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New Project: Mission Park [RCT3]

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Hello everyone! I'm Kiwipet. I am a Taiwanese,and I live in Taiwan.This is my first time posting, please forgive me if I make any errors; my English is a little weak.

I started a park in RCT3, called Mission Park. This amusement park will be somewhat similar to Belmont park in San Diego, and it’s still under construction. I am not a very good RCT3 Builder, but I am going to update when I can. What I need from you are suggestions and support.


Here are some screenshots:


This wooden coaster named Big Dipper.



another view



night view







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It's not a timeline park ,because I am not familiar with the history of U.S. amusement park.

This is just my idea of the construction of the amusement park.

By the way,I would like to build a hotel at the beach.

It might be like this:



Please look forward to it

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I have a great piece of history information here: At this time, parks didn't have an admission gate and you paid for each ride, and in some cases you could buy two in a row. I'd guess the perfect time is from 1930 (if it was a new park) to 1970 (if an older seaside attraction). You have done an excellent job on this is perfectly oriented. I love the main walkway going under the ride, reminiscent of the Big Dipper at Geauga lake in the coaster's early years.I think it's great as a standalone ride myself, almost like Coney Island's many vendors during its long history. It is truly the best looking RCT3 coaster I've ever seen! You created the perfect thing here without knowing much about American roller coaster history. How long have you been working on this?


Eh, I'll stop blabbering like an idiot know and just cut to the chase: A million applauds to you!

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