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Californian Adventures

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Hi everyone!


This is what's goin to be my first finished RCT 3 park, so give constructive critics plz.


In the picture you get a clue of what's done. You are looking towards the area accessed by walking right from the entrance, called Timber Woods. more work is coming soon on new areas.


(By the way; I really would appreciate if someone could tell me how to hide and show the interface buttons.)

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Got some new pics:


Remade Entrance Building:



Timber Wolf (Woodie) Area:



The New area's Coaster wich is also the signature Ride, named Galaxy. Entrance (incomplete):



Think you can guess the theming...

Anyways, here's a shot of the lift hill:



As you can see it's a B&M Hyper/Speed coaster.

You might figure out that it's inspired by Silver Star at Europa Park.

Here's the back of the Coaster (landscape and Trees are going to be added):



That's all for this time, hope you enjoyed it!


(Ps. I'm thinking of instead of continue on this, i want to make a whole new park,

since i had no custom scenery when i started this, and also my skill is really improved,

so please leave a comment with your thoughts.)

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