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Cedar Point's New Woodie [NL]

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Cedar Point is looking for a new woodie to replace the rough and unpopular Mean Streak, and they've hired you for the job! They want to get started as soon as possible, and want your design in by August 21st for approval. Cedar Fair has put together a list of do's and don'ts for your coaster.



1. Must be one of the 4 wooden coasters available in no limits, however it can be a hybrid (steel supports)

2. Must reach a top speed of at least 65 MPH.

3. Must stay within +/-4.5 Vertical and +/-1 Lat. gs. (You may go over, but you will be deducted points)

4. No transport track is allowed, unless used for transporting train from station-lift or brake-station

5. Must operate with at least 2 trains, any length. (E-stop tested)

6. Inversions are allowed.


Everything else is up to you!

There is no template.

Scenery is allowed but it will not add to your score.


Scoring Rubric:

Up to 10 points for Technical (smoothness, etc)

Up to 10 points for Fundamentals/Technique (Creativity)

Up to 10 points for Thrill Factor


Once again, the deadline is August 21st


Track not submitted

Track Submitted

Possible entrant





4.the ghost






10.Rocket Rodder

11.Ace Of Spades

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I would give it a try, but I'll be on vacation all next week so won't have any time to work on it before the deadline. Good luck to everyone else though and I can't wait to see some of the entries when I get back.


EDIT: Count me in if you decide to push the deadline back as a lot of people seem to be asking for that.

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^It will really depend on the severity. If you have one G spike for a split second that isn't very high then I won't count it (Really just need to wait 'till judging day). But if I see constant spikes of 100+ (I've seen it before, just look at some of the low rated coasters over at nolimits exchange )


I've added everyone to the list

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Sounds like a great idea...except for the part where inversions are allowed. With the whole SOB ordeal, Cedar Fair would do everything possible to distance themselves from the problems with that when building a new ride, the loop being one of them.

I had thought about that, but I figured not many would be making them, plus, I didn't want to just completely rule out inversions, as I don't care either way.


If anyone has progress they are welcome to post it here

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