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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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Even though it's not my all-time favorite, it's the best new steel coaster I rode in 2013 (and also the only one I have a picture of on my iPad). The incredibly awesome Montaña Infinitum at La Feria Chapultepec Magico in Mexico City. No trims, sexy curves, and classic Schwarzkopf goodness.


Taken back in March during the TPR Mexico Tour.

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My favorite all time steel, and my favorite all time coaster, Raptor

Am I the only one who thinks Raptor is usually a bit underrated? I mean, it's such a great ride but I get the idea that it's not that much of a big deal at CP (and also have the feeling that maintenance is a bit sloppier than in other rides which, if it really is the case, makes the coaster even more awesome as it still is 100% smooth). Definitely one of my favourite rides too.

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^It is awesome for sure! When I went in October, in my opinion Raptor was just as smooth as Millennium, maybe even smoother? I feel like it gets its share of love though and every time I've gone to CP, it has one of the longest lines.


But I have a change in favorite coasters.

Maverick is now my #1 steel over Millennium

Thunderhead and The Voyage are now tied for #1 woodie for me since my trip to Dollywood last week.

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My favorite wooden coaster (and probably overall) is El Toro at SFGADv.


My favorite steel coaster is Kingda Ka.



Here are a few others I'd put at the top of my list:






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I can never just narrow it down to one, but here are my top three:

Prowler at Worlds of Fun, Millennium Force - Cedar Point, I love Mr. Freeze at SFSTL, plus it has a special spot for me when I operated it for a summer, but Wicked Twister wins top three.


Prowler - Worlds of Fun


Millennium Force - Cedar Point


Wicked Twister

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^I'm sure I've seen that view of Prowler before, but not in a long time. Reminds me of how awesome it is!



That ride is just awesome. When it won the 2009 Golden Ticket, I was shocked that it beat Diamondback, however I got the chance to ride it and it packs a very good punch!

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My favorite coaster is over in Brazil sitting in storage. Smh. The former Dèja Vu at SFOG. I love how they just tucked it away yet you could see it from many different areas of the park. Although it had an attitude during its early years. Vekoma seemed to have fix the problems and it ran great for the 2005 and 2006 seasons (during my employment at the park). I honestly rode it every day on my lunch break. Long live the GIB!

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Favorite wood: Gold Striker for the generous amounts of GCI airtime and consistent speed throughout.


Favorite steel: A tie between two X's - X2 and Xcelerator.

X2 for being able to scare the pants off me on the first drop, no matter how many times I ride it


Xcelerator for the ejector airtime over the top hat after a launch that never fails to put a smile on my face.


Honorable mention: Desperado, for the scary airtime and because I'm a bit of a masochist.

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