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Six Flags Southern Kingdom [RCT3]

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In 2010, Six Flags lost their park in Kentucky. Relizing the loss of money from no renvune from the Southern Midwest reigon, Six Flags decided to build a new park.


The new park was labeled Six Flags Southern Kingdom, a park outside of Nashville, TN. The park features Batwing, Greezed Lightnin', Mind Eraser, Great American Scream Machine(From SFGAd), and Racer. The ground breaking began in august of 2010, and the park is set to open in 2013. I Brian Grabowski am the GM of the park and will be posting pics when we start our season in 2013.

-Brian Grabowski, GM at SFSK, of the Six Flags Theme Park Corporation.





P.S.- the park is almost ready, so pics will be posted in a few days

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Ok, most of the coasters aren't clones, GASM came from SFGAd, Greezed Lightnin' came from SFKK,and Racer is a restored coaster. Only Mind Eraser and Batwing are clones, also this is a fantasy park, so it can be how I like it, and most of the people who have commeted did not care about clones

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Actually the funny things is that Southern Kingdom was built in the late 60s, and John Allen designe Racer for the park. Then the park closed in 1991, for what seemed like forever, then in 2005 Six Flags bought the property but never developed it. Then when SFKK closed, Six Flags invested in the property to turn it into Six Flags Southern Kingdom. Also with this update i present the other woodie at the park that has taken 2 seasons to restore. Also it is now season 5, and some major progress has been made. Mind Eraser got the yellow/orange paintjob, Superman the return opened(Scream! from SFMM), Batwing became falcon, Batman: The Ride was built, and The Racer has had a re-tracking done by GCI.


Jack Rabbit, a single track racer similar to the Kennywood Racer


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No, i have some update. The park recieved some damage, mostly just scenery, but Greezed Lightnin' was srtuck by lightning and the controls caught fire. Also the about 50 trees were uprooted, also the we had the station collaspe on Mind Eraser, but the coaster is sustained no damage, I am happy to say that we got everyone out of the park about 10 minutes before the tornado touched down, so there were no injuries at the park. However the park will remain closed to the public the rest of the season as we fix and re-build things, plus everything in the park now has to be re-inspected

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Season 9 update:

Well it's been 9 years since the park opened, and no rides have been removed but were running out of room. Look for Mind Eraser or Greezed Lightnin' to be moved because of the ride rotation program. There has been rumors that we may be recieving a Intamin launched coaster, I see if they're true.

-Brian Grabowski, GM of SFSK


The newest ride Diablo Falls

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