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Cedar Point's New Woodie [NL]

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The results are in! Choosing the winner between these 3 was a bit tough. They were all great coasters, but 1 really stood out against the others.

First Place: The Savage-gci2011.

Score Breakdown:

Technical: 9/10

Technique/Creativity: 8.5/10

Thrill Factor: 10/10

Total: 9.1


Second Place: Rocket Rodder-Meteor


Technical: 6/10

Technique/Creativity: 9/10

Thrill Factor: 8/10

Total: 8.3


Third Place: Wild-inflameswetrust21


Technical: 7/10

Technique/Creativity: 7/10

Thrill Factor: 6/10

Total: 6.3


Breakdown explanations/comments:


MeteorRocket Rodder


Technical: The track was fairly good technically, however there were a few pumpy spots that could have been ironed out. There was a few lateral spikes. 6/10


Techinque/Creativity: I really liked the steep first drop and the twisty bits. Very nice. However, I could have seen the layout more spread out and less compact. 9/10


Thrill Factor: This ride kept my heart pumping the whole time! The twisty bits were like I-305 and awesome! It was a great mix of airtime and twisties. 8/10





Technical: The track was good technically, There was 1 red lateral spike, which would be painful. Or deadly. I didn't see many pumps. The lift was little steep, and the upward brakes are something I've never seen on a woodie. 7/10


Technique/Creativity: The overbanks were cool, and the steep first drop was fun. However, all the braking near the end was really odd. 7/10


Thrill Factor: The first half was nice, however the train really did seem to crawl over the hills, providing little airtime. After the first brake run, the ride got really slow and uninteresting. 6/10



The SavageGci2011

Technical: Not much wrong here! The ride had little to no pumps and the supports were phenomenal. However, there were a few lateral spikes on the Helixes. 9/10


Technique/Creativity: The helices were quite cool, I liked them. The steepish drop was great! The double down was nice as well. 8.5/10


Thrill Factor: This coaster was relentless! The speed just would not let up! It was a constant airtime filled speed machine. Wonderful. 10/10


Thanks to all that participated, I really had fun hosting a contest, and I hope to do another in the future! If you have any ideas for a future contest, don't hesitate to send me a PM!

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^^Hint: Savage


I'm glad that Savage won. It was my favorite. Meteor by RR was a close second for me, but all three weren't really great. I would have liked to see more entries, though. I have a few ideas for a contest of my own, by the way.


might-I wish I actually could have participated-beawannabe


EDIT: I now realize that they were supposed to be at Cedar Point. Doh!

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I am going to rate these coasters too, if you don't mind.


The Savage


I hope you don't take offense to this, gci2011.


Have you ever been to Cedar Point? This contest is called "Cedar Point's New Woodie," not "Build a wooden coaster in the foothills of the Appalachians." You've got lots of terrain and hills, thousands of pine trees and a river running through the middle of the ride. What fantasy Cedar Point is that?


As for your ride, it should not have placed in the contest, because it disqualified. It fails the E-stop test because you have that weird hidden block brake halfway through the ride. E-stop a train in the first brakes. The train on the tracks will smash into it, hurting a lot of people. Just because transport segments are allowed doesn't mean you should use them. There are few woodies that use them, and GCIs certainly don't. Angle your track downward so gravity moves them through the brakes and station.


You had at least three moments of negative G's that were too intense, and there were several times when the lateral G's were either too intense or nearing too intense. The track is not smooth. There are many instances of pumping, and the bottom of the big drop under the lift hill is misshapen.


The ride started off pretty exciting, but I found it dull after a while. It was just a lot of turns and hills with airtime that goes into the red. You also have several tree hits. Your lift hill's not straight. Supports needed some customization, not just all prefab.


Rating: 2/10 technical, 4/10 creativity (you got really creative with making up Cedar Point), 4/10 thrill. 10/30. (Disqualified)





This coaster starts off with a pretty good first drop, two boring, tall turns and ends up messy.


The first drop was big and steep with plenty of airtime. The bottom of the first drop jolts to the right. The two turning hills after that are dull and banked too much (especially the second one) for the speed. The drop off the second turn feels odd. It's hard to say exactly how, but it felt like the transition from banked to unbanked was awkward.


Then the rest of the ride is not too great. It's just a many high-banked turns, odd banking, odd transitions (left to right to left again, right to level to right). It's uncomfortable. The shifting from left to right can be done well, which is how GCI does it. Yours doesn't do it well. It's an art. Yours is just an excuse to change banking and turns. The transitions also are rough. Try using con roll. It helps.


Support work was nothing impressive. No custom supports here either. Your station fly-through really needs more supports. Look at it. There are no supports on the station side. The track cannot hold up, even with the (prefab) lateral supports on the other side. You also needed lateral supports in some of your low turns. The turns under the above structure were OK, but your turns in the open really needed more support.


It passes E-stop test.


Oh, your color scheme is atrocious. Maroon? On a wooden coaster?


Rating: 3/10 technical, 5/10 creativity, 5/10 thrill. 13/30.





This is the best coaster of the bunch. The pacing is all right, the layout's pretty fun.


But (yes, there's always a but), you disqualified. The coaster fails the E-stop test. The block brake is not long enough or strong enough to stop a train, and the next block brake (the trim brakes on the bunny hop, which shouldn't be there), will cause the train to roll back and eventually stop in those brakes. Meanwhile, the other train will be released from the lift hill and crash into the stopped train. You should have designed the rest of the ride well enough so you didn't need to trim any speed in the brakes.


You should have made your brake run longer so the train would stop. Then you would have more track to work with, and you could have made that bunny hop longer and remove the brakes. By making the bunny hop longer, the airtime wouldn't be so intense, which is why I imagine you put those awful "trims" (turn block segment off) in there.


The big swooping turn after the camelback looks nice, but it's too tall. The train slows down to 12 mph there. The little turn between the camelbacks has lateral G's that are way too much if you ride in the back seat. The drop off the block brake has too many negative G's if you ride in the back seat.


Your lift hill isn't straight. Your ride has plenty of bumping and strange transitions into and out of the banking. I didn't even check if the banking was too much for the PTCs (PTCs can't handle quick banking because the wheels go through the car). I also found that turn after the block brake really odd. It's got a lot of control points, but the rest of the ride doesn't. Did you save that element from a track someone else used? It's too highly banked for the speed at which the train goes through it. It's also the smoothest part of the ride.


Rating: 2/10 technical, 6/10 creativity, 6/10 thrill. 14/30. (Disqualified)

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