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Cedar Point's New Woodie [NL]

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I was going to upload this tomorrow, but I'm taking my computer in to have some work done on it, so I'll be without it for a few days.


I present to you...


The Savage!


This crazy ride is a mix of a GCI Twister, an airtime-filled Intamin Prefab, and even goes a bit retro with a Beast-inspired finale!


Note - I built this on my mac, and with no tools, its a bit out of control. I did my best to keep the G's down.


CP 2011-100819235927000.bmp

The Savage.nltrack

New for 2011, The Savage, at America's Roller Coast, Cedar Point!


Enjoy the ride!

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Well guys, time has come and gone, and we have 3 great entries that Cedar Point is considering for their new woodie!


Unfortunatly, my computer charger just broke last night (Typing this on my MyTouch Slide...). I wasn't able to finish the judging. However, I'm trying to create some sort of makeshift repair so I can get it done. I have had a lot of fun hosting this, and I may host another in the near future


So to recap, I'm going to try to make a makeshift repair for the night just so I can get the judging done and get the results up. Once again, I really enjoyed hosting this contest, and I'm looking foward to hosting another!


PS, if you have a coaster done but just forgot to get it in or whatever, go ahead and post it before I finish the judging and you should be fine.

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I have seen them all, and I know which one I think won this but it's not my contest so I am not going to jump out with my pick for the winner... for the time being.


When it comes to NL I am not really one to be counted on for picking the "RIGHT" winner though, I don't look at G's or any other stats. I just ride in the front and the back do a few fly overs and go with what I think looked like the funnest ride.

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