno only works there. Bruno greeted TPR with a complimentary drink and light snacks at the hotel. We were also outfitted with a two day ticket along and a Gift Pass that provided one-time front of line access for each coaster on July 28th. Although some people (I won't give names), were not smart enough to use the pass on the 28th and had to wait 45 minutes for Blue Tornado the next day. Way to go Anth!


Gardaland was surprising better themed than I expected. Gardaland is making improvements with a new haunted walk through attraction for 2010 and a new coaster installation next year. Unfortunately, that means Tunga the Ape Man and Canyon Creek were been removed (although they live on in the Park Index). But the park still has a very good dark ride in iCorsari and a Vekoma Mad House with a unique beginning. It is unfortunate that with Italy's weather the park's water rides are not wet.


I also found the food at the park to be excellent and this wasn't the case at all Italian parks.


These pictures consist of visits from both July 28th and 29th.


Reception that Gardaland threw for TPR upon arrival at the hotel.


Luckily this will be the last country where we have to witness TPHairball


Although I did not ride this one, I love Huss Condors.


A relaxing ride on the Flying Island but it appears TPCousinIt has developed a "lou"mor.


Requests have been made for more pictures of me in my PTRs. I don't know why!


Golden Boobs


Worst coaster idea ever!


Cory petitioning to join the "Tat Pack"


I hear that Bruno played a big part in retheming this into a shooting dark ride. But Italians brag a lot so who knows. Prego!


mmmmmmm! Crepes! mmmmmmm!


The wackiest worm of all-time.


Looks like someone got a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas.


Camera whore! The only time it is acceptable to refer to a respectable English lady as a whore.


I did not sample the Pizza Cone.


Someone call the Polizia. A Shriner has kidnapped the park mascot.


TPBirdNest turns to admire James' lack of hair.




The half price rack after Italia's World Cup stinker.


I don't know if any other TPR members stayed til park close to catch the L'Occhio di Ramses show with colored water fountains,


lasers, music


and FIRE!


Suck that, World of Color!

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Joe - TPDave is fun to hang out with at parks, you used to be that way, years ago.


EB - It will be worth the wait to see the pictures from the solo portion of my trip. I took a lot of pictures and think I captured the enhance of the parksm


Benny - that is correct, Spongebob 4D now occupies the Time Voyagers building.


Brian - funny thing is when I took that picture I thought it was Ryan, Dave and yourself, so I had to come up with a new caption.


Yes, I do think of captions when I take photos.


I should have Mirabilandia posted tonight.

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Hmm--I am somewhat intrigued by the "pizza cone," but I know you have rather high standards for pizza.


Fun stuff, Larry--that camera was a good investment.

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YAY for Laq pics!! And dude, there was a Huss Condor at Gardaland?? Why didn't we ride it?! I don't even remember seeing it! Though I also don't remember riding the rapids...?! I think I DO remember that that might've been the line where we called Cameron to come and pick up the LaqSack, but not the ride itself.


Camera whore!

Look, you were taking a really rather dull picture of TP and James not paying any attention to you whatsoever, I figured having a curly-haired manically grinning freak in the picture might liven things up!

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Steve - Look at it this way, with my awesome travel skills I made it to two different airports in two hours


Chuck - Yes, I'm a pizza snub and wouldn't go near the pizza cone


Eric/Melissa - I didn't know the laser/water/fire show existed until I stumbled upon it when trying to get one last ride on Ramses


Lou - Yes, I fail for not pointing out the Condor, it was semi hidden and hard to see behind some trees. Then I double failed in having to ride one alone at the last park of the trip. And thanks for saving all my dull pictures.

Edited by larrygator
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Lou - Yes, I fail for not pointing out the Condor, it was semi hidden and hard to see behind some trees. Then I double failed in having to ride one alone at the last park of the trip. And thanks for saving all my dull pictures.


I would totally have got on a plane and flown to Hungary or wherever the hell you were to ride a Condor with you! It must be love!

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^Damn, I should have called you. If only I had a working cell phone.


On the morning of June 29th we boarded a bus for Mirabilandia. Like many on the group I was very impressed with the theming and beauty of the park. Robb and Elissa arranged for V-Pass' for the Group. This Lo-Q system serves like a Gold Q-Bot but instead of a merge point before the queue gates, you board right on the rides directly in front of the people that expect to be on that same ride.


The park has a great 1-2 coaster punch in Katun and iSpeed. Katun is now my second favorite invert after Nemesis, I know others on the trip are in agreement on this. Another very memorable ride at the park was the Splash Battle that was akin to having a water balloon fight with someone from 10 feet away.


Unfortunately some OCD riddled participants conquered the park too quickly and in a group vote resoundly elected to leave the park an hour early and go back to Gardaland a little earlier. While Gardaland is a nice park, Mirabilandia is far superior and I can't imagine any coaster enthusiasts having more fun in 60 minutes Gardaland than another 60 minutes riding iSpeed or Katun.


Enough editorializing and on to the pictures.


As I said earlier we had these things, but we had to break off into groups of four and there were 10 people in our group.


At this point TPToomuchhair tried to take charge in finding two additional people to increase our group to a multiple of four. But I realized that Dave's strategy of approaching groups of three people to find two people to join us was not going to work.


So even though Divv is clearly the leader of the Brit Crew, I made the free agent pick-up of the trip by signing Cory and Dominique to the Brit Crew. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the two of them, so this will such to suffice.


Somehow I reverted back to my old ways of not taking pictures of coasters. So I present two nerds taking a picture of my #2 invert, Katun. Even though we had the V-Pass' we also had ERT on Katun before the park opened.


This coaster is as good as its' sign.


I concede this is not as good as World of Color.


Elissa jokingly admitted bad parenting skills, allowing Kristen to ride this rough mouse. But in reality, Elissa is a fantastic mom.


While the rest of else rode Ghostville, Scaredy Steve played "bag lady."


The Music Express has a personality disorder and thinks it is a caterpillar. You can see the canopy in the background.


Proud Mary keep on burnin'


Robb decides to graze in a field while checking his iPhone.


I'm not grazing.


I'm surveying my kingdom!


This duck has a yellow bill, it is not a beak.


Don't worry KT, it's not the real Statue of Liberty.


and these are not real Space Shuttles.


Crooked station for the powered coaster.


European parks have a penchant for theming spinning tea cups to cannibal cauldrons.


Dinosaur egg monorail was cool.


Someone mentioned that this ride gave good airtime but I didn't ride.


"Main street" area and site of the fateful vote to leave early. Sorry for the lack of quality photos this go around.

Edited by larrygator
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Unfortunately some OCD riddled participants conquered the park too quickly and in a group vote resoundly elected to leave the park an hour early and go back to Gardaland a little earlier.


I agree 100%. Because there was so much to do, our group didn't even make it back to Katun! At no other point on the trip were we to have such easy access to coasters of that caliber (Katun & iSpeed). Though I imagine many of the people who voted to leave were not among those who went back into Gardaland.

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People voted to leave to return to Gardaland?


Great TR Larry! I have to say, Italy in the summer for parks -- a very brave thing! It's usually Dante's Inferno temperatures.


Italian water parks are quite something if you've ever had the chance to visit one. A must in the summer if not at the beach or islands.


Looking forward to seeing the rest and especially the solo pics!




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