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Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Photo Tour PTR

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Way back on June I return back to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV for something they only do four times a year and that is a Photo Tour of the site. This is done with a small group of people in the mornings and one in the afternoons before the ghost hunt that night, which I also did again. I will say the chance to walk around in the main building in the daylight was really worth it along with some of the other buildings onsite that you do not get a chance to do during the Ghost hunt. It also helped me out to get a better lay of the land for the Hunt later that night.


Please note that you will see two types of photos in this report with one being from a regular camera and the other being from my Infrared camera that I use on Paranormal Investigations. I decided to try it out in the daylight to see how it took photos and maybe catch something. I will let you be the judge on how things turned out.


Enough of this and on with the pics.



This is the view as I rounded the building to park.



As I was waiting on the doors to open I walked around the Courtyard.



Here is the TB Hospital that is onsite. We where not allowed to enter it during the tour. Seems alot of people do not like going in there that work here.



Here is the door that you will go through if you where being committed to the Hospital either by choice or force.



Shall we head towards the Civil War Part of Hospital first?



This old chair is said to date back to when the place first opened. It is just waiting for something unseen to sit a rock in it.



Many have looked out this very window during this building's lifetime wondering many of things.



Silence rules this hallway today



The old kitchen that once made meals for the people unlucky to be here is quiet but at night the chef is up to something.



Walkway from main building to the cafeteria that was used to feed people. This was an area that we did not venture into.



This area of the Hospital was built around the start of the Civil War and is the oldest and one of the most active areas.



A window that fell victim to a rock



The famous clock tower that still operates today.



One of the many places staff could find to get away from the patients.



Welcome to Lockdown!



Here is the hall for the solitude cells in the Men's Ward. Here is where the most violent and dangerous men where kept.



The community bathrooms on the third floor



More cells for the dangerous and violent patients of the hospital.



End of one of the lone hallways



Nice full trees are in almost every window on the backside.



Pick yourself a door to enter.



The fountain in the courtyard



Vines are trying take over the place.



The clock tower from the fourth floor



Welcome to the Closet



This is part of the fourth floor that has something in it that has scratched me the last two ghost hunts I have done here. Each time the scratches get more deep and larger. Yea I am going back in Aug to see what happens.



As you can guess people are not allowed to use this walkway anymore.



Many have looked and many have not found it



The witch is said to be the one that roams this hall and dislikes men.



View from one of the windows on the fourth floor.



View towards Asylum Street



On our way to the Medical Building



Time to enter the Medical Building. this is where alot of cruel and inhuman things where done to people.



These ramps where used to wheel people up and down the building. If these areas could talk it would be interesting.



Looking from the top floor of Medical Building down at the Civil War Wing.



There are stairs in the Medical Building if you prefer.



Few rooms still have the curtains that where used when the Medical Building was in operation.



Some of the rooms have seen better days as you can see from this.



This was where alot of meal where had. I wonder how long these flowers have been in here?



Here is the lone remaining Body Cooler in the morgue.



Your view if you where laying a slab.



Time to exit the building



Civil War section of hospital and the main building



The famous Civil War section



Next up and final stop is the Criminally Insane Building



Where everyone stayed in the Building in large rooms with beds in them. this was the site to many deaths for that reason.



Your only view of the outside from this building.



Bars and wire are meant to keep you inside but give you a glimpse of what the outside looked like.



There where alot of paintings that where done by the ones held captive in this building.



Parting shot as I was heading to get afew hours of sleep before the Ghost Hunt began.



Here are all the pics I took on the tour if you care to gander at them and thanks for getting this far in the Trip report:


Regular Pics with Regular Camera

Infrared Pics from Infrared Camera

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